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2023-11-29 22:20:02 +02:00
Not fully
Establishment of Commercial Company
Looking back at our 27 year democracy, the State Owned Entities have all failed !! I believe it’s because of incompetence ! No other excuses …
Cadré deployment ends in disaster every time ! The SABC should be moved from State Control completely
Failing this it will continue it’s downward spiral into bankruptcy !!
2023-11-29 21:40:32 +02:00
No I do not
Funding model
2023-11-29 21:26:59 +02:00
No I do not
Funding model
The tax payer can no longer afford to bail out crippled and corrupt state owned entities.
2023-11-29 20:22:15 +02:00
No I do not
The Bill is not stipulating the funding model of the SABC corporation and the missuse of the funds
2023-11-29 20:13:00 +02:00
No I do not
Everything you said is a concern and then some. Why was there such a Puch to digital TV and 5 million or more decoders handed out by Zumalots? Then you didn't go digital! The depth of the incompetence, corruption and unmitigated gall of the ANC is beyond imagination. Now you want to take total control! Who are the biggest non payers? The majority who isn't paying for water or electricity or rates or taxes , oh and of course, the politicians and their free loading pals.
If every household with a TV paid R25pm and you cut those disgustingly high SABC and government salaries by 50% you would have more money than you would ever need. Unless you do what you always do steal it, defraud it away and bribe.
2023-11-29 19:22:08 +02:00
No I do not
Continued existence of the SABC
Does this government ever run out of ideas to plunder and pillage!
2023-11-29 19:21:05 +02:00
No I do not
Continued existence of the SABC
The world has changed and SABC no longer relevant
2023-11-29 18:41:16 +02:00
No I do not
Continued existence of the SABC
2023-11-29 17:19:08 +02:00
No I do not
Continued existence of the SABC
Another failed state owned and run entity that no longer has relevance and our government in unable to manage. Close it down (after 2024 elections of course, as you don't want to loose potential voters)
2023-11-29 17:14:52 +02:00
Dr Ephraim
Yes I do
Funding model