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No I do not
Until the serious problems in the Public Health sector has been sorted out. the NHI cannot be contemplated. There is not enough staff or money to make it viable. Corruption as is evident from the COVID-19 Tender fraud committed, the greed to save money and kill 144 mental patients, 44500 "extra deaths of unknown causes during lock-down, millions paid for facilities and equipment never received, patients that sleep on the floor, hospital infections, lack of cleaning equipment and maintenance that put hundreds of patients at risk, long lines that waste people time instead of an appointment system, outrageous cost of claims due to incompetence and being negligent,. So the list goes on and includes nepotism, cadre deployment, incompetence and corruption. Sort that out before putting the whole country's health at risk and cause a mass exodus of medical specialists, GP's and nurses. Digitise everything and get ready for the 21st century Big Data, cloud computing, mobile medicine and IoT. eTrain Middle Level Personnel and have more day hospitals, procedure rooms and mental health services.
No I do not
We don't have people in charge who can be trusted. The money will disappear.
As it is government can't provide services to the people. If even more needs help we will all die.
No I do not
When the Govt. hospitals and clinics have been renovated, equipped with medical equipment & trained qualified doctors & nurses with suitable medicines THEN LET'S TALK NHI. Until the Govt can prove they can actually run a S.O.E. without corruption & mismanagement they do not have a hope to think they can run NHI. They are totally incapable!!!
No I do not
The RSA cannot afford a NHS
No I do not
Yes I do
No I do not
We live in a democretic society. This bill is against proper Healthcare! This should be stopped!!!!
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Absolutely unaffordable- the tax base is just too small.
No I do not
Get the government hospitals running properly and efficiently then there would be no need for the bill
No I do not