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No I do not
How are we suposed to feel safe knowing that only crimanals are allowed to carry firearms.
I was robbed at FNB and the security helped me get my money back which was my entire bank balance, if he had no weapon my money was gone.
I do not agree with the new amendment at all.
No I do not
We are following veniswala and this will end in disaster
Why do you want to disarm security Co
They are not the problem?
They need more armor
No I do not
Private Security companies are doing a better job than the SAPS
No I do not
Try to do something constructive and don't break what is working
No I do not
It is an undisputed fact that the private security industry is employed in the majority by white businesses or private individuals. Most LICENSED firearms are owned by white individuals , and by introducing stringent regulations relating to owning or using a licensed firearm some years ago, and by this latest attempt to restrict and to a large extent disarm the private security industry, it is once again clear that the government has little or no regard for the safety and security of whites or their businesses. This is further evidenced by the blatant neglect and disregard of the plight of white farmers in this country.
No I do not
While crime levels are completely out of control and government cannot protect it's citizens, there should be no restrictions on private security companies and individuals to protect themselves.
No I do not
The government doesn't have the capacity to deal with crime and to protect the citizens of RSA and as a result, there is a need for private security and fire arms so that we are able to protect ourselves.
No I do not
It just does not makes sense. I call private security, NOT police, when I need help. The times I called the police, they did not respond in an acceptable time. The private security I use is onsite in 5minutes, and they get along with the police. Do not minimize their powers!
No I do not
As the SAPS is not able to prtect RSA citizens private companies need to safe guard our citizens
No I do not
What is the matter with the Gov. that they see fit to disarm the security forces that protect the people,its well known that more than 80% of the criminals caught are caught by the security forces and handed over to the police,do they now want to disarm these people to go up against people who are armed with weapons they have stolen from police stations ? and of the murders that have been happening on the farms in the western cape < who is going to protect them THE POLICE ??????
No I do not
How does govt justify disarming or citizens and private security when crime is so high in SA . What sort of message is govt sending to us citizens ?? Are we not supposed to protect our valuables and rely on incompetent SAPS?
No I do not
The Police have lost the ability to protect the people, therefor we NEED private security firms to take up the slack!
No I do not
This legislation will strengthen the power of criminals. Stricter laws for the licensing of semi and automatic weapons are required which with greater penalties for the illegal possession and use of such weapons being imposed. Only licensed security firms should be allowed to apply for licences for such weapons, which must then be strictly controlled.
No I do not
We are already at risk as we are not safe. The private security companies are our only security at the moment
Yes I do
I fully agree with this amendment, private security industry in this country have given themselves too much power. They sometimes act like they have the same if not more power than our law enforcement agencies.
No I do not
I live in my house with my mentally challenged daughter and grand daughter.

The constants brutal crimes in our area are very disturbing and have us terrified.
No I do not
The Government just give more and more power to the criminals.
So sad to see a beautiful nation being controlled and victimised by a criminal inclined Government! 🙁
No I do not
To even consider stripping the security companies of firearms is ridiculous.Attacks against security personnel are increasing on a daily basis and without firearms to protect themselves it will only get worse and they won't be able to protect us citizens. Why not target gun removal from criminals? Why take away firearms from security and private citizens? The SAPS are completely incapable of assisting and defending the citizens.How can we defend ourselves when the government takes away one of our only means of self defense? How do we defend our families against criminals who utilize fully automatic assault rifles and explosives? If this process continues the situation in South Africa, desperate and on a knive edge as it is already, will only worsen!
No I do not
the state is required to provide safety and security.
it is obvious that they fail for whatever reason/s
Graham Ashdown
No I do not
The security industry has flourished in the ineffectual policing environment.
Perceived to be the buffer between chaos and order in the communities able to afford their protective services.
Inadequate economic growth, stagnating domestic development left 35% of general population without income. Drug trade and abuse is rife in South Africa. Refer CIA World Factbook:
Feeding these drug addictions, and feeding starving family members, leads desperate citizens to commit heinous acts. Farmers are isolated and vulnerable, and the moratorium on crime statistics obscures from our view the terrible statistics in our informal areas. Lack of reporting and media coverage due to the prevailing lawlessness (even firebrigade staff are at risk!)
We need to employ people, and work. While we work our homes are exposed to those who have nothing, are hungry, and desperate. Our government fails them as the industries employ fewer labourers due to machine development. Our children are not prepared for this day and ages challenges and things are getting worse. What is it all about?
I don't know - but if I have nothing to come to because I got cleaned out again, why bother going to work?
Does crime pay? Why do the ministers resign? Surely they should be removed if not needed, their positions removed, not vacate their positions? Are they ethically correct abandoning their responsibilities?
And who stands between our hard-earned and treasured belongings? Our cellphones, our laptops, our TV's, our lives - and those who have nothing, take everything and do it again, and again.
We need guys with guns to protect us - the police force is now a community center to get case numbers for insurance claims. They have not got the resources, the manpower, the training or the political will to correct our problems - - poverty, inequality in education, and division in the economy
No I do not
As we stay next to the Lesotho border we are nearly daily confronted by criminals and do we have all reason to believe that they are properly armed. We cannot defend ourselves,employees and assets without being properly armed!
No I do not
I strongly oppose the disarming of private security companies and private citizens.

It is a dumb idea to disarm the good guys with guns, when the bad guys are arming themselves with military grade stuff and taking no prisoners.

If this new legislation is passed:
a) Citizens will be forced to find a means to protect themselves by purchasing firearms "illegally".
b) Police brutality against citizens and Police corruption will increase.

Our Customs departments at the harbour are already corrupt, therefore illegal arms will definitely get through.

It is only natural that heavy arms find their way into countries with unrest and disorder.
South Africa will be no different.

No I do not
This is just another example of SA incompetent government. They want to disarm security gaurds while all the creminals have illegal weapons in their posision, on the other side they also want to disarm people with leagal weapons. Crimes are committed by illegal weapons so start doing your job by disarm all criminals.
No I do not
As usual this amendment does not address the issue at hand - crime and criminals living the good life because laws are not enforced. If the punishment fitted the crime then the criminal would think twice. Now they make a mockery of the law and turn our beautiful country into a gangsters hellhole.
No I do not
I think the minister is way out off line, and he has not taken the innocent public into consideration, or there is another agenda to this ridicules idea. More criminals will invade the innocent public right to self defense, or is this the ministers real reason behind this illegal action.