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No I do not
Eskom, SAL, education, police, health services, railway, BEE, Denel etc etc..........anything where te government gets involve goes down the drain. The government can't be trusted because of corruption. The worse of all is that they don't think they are corrupt.
Elza Elizabeth
No I do not
I don’t agree with state NHi
No I do not
Noble intention, but not for South Africa at this stage of our history since we cannot afford this. When you are wealthy and have a socialists approach you distribute wealth. When you are poor and you follow a socialists approach you distribute poverty. The economics behind this does not make sense
No I do not
Only 10% of the population pay tax, where will the funds come from?
No I do not
This is far too expensive. There was and still should be adequate health care provided at the state hospitals provided by the government. Fix the hospitals that are falling apart and reinstate them to the standard they were before.
No I do not
I do not want state medical
No I do not
Government is presently unable to properly run state hospitals and I feel it is my democratic right to choose which medical aid I want to belong to and to choose my own health care practitioners.
This bill is doomed to fail and will lead to a lot of medical experts leaving the country where we already have a shortage of properly trained medical personnel.
No I do not
This is an infringement on my Constitutional Right for free association and choice of medical care.
No I do not
This just cannot work in South Africa for very obvious financial and other reasons!
No I do not
Not at all
No I do not
SA's medical infrastructure/service levels and availability of medical Dr's and staff on state-owned hospitals is notgeared for a National Health Insurance Bills, this will work and is working in first world countries.
No I do not
I am absolutely against the National Health Insurance Bill 2029. Stop bankrupting our beautiful country. It is time that competent, qualified people with integrity were appointed to run the state institutions. We already have a national health service which used to be one of the best in the world. FIX it. Appoint people on merit, who are qualified and able and stop the stealing and looting and waste and misuse of tax payers hard earned money.
No I do not
It's simple . Just Upgrade you existing infra structure ! The existing hospital infra structure was allowed to deteriorate ! If government does not have money to upgrade our existing hospitals , how are they going to finance the NHI !
Point no 2 : Our skilled surgeons & doctors will leave this country if this bill is implemented.
No I do not
This is another ANC way to get hands on our money and give nothing back.

Tell ANC to bring back the trillions they stole and our health care will be great
Not fully
Concerned about how the money that is pulled will be handled and not miss used like most government enterprises.

Who will really benefit from this ?

How will this be followed through in the health sector and who will run the scheme so that it is effective and efficient in South Africa
No I do not
The goverment can not run the SAA or Escom Or the public hospitals. How are they going to rum a National health insurance. It will just be more corruption
No I do not
This is a great idea, but even first world countries struggle to make it work financially.

The South African economy cannot handle an even bigger depandant than Eskom. We have grants and other benefits for the public which is also a huge open tap that flows from income collected trough SARS and various taxes. This should be enough for now. The economy is in desperate need of healing. Not more expenses
No I do not
I want to stay on my own med aid dont want to be on thers
No I do not
Fix the public health system first and show us that I works efficiently and effectively, with no corruption and clean audits before you even consider NHI!!!
No I do not
It is every persons basic human right of freedom to choose one's own medical healthcare and not to be dictated to by government. A disaster in the making and time to go!
No I do not
I do not believe that this will really be the solution to help the people that cannot afford medical help. We as taxpayers are going to be paying a lot of money for a medical care that is not going to work as it should be. The hospitals is in a terrible state and that won't get better this plan.
No I do not
Its going to cost a lot of money for just a certain group of people.
Our good doctors and specialists are going to leave the country.
No I do not
Prefer my current medical aid
No I do not
FIRST fix what you know is broken such as SAA, Eskom, Denel, SABC etc, basically every single SOE and DO NOT be blinded by the reasons for failure such as corruption, stealing, nepotism, cadre deployment, BEE before you take on this mammoth task of NHI. The problems I've mentioned will not just go away due to the fact that you'll be receiving more tax money from over burdened citizens. The skilled labour force will leave this country in droves. You need to incentivise them to stay. This will chase them away. Government IS NOT sorting out the root causes.
No I do not
The idea to provide a 1st world service to a 3rd world economy and social structure and by doing this through extra tax on the small working class is not sustainable.