Performance of the Ekurhuleni Municipality

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To the residents of Glen Marais, Kempton Park and surrounding areas who are fed up with the poor performance of the Ekurhuleni Municipality in providing to you, the tax payers who are constantly plagued with the following;

  1. Electricity Failures due to lack of proper maintenance of Substations.
  2. Water Failures due to burst pipes that is ongoing.
  3. Refuge collection problems due to proper planning causing confusion.
  4. License department congestion, causing unacceptable delays due to understaffing.
  5. Overpaid staff that fail in their jobs that cause the above-mentioned problems.
  6. Lack of timeous notifications on items 1 and 2 that cause hardship to residents.

We need your support to take these matters up to the highest authorities, demanding that they make an effort to improve on the services provided.

We would accordingly like to receive your detailed complaints on the above issues so that you can be heard voicing your frustration with the poor services provided, at the highest level possible. .

We will on receipt of your comments compile a document for engagement with the local Ekurhuleni representatives in advance of approaching the Gauteng Premier.

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The response time to power outages is totally unacceptable.
We are lucky if its 20 hours.
The call center is even worse. People can call 20 times with no response and if you do get through they have no idea what the cause of the fault is or progress on repairs.
Times are tough in the lockdown and the Ekhuruleni ekectrical department is making it intolerable.
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We have abnormally high number of power outages for 20 hours and more, with no reasons given and with no responses when querying the cause or estimated restoration time. It is shocking that we have almost weekly long outages
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Continual power outages, never any sufficient feedback and turn around time is almost always more than 24 hours. Absolutely appalling, disgusting. I am most unimpressed.
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Water servers
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Water- Regular water interruptions and no water for at least 4 hours. No water tankers available to supply water to even flush a toilet. This in the morning and evening most interuptions.