The Department of Health invites you to submit written comments on the proposed National Health Insurance Bill (NHI) and the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill.

You are invited to object or support the Bills by providing comment below. Should you be unsure, read the live comments, a summary or official documents below the form.   Closing date is midnight 21 September 2018.

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Yes to the MSA Bill
No to the NHI Bill
Medical aids are expensive.

Everyone should fund the NHI.
No to the MSA Bill
No to the NHI Bill
I stand opposed to both these bills. I struggle enough to pay for my private care and pay enough in taxes for the government to fund care and good hospitals for citizens.
No to the MSA Bill
Yes to the NHI Bill
Nationalize all health facility to the advantage of the disadvantage people . That will also contribute in reducing crime and anger that our community have .It is very painfully to loose your love one because u can't afford to for what can help. Don't drop the standard because we are in the disadvantage .I'm one of those victims that I couldn't help my brother because he was not in my medical aid as a result he pass on, it hurts.At list there won't be that much competition on crime that also affect the poor rich get richer no one can follow them ,money speak volumes .
Yes to the MSA Bill
Yes to the NHI Bill
Dear Minister

The NHI should result in centralization of our health system- we need to disband the various provincial departments of health, but rather have regional offices of the NHI in each province. Service procurement should be centralized , with strong oversight from the NHI Board and treatment protocols standardized for each treatment facility.

Innovative technology such as a centralized Telemedicine Referral Centre, manned by specialists servicing the entire country, including rural areas, can eliminate the staff shortages seen in some provinces. They can use the Vula app, for example to facilitate this process.

I`m also for the idea of smart-cards being compulsory for patients using NHI, this will contain vital patient records and reduce costs through prevention of duplicate investigations and medical errors. It will also allow for collection of bills and reduce fraud.

Run the NHI like a big medical scheme and get the best private medical scheme adminstrators to assist in the initial phase.

Dr Jattiem

No to the MSA Bill
No to the NHI Bill
It can never work! Like all SOE and initiatives, poor management and corruption will sink it.


The National Heath Insurance (NHI) Bill aims to;

  • provide mandatory prepayment health care services in the Republic in pursuance of section 27 of the Constitution;
  • establish a National Health Insurance Fund and to set out its powers, functions and governance structures; to provide a framework for the active purchasing of health care services by the Fund on behalf of users;
  • create mechanisms for the equitable, effective and efficient utilisation of the resources of the Fund to meet the health needs of users;
  • preclude or limit undesirable, unethical and unlawful practices in relation to the Fund and its users;
  • provide for matters connected herewith.

The Medical Schemes Amendment Bill aims to;

  • amend the Medical Schemes Act, 1998; so as to exclude the application of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008, in relation to matters governed by the Medical Schemes Act;
  • extend the functions of the Council;
  • insert a new section 8A in terms of which the Council may require information from medical schemes concerning the services rendered by the health care providers to beneficiaries;
  • insert a new Chapter 3A providing for the creation of a Central Beneficiary Register and the management of that register by the Registrar and to establish risk measurement methodology;
  • redetermine the provisions relating to the admission of beneficiaries to a medical scheme and the cancellation of membership;
  • insert a new Chapter 5B, in relation to the various requirements applicable in determining the contributions payable to a medical scheme by its members;
  • provide for a Health Care Providers Register to be kept and maintained by the Registrar;
  • repeal certain sections;
  • re- determine the provision dealing with the establishment of the Appeal Board;
  • introduce an enhanced system of governance of medical schemes under the new chapter 11A;
  • empower the Council to determine broker fees from time to time and define the circumstances in which a medical scheme may receive payment of broker fees due by its members to a broker;
  • declare the carrying on of the business of a medical scheme by a person not registered as a medical scheme to be a separate offence,
  • prescribe the criminal penalties that may be imposed on persons convicted of that offence;
  • provide for matters connected therewith.


Download the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill

Download the National Health Insurance Bill (NHI)

National Health Insurance

Important to note; this is not a petition but is the first step in an essential Participative Democracy process protected under the SA Constitution. Your comment is immediately sent as a unique email to the designated government representative and must, by law, be individually acknowledged and considered. Had this been a petition, all comments would be seen as a single submission.

By using this service you ensure an accurate record is held by civil society (on our encrypted database) so government cannot fudge facts or figures. This process forms a solid foundation for a legal case should the necessity arise.


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