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No I do not
The security company in my area is extremely better than the police.
No I do not
This will be grossly unfair to Law- abiding citizens who are under Lockdown because of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the violence and crime grows continuously in South Africa. !
No I do not
To take away weopans will meet the will never justify the means of protecting or to react to life danger will meen that security work can only be done by the presents of police... when armed criminals are active of enforcing their terror by means of no mercy ...firstly many incidents security is first on the seen or are at the seen... unifirm is the simbel of criteria for that type of discpline can not wear a trouser to protect high deligated person or tactical clothes it means that clothes are wear to set out the type of work inforce law to eliminate firsthand workers are going to put more strain on combatting crime and will also put more strain on police enforcement...