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Yes they should
Good day all

Hope you are all still very well and keeping safe during these difficult and trying times that we as a nation currently finds ourselves in caused by this pandemic.
I also would like to say thank you to the entire cabinet for doing such a wonderful job! Well done!!

I have read in the news that the cabinet will be discussing new rules for the current lockdown regulations. I would therefor kindly ask that you consider the following;

Opening international travel for business only.

I am currently employed by a local South African company that mainly relies on international work (as are many other South Africans and companies). International work greatly depends on the projects at hand and it could range anything from 3 weeks to 3 months.
Many companies within South Africa rely on these international projects to keep their doors open and to keep employees like us employed.
I do believe that there are many South Africans, like myself, that has not worked since March/April and this does have a great negative effect on our livelihood as well as a big negative effect on the financial situation for all employees that do rely on such international travel for business only.

Seeing that our employers are South African based, we do not fall under the current regulation rules for repatriation for work, study etc. hence my request to please kindly consider the amendment to allow for international travel for business purposes only.

I also do think that this will help in economic recovery even if its just a little bit.

I do hope that you will take this in consideration.

Have a excellent week ahead and once again, thank you for the hard work!

Kind regards
Jakes Kilian
Yes they should
I believe we’re going to reach a point of no return interms of job loses , and lack of economic activity, and this will impact us tax payers by the next year or the coming 2 years. Amend the restrictions on alcohol and cigarettes sales and put in strong disciplinary measures to people who misbehave, example By holding those who drink and drive accountable by giving them criminal records no negotiations. 2 medical staff must attend to clients who are there for non alcoholic reasons especially at hospitals. I know it sounds unfair but it will make people to act responsibly. Cigarette and alcohol beverages contribute a lot of tax revenue. Some decisions have to tough yes but we must try to preserve our economy aswell.
Yes they should
Prohibition doesn't work! Government is trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, while millions of South Africans become unemployed and go hungry. GBV is a problem worsened by the fact that resources are being used to enforce the prohibition of certain goods.
No, they are fine
Government departments are currently not doing there jobs and we service provider is struggling to get payment from government departments
Not fully
I totally disagree with the continued Ban on Alcohol and Cigarettes. Just because people are speeding, you don't revoke all drivers licences, you police the offenders. Likewise, it's not reasonable to prohibit Alcohol and Cigarettes for all because of the few who aren't responsible. By all means encourage and even police responsible usage but don't Ban it. Both tobacco and Alcohol contribute greatly to desperately needed tax income. Both industries employ thousands of people. Livelyhoods need to be protected as much as physical health. Open the regulations and use that money to get the economy going again or even to provide additional health care. Stress is massive at this stage and Governement should focus on protecting Emotional and Mental health as much as Physical health. In terms of Tobacco, how can legal tax contributing cigarettes be illegal yet Dagga is perfectly legal. The "Zol" is far more shared between people smoking Dagga than what a cigarette is. Please, change the focus to saving livelyhoods. Let the Healthcare system do the best they can while the rest of government focusses on the economy.
Yes they should
Many more people will die from the increase in crime due to unemployment increasing that what will die from the Covid -19 virus. This country will see a lot more unrest and violent protests because people won't be able to feed themselves or their family.
Yes they should
Famelie stay in ader provins
No, they are fine
Yes they should
I need to be able to leave the country, my wife and I have british passports but my daughter needs her visa, the TLS centres wont open and we cant afford these expensive repatriation flights. also her visa is going to increase in price in september which will affect our budget for the flights. Also we sold all our property and my car for the Move as we were supposed to leave in May.
Not fully