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No I do not
The expense of changing street names have never been warranted.
A survey of all the business streets in South Africa that had name changes as well as towns and cities will show how many millions of Rand have been wasted.
So much more could have been done to grow the country.
No I do not
In principle, I don’t believe any public infrastructure should be renamed, as it is simply wasteful and confusing, with public money being spent for no discernible public benefit.
If you want to name a street after the late Winnie, build a new street somewhere where it’s really needed!
No I do not
STOP wasting tax payers' money! Rather use the money to maintain that or other roads than rename it.
If the government is actually investing in infrastructure there there should be lots of newly built roads that will need names.
Renaming roads just causes a whole lot of additional cost to the businesses that provide jobs to thousands because they have to change their business credentials.
No I do not
Renaming William Nicol Drive after Winnie Madikizela-Mandela would be totally wrong. She is a convicted criminal, not a hero of the people. Possibly rename the road after Stompie Seipei if they choose to waste the mpney.
No I do not
Renaming infrastructure after such a divisive figure in the current political climate is a terrible idea. Mrs Madikizela-Mandela was no hero - a person who publically encouraged people to burn other people to death can never be a hero and should not be lionised in this way.
No I do not
It is an utter waste of taxpayer funds. The money can be spent on better things. The renaming is a political ploy to stur emotion in order to get cheap votes. Why not spend the money on infrastructure repairs.
No I do not
A waste of money. They should focus on the things that matter.
So many people are suffering. The major should start being useful.
No I do not
You are wasting more money. Rather use the money to maintain the road than rename it. Why not name newly built roads after local heroes, or rename the streets where they lived. That will be something of note and to be proud of. Once more, the current businesses will bear the greatest cost if changing names for no reason.
No I do not
No I do not
Pointless exercise
Wasteful expenditure