Performance of the Ekurhuleni Municipality

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To the residents of Glen Marais, Kempton Park and surrounding areas who are fed up with the poor performance of the Ekurhuleni Municipality in providing to you, the tax payers who are constantly plagued with the following;

  1. Electricity Failures due to lack of proper maintenance of Substations.
  2. Water Failures due to burst pipes that is ongoing.
  3. Refuge collection problems due to proper planning causing confusion.
  4. License department congestion, causing unacceptable delays due to understaffing.
  5. Overpaid staff that fail in their jobs that cause the above-mentioned problems.
  6. Lack of timeous notifications on items 1 and 2 that cause hardship to residents.

We need your support to take these matters up to the highest authorities, demanding that they make an effort to improve on the services provided.

We would accordingly like to receive your detailed complaints on the above issues so that you can be heard voicing your frustration with the poor services provided, at the highest level possible. .

We will on receipt of your comments compile a document for engagement with the local Ekurhuleni representatives in advance of approaching the Gauteng Premier.

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This is my second comment on this campaign. During my first feedback I did not have any comment regarding the license department as I have not visited them since moving to Kempton Park. I had to renew my license that expire in December and now can give comment on my own experience.

It is terrible, the online booking service after trying it a dozen times over 3 weeks I was not able to make a booking. I visited the department 3 times and had no success. Due to this delay I now also had to apply for a temporary license.

Going to Edenvale License department, I still could not make a booking online, but it took me 1 visit and two hours to finish the process including a temporary license.

The Kempton Park license department should be closed, they add nil value to the public and only drain the tax payers money.
As for the online system, it seriously need a re-design. You are unable to select a day for a appointment and 98% of all the departments listed on the service always sais there are 0 appointments available. But there are no date linked to the available slots, it does not wok, more tax payer money wasted.
Yes I am
They provide regular updates on any service issues.
No I am not
The refuse service is pathetic...........get rid of companies / people who do not want to provide a service we all PAY for.
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Garbish collections in regular if at all leaving streets full of litter
Roads are in bad state
Pavements are over grown
Gutters and storm water drains are filled with litter ending up in Homestead dam
Robots not working WTF... aldo power is on in the area robots are off. You tring to safe electricity by switching of Robots ...
The list can go on ....
You as a Metro Suck
No I am not
Poor planning and poor performance
Unwilling to uphold existing by laws