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To the residents of Glen Marais, Kempton Park and surrounding areas who are fed up with the poor performance of the Ekurhuleni Municipality in providing to you, the tax payers who are constantly plagued with the following;

  1. Electricity Failures due to lack of proper maintenance of Substations.
  2. Water Failures due to burst pipes that is ongoing.
  3. Refuge collection problems due to proper planning causing confusion.
  4. License department congestion, causing unacceptable delays due to understaffing.
  5. Overpaid staff that fail in their jobs that cause the above-mentioned problems.
  6. Lack of timeous notifications on items 1 and 2 that cause hardship to residents.

We need your support to take these matters up to the highest authorities, demanding that they make an effort to improve on the services provided.

We would accordingly like to receive your detailed complaints on the above issues so that you can be heard voicing your frustration with the poor services provided, at the highest level possible. .

We will on receipt of your comments compile a document for engagement with the local Ekurhuleni representatives in advance of approaching the Gauteng Premier.

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I reside in a retirement home in Dinwiddie. We have a major electricial problem at complex. Electric gate to carport area not working and a residents vehicle was stolen out of parking during night of 5/6 September 2019. Lights on passage ways, stairwells fireescapes garden are out when electricians come they just replace florescent tubes and go. The more i tell the Human Settlements manager the more they make me out to be an idiot. I would like to have my rental sent via email and wzs told they can't do it as accounts are done by outside company. Post delivery is totally unacceptable. They must get rid of all employees and employ people that have a passion for their jobs. Time for a change in Munic. As they are beyond hopeless.
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No I Do Not.
All Current senior management and ministers responsible including the President in Charge of SA , that are running the show need to be put on notice officially that they ARE held responsible and accountable. They need to be brought to book legally and monies recovered from them from Bonuses/shares/pension/etc that they may be entitled to , should they fail in performing their duties. a KPI target of 1%( or similar single digit %) of current open or logged incidents per service area, should be made their target acceptable KPI criteria within each quarter. if they dont action and reduce the outstanding incident ethically then they should not be entitled to hold down their jobs. and they should do this ethically , and not by devious means, like making it difficult to log incidents/etc . they must ensure uptime of fault logging facilities 24/7. even the current President should be help accountable for non delivery to a certain % of his remuneration for non delivery.
This needs to be expedited.

This utter raping of the taxpaying citizens of South Africa for incompetent people being placed in positions of Responsibility with no recourse or accountability, needs to come to an end. Period.
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Streetlights not working, must wait very long before thswane come and replace, and if the come they nt replacing all the lights
Water not drinkable
Tshwane dont pic up the phones, and if they cut you off
Manholes overflow
Rubble all over the place
Roadworks not up to standard, very dangerous potholes
Constant cable thefting
Tshwane damange pavements and do not fixed it again
Rubble all over the place, i constantly need to pic up and remove waiste of others infront of my gates
Long grass on pavements put everyones safety on risk..... and so i can go on.....

Not fully
I think the municipality is doing best they can... I think its not fair that our electricity units cost much higher than other metros
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1. The municipality is top heavy with managers and light with workers. This is probably why they keep running out of operating funds.
2. It is obvious that nobody thought about the maintenance required to maintain the complex high maintenance lifting equipment being fitted to the trucks. They obviously were also not aware that because of the complexities of the equipment, 20% of their fleet would be out of service for maintenance at any one time. The technical requirement for this would seem to be above the capabilities of their BEE staff.
2.The municipality should stop spending residents money on bursaries and concentrate on the services they should be supplying to their communities.
3. I would also suggest that they purchase the correct quality of vehicles for there police force and stop the practice of allowing police to take ownership of their vehicles. Can someone please explain why our traffic police require 4x4 vehicles at R500000-00 each rather than other police force around the world who use medium priced vehicles at R250000-00. I could go on and on about the incompetent management at Ekuthuleni but it would just fall on the deaf ears of the ruling ANC elite.