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To the residents of Glen Marais, Kempton Park and surrounding areas who are fed up with the poor performance of the Ekurhuleni Municipality in providing to you, the tax payers who are constantly plagued with the following;

  1. Electricity Failures due to lack of proper maintenance of Substations.
  2. Water Failures due to burst pipes that is ongoing.
  3. Refuge collection problems due to proper planning causing confusion.
  4. License department congestion, causing unacceptable delays due to understaffing.
  5. Overpaid staff that fail in their jobs that cause the above-mentioned problems.
  6. Lack of timeous notifications on items 1 and 2 that cause hardship to residents.

We need your support to take these matters up to the highest authorities, demanding that they make an effort to improve on the services provided.

We would accordingly like to receive your detailed complaints on the above issues so that you can be heard voicing your frustration with the poor services provided, at the highest level possible. .

We will on receipt of your comments compile a document for engagement with the local Ekurhuleni representatives in advance of approaching the Gauteng Premier.

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Potholes, water loss control and policing need urgent improvement.
No I am not
I feel I should have the following rights;-

1. Pay Escom or any other power supplier (not Ekurhuleni) direct.
2. Arrange my own refuse collection.
3. Have Ekurhuleni dismantled.

My hard-earned taxes are wasted on who ever knows what
Benoni is dirty and most cities one drives through on the East Rand are dirty and it seems
that no maintenance is carried out.
Every four years we do get election paint. It seems to be the only time the road markings are
Municipality managers are getting above average salaries. I am happy for them... if they deliver. From what I am seeing, THEY ARE NOT.
No I am not
Remove the mayor
Re-elect new members
Have all pay Eskom direct
Lay criminal charges against the mayor.
No I am not
Alberton used to be known as a clean, neat well kept town, now the roads have pot holes, driving not only on the main throughfares in Alberton but in the suburbs you have to avoid pot holes, children used to be able to polay safely in the parks as park attendants were there to watch the children, no drinking or drugs were allowed in the parks, now I do not even walk my dogs in the parks due to broken beer and half jack bottles, dustbins overflowing, refuge not collected per week or on time due to strikes - strikes are not mny problem we pay our taxes, they are the suppliers problem or are muncipalities becoming a second Eskom, they screw up, and the end user becomes the one that pays more or does not receive the service?
My family supplied Alberton with 2 mayors in a space of 100 years - now I think the choice of mayor is too political and not about serving the community - I want a well cared for, well managed city, not a political consideration nominee - when it comes to someone that is really empathetic towards the city and it's people, not just there for the status and political cause; we will be back on track
No I am not
Benoni used to be known as the Jewel of the East... now the city centre is filthy, roads in disrepair, not to mention the Town Hall, and Kleinfontein dam is again covered with water hyacinth.
Almost constant blockages in sewerage network in Farrarmere; number of developments and residents far exceed the capacity of the system - complete redesign and replacement is necessary.
Online statements are a great idea; however, the opportunity to communicate with the residents is lost in the convenience. eMalahleni, for example, email a newsletter/advertorial with their monthly account; perhaps Ekurhuleni could benefit from something like this.