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No I do not
Get medical aids involved and use their infrastructure and expertise. Corruption must be eradicated.
Not fully
I do not think that Medical aid schemes should be done away with.
Although the concept of comprehensive health services to all has merits, we can see from the existing service that government run services to not provides that is not working efficiently as is witnessed by the long queues & time delays in the existing facilities. Should the bill be effected, it will further overload an already overloaded system.
The existing service needs to be first sorted out.
No I do not
Yes I do
I am anxiously waiting for the implementation of this insurance. I am an elderly lady with multiple health care problems. Medical aids are a rip off. You join hoping that your health will be taken care of. Come admission you learn they do not pay for this and that.or they pay as per their own rates /definition. You wonder what definition because blood work remains blood work and they should liase with health care providers and explain what they do not pay for. As a patient you end up paying exuberant amounts yet your subscription is PSID monthly.
No I do not
I don't trust this government to manage anything since they are all corrupt.
this government inherited good hospitals and good infrastructure but now everything is collapsing because of lack of maintenance , corruption and incompetence.
No I do not
I feel the government is looking for money and has found another source to plunder.
it does away with the i dividuals rights..
it is not sustainable
No I do not
Fix current health care system. By offering bursaries to people interested in studying medicine and maintaining public clinics and hospitals, getting proper equipment. Support Medical aids for low income groups!
No I do not
Yes I do
It will help the poor.
No I do not