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The proposal in entirety
I'm sure he's not thinking clearly or something, his not even a born South African citizen but yet he acts like he owns the whole damn country. Stop your crap, wake up!!
Cost to taxpayer
Stop wasting money it is unnecessary. There are more pressing issues that need fixing.
Cost to taxpayer
The cost to taxpayers for locating parliament in CT is quite significant and unjustified. Also CT is a rather isolated city, unlike Pretoria which is more accessible or closer to the majority of our country's citizens. Doubling resources including presidential and executive residences between the two cities is an inefficiency we can do without. End it immediately.
The proposal in entirety
If that idiot and his party foot the bill and pay for new accommodation and infrastructure, the country may think about it
Cost to taxpayer
Once again a way to spend vast amounts of money to make nothing better.
The proposal in entirety
Anyone that listen to any proposal from this fool should have their mind read. His excuse that the cost to attend parliament is not valid and it would be better if he and his party does not attend at all because they just interrupt the proceedings.
The proposal in entirety
The proposal in entirety
Malema always uses the race card to justify his claims, actions and schemes..
That said, we the taxpayers are already paying for the lodging, transport and everything else at the whim of government officials.

There is a near endless list of issues that take priority over moving parliament from one "remote" part of the country to another "remote" part of the country.

Whichever way you slice it, the move will cost unnecessary sums of money, logistics and politicians still need to travel all over to get to Parliament.
Cost to taxpayer
The proposal in entirety