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The National Gambling Amendment Bill proposes;

  • Repositioning the National Gambling Board to be a National Gambling Regulator
  • Transferring the regulation of all bets on the national lottery, foreign lottery, lottery results and sports pools to a National Lotteries Commission
  • Prohibiting dog racing and bets on dog racing in South Africa
  • Strengthening the regulation of casinos, limited pay-out machines and bingo. This includes the regulation of electronic forms of bingo, and the maximum number of bingo licenses and machines that can be granted in South Africa
  • Restrictions on gambling premises and locations of automated tellers – including ‘seperate’ and ‘hidden’ entrances for gambling areas located inside general public places such as shopping malls, arcades, complexes or centres
  • Recognition of a self-regulating body in the horse racing industry
  • to provide for the regulation of the horseracing industry
  • Providing for broad-based black economic empowerment in the gambling industry. Notably this will apply to individuals applying for gambling licences
  • Unlawful winnings will now be forfeited to the National Gambling Regulator
  • Imposing gambling advertising restrictions


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Craig Douglas
No I do not
Horse Racing is a major tax contributor and employs thousands of people both directly and in directly So tapering with the goose that lays the eggs can only lead it to becoming barren
Craig Douglas
No I do not
Horse Racing is a major tax contributor and employs thousands of people both directly and in directly So tapering with the goose that lays the eggs can only lead it to becoming barren
Siphiwo john
Yes I do
We need to live equally in our country
Yes I do
Any gambling that involves animals, particularly, is potentially harmful to the animals. They have no voice. It is up to us to give them absolute protection. In fact any gambling activity involving animals that does not require equal human participation and skill should be outlawed completely. Only when humans are also at risk of injury will there be some measure of care taken.

As for financial gambling, people need to be protected against themselves. In many, many cases, the addictive gambler is a cause for terrible distress and hardship to the family over which they have no control. Ultimately is is probably the innocent children who suffer most at the hands of irresponsible actions of adults.
No I do not
There's nothing wrong with rhe way it's been operating and needs not be changed.


  • Parliamentary briefing on the Bill (audio, summary and minutes)
  • Media – The National Gambling Amendment Act and what it means
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