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No to the MSA Bill
No to the NHI Bill
I strongly object to both bills. I have been a long- standing member of Medihelp have had very good service in most areas except for eyes. . The NHS in the UK is in serious trouble . The UK has many more paying people yet it is under so much pressure in certain areas of the UK. If it doesn’t function well there , how on earth can it possibly Serve our increasing population?
More sensible thought processes should be implemented here! Practically it cannot work here.
How much more must be handed out free? We have and are still raising a generation of people who expect every thing for no remuneration!
Yes to the MSA Bill
No to the NHI Bill
Government is crazy and will steal all our money
No to the MSA Bill
No to the NHI Bill
This is just another way to tax the minority to support the majority who do not contribute to the pool of money or economy.