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Not fully
Water shortages. Water leaks not properly attended to. Potholes left all over the place
Not fully
Kindly have you telephone lines fixed. (TELKOM also lazy here)
nearly a week now.
we cannot assist if these are not fixed
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weak - weaker - useless
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We have constant water pipe leakages and subsquent water outages in our residential area. We seem to be without either electricity or water almost every weekend. I also run a hospice where we have patients on oxygen. Thank goodness we were blessed with a generator but the cost of running it for 5 days non-stop is exhorbitant! Our electronic goods and especially computers are damaged by the power outages. At Hospice we also have to pay excessive fees for the electricity.
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- The municipality cannot even get potholes fixed within a 12 month period. When they do give the job to an unskilled comrade, the finish is almost worse afterwards, as they do not have the tools or the skill to fill, level and seal the hole properly. No training is given and a refusal to give the job to a skilled company.
- Municipal communication is really poor. No brochure drops to ratepayers - we have to depend on newspapers to know what is happening and what the current regulations are.
- We receive our rates and services bills by post long after the due date for payment. This results in an absolute waste of time and money.
- No maintenance is provided in our suburbs. We have to request over and over again to get anything done (like fixing a light bulb). Parks, green belts and even white street lines have to be maintained by the ratepayers.
- Our suburbs are overcrowded due to municipal greed as higher and higher density developments are approved without taking cognisance of ratepayers objections. Sewer, water, roads and electrical services are not upgraded as new plans are passed to bring in more rates to the municipality.
. We are aware of the general mismanagement and incompetence of municipalities and their inability to manage the incoming and outgoing finances. Also their reluctance to pay Eskom for the electricity for which they receive payment.
- We wish they would employ competent people irrespective of colour and political affiliation.
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There is seem to be a problem with Power Cut of late.
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The Ekurhuleni Town Council is not doing their work adequately. An overall improvement is needed across all departments. The Call Centre needs urgent attention!! There is a lot of improvements that can be made but nobody asks us as the residents what can be done differently!! Their website was changed without it been communicated efficiently and it is completed a step back from the previous website!! When you phone the Town council departments, the phones are not answered or your e-mails are not responded to. I am not even going to mention the work that is required in the suburbs by them. It just seems that they will never get it right!! Was it not for the DA councillors who work tirelessly and have to put up with the people living in the situation and who have to fight to get things done, I am sure we would be 1000 times worse off.
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I reside in a retirement home in Dinwiddie. We have a major electricial problem at complex. Electric gate to carport area not working and a residents vehicle was stolen out of parking during night of 5/6 September 2019. Lights on passage ways, stairwells fireescapes garden are out when electricians come they just replace florescent tubes and go. The more i tell the Human Settlements manager the more they make me out to be an idiot. I would like to have my rental sent via email and wzs told they can't do it as accounts are done by outside company. Post delivery is totally unacceptable. They must get rid of all employees and employ people that have a passion for their jobs. Time for a change in Munic. As they are beyond hopeless.
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No I Do Not.
All Current senior management and ministers responsible including the President in Charge of SA , that are running the show need to be put on notice officially that they ARE held responsible and accountable. They need to be brought to book legally and monies recovered from them from Bonuses/shares/pension/etc that they may be entitled to , should they fail in performing their duties. a KPI target of 1%( or similar single digit %) of current open or logged incidents per service area, should be made their target acceptable KPI criteria within each quarter. if they dont action and reduce the outstanding incident ethically then they should not be entitled to hold down their jobs. and they should do this ethically , and not by devious means, like making it difficult to log incidents/etc . they must ensure uptime of fault logging facilities 24/7. even the current President should be help accountable for non delivery to a certain % of his remuneration for non delivery.
This needs to be expedited.

This utter raping of the taxpaying citizens of South Africa for incompetent people being placed in positions of Responsibility with no recourse or accountability, needs to come to an end. Period.
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Streetlights not working, must wait very long before thswane come and replace, and if the come they nt replacing all the lights
Water not drinkable
Tshwane dont pic up the phones, and if they cut you off
Manholes overflow
Rubble all over the place
Roadworks not up to standard, very dangerous potholes
Constant cable thefting
Tshwane damange pavements and do not fixed it again
Rubble all over the place, i constantly need to pic up and remove waiste of others infront of my gates
Long grass on pavements put everyones safety on risk..... and so i can go on.....

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I think the municipality is doing best they can... I think its not fair that our electricity units cost much higher than other metros
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1. The municipality is top heavy with managers and light with workers. This is probably why they keep running out of operating funds.
2. It is obvious that nobody thought about the maintenance required to maintain the complex high maintenance lifting equipment being fitted to the trucks. They obviously were also not aware that because of the complexities of the equipment, 20% of their fleet would be out of service for maintenance at any one time. The technical requirement for this would seem to be above the capabilities of their BEE staff.
2.The municipality should stop spending residents money on bursaries and concentrate on the services they should be supplying to their communities.
3. I would also suggest that they purchase the correct quality of vehicles for there police force and stop the practice of allowing police to take ownership of their vehicles. Can someone please explain why our traffic police require 4x4 vehicles at R500000-00 each rather than other police force around the world who use medium priced vehicles at R250000-00. I could go on and on about the incompetent management at Ekuthuleni but it would just fall on the deaf ears of the ruling ANC elite.
Lehlohonolo Sidney
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Cronyism is my biggest problem why not hire people with correct qualifications and not political affiliation.
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Dunswart road and Paul Smit . Taking far too long to fix the road . Pavements in main road need cleaning . The sub contractors do not tidy up after they have done half jobs . Council workers do not inspect after the sub contractors have done shoddy workmanship . Road cover in top road does not fit the whole so eventual it will be broken again.
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The retirement home I am residing at is grossly over charged. Some pensioners are paying same rental for past 11- 19 years while others are paying higher rentals. I am one of them. Lights on passage ways have been on 24/7 for past year. Complaints are ignored. Lights on paths & parking area are not working. Street lights ate permanently not working. List goes on.
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The municipality must employ capable personnel to deal with all this problems. Anybody that is not currently performing well on their responsibilities must be moved and employees must be paid according to their performance.
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I am paying for a bin that was stolen and I have to remove my own rubbish. I once again today experience slow water flow to my property and the water was milky white. Our electricity, o please don't let me start. I agree that we have ignorant and incompetent foreigners working in positions and taking normal South African citizens positions. Most of the people earn salaries but not working a full 8 hours a day, some sit and talk, some read books and do not let me talk about the salaries that they earn for doing nothing. I have to pay each time they do not work during a normal day when they decide they would like to rather work overtime and get paid more. Cut overtime and make them earn their money during a normal working day.
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The municipality owes all of a 50% discount for the lack of service delivery. Normal businesses would have to beg their clients to stay. there are no consequences for the municipality.

Interest is charged illegally on all accounts. Ito of legislation irrespective of any written agreement you have till the 7th of the month to pay your account. If anyone else did this it would be considered fraud.
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Constant water interruptions.
Refuse not being collected
Too many interim water readings
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-Pathetic service delivery
-Pathetic maintenance of water pipes, electricity boxes,sub stations, roads, waterdrains,etc.
-no back-up systems in place in cases
of emergency or system failures.
- overcharging of service
- charging for services which was not deliver at all.
- Incompetent mayor and municipality board.
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No water, and when the power was off for 7 days no one even bothered to tell us what is going on. Do you query at the account department about the week power not been delivered and your account is still normal all the say is next month.
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One think the Municipality needs to improve is Customer satisfaction, in particular within the finance division, Municipal personnel are very rude and inconsiderate of their customers situations. I've seen people coming out crying in that office due to the treatment they receive there. This treatment will lead to ppl to look at alternatives like Solar power. Secondly they need to deal with their tellers who steal money from customers, they use the trick that printer is not working so you cant a receipt, with trust you leave come next month money is not appearing on your statement. Stakeholder management is very poor, engagement with people only happens when they come to disconnect houses who are in areas. Blocking of pre paid meters is also ridiculous and stupid because that's the guaranteed income to the municipality instead of engaging with people like sending them emails or calls to make arrangement you just close shop which will financial cripple the Municipality. Time had come for the Municipality to reach out to all stakeholders and make community feel important so there'll realize their role/s. If community is not given an ear and don't see themselves as part of the Municipality all will collapse. Waste collection and management needs to improve in all areas services by the municipality. Long time to attend to faults is beyond worse sometimes they take a week to attend a water leak and electricity faults. This affect both sides, during this time municipality is not selling electricity and community lose their grocery, everything got rotten as well as living in the darkness. Accuracy in meter reading and charging is always off course.
Not fully
Electricity failure due to lack of maintenance and burst water pipes that is ongoing resulting to high water bills in our area.
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Our suburb has been plagued by continuous power outings as well as water stoppages and refuse removal issues. And then there is illegal squatting in our area contributing to increased crime not being adequately addressed. Its absolutely amazing that the metros cannot get their operational systems together. Failure of service is blamed on external factors and lack of maintenance.
Where is the forward planning on maintenance and renewals that is expected to prevent any such incidents? In my personal opinion its due to people placed in positions that they are simple not qualified to effectively expedite their jobs. Transformation is taking preference above the need to provide a quality of service for all residents. Incompetent persons are paid huge salaries that they do not earn rightfully in failing their tasks. They do not take accountability as its far too easy to blame their shortcomings on crime like cable theft etc., which provides an easy refute on any forthcoming claims against them. So they just blunder on unchecked.
Can this ever be remedied? I think not in the foreseeable future as our slide into chaos is becoming more emanant by the day. It’s a sad day for South Africans that were used to first world standards to now being affected by third world standards. No wonder our economy is suffering.
But kudos to our honourable president, perhaps he is our only hope to sanity? His latest initiative in seeking investment from Japan, who operates to one of the highest quality standards in the world, may influence our government in a positive way. Let’s wait and see, as the country need an answer to our backward slide, and need it fast to stop the slide, or perhaps its already too late? If a government does not aim to serve its citizens first and foremost, why vote for them? It’s in our power to not allow them not cover their incompetence by blaming the past. They need to deliver for the need of the day. That is right now!
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Ekurhuleni Metro is in a complete mess. The filth and squalor is disgusting. Streets throughout the metro are littered with plastic, bags and rubbish - mostly dumped by the recyclers. No-one ever answers the phones at the Municipality and the Ward Councillor is just a further waste of taxpayers money