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The July 2021 riots showed every single South African that the government and SAPS cannot/will not be able to protect you when the proverbial shit hits the fan. In fact it was licensed firearm carrying South Africans coming to the aid of SAPS/SANDF in various ways to help bring stability to the unrest.

I applied for my competency August 2020, it was approved in July 2021... Although I have been very frustrated waiting for my competency and now my license, I will not let this discourage me from purchasing more firearms as this government has proven time and time again they are INCAPABLE of fulfilling their mandate to protect the citizens of South Africa.

Furthermore, the recent proposed amendments to the FCA trying to remove self-defense as a motivation for firearm ownership given the above is absurd and perhaps maleficent.
Why do they not employ competent people to supervise and process the applications at a more professional and responsable rate.

To much time are getting wasted because the personnel handling the applications are not competent in doing the work faster
Daniel Jacobus
Hi there
This is surely frustrating me. We do everything according to the law but still we need to stand in a long row waiting for answers.
We as tax payers pays for their service! Files being loaded/piled up in there CFR office and eventually by luck after months or years select your application.
Why do the DFO region send it to Pretoria CFR? Yes it is where all application been stored, but let the region handle there own applications. (Approvals and not approvals). The region can update the central system and after CFR send license cards to the region DFO's. By this, les work to be done by the Pretoria CFR.

Just saying
I applied for a new license on .375 rifle on June 7th of 2021, the application had all the required information completed and attached. This application has not even left the DFO yet neither have I received an SMS with a reference number. 79 working days at the DFO and it has not even made it to provincial yet.
I received a text message on 24th June 2020 to the effect that my gun licence renewal was receiving attention at DFO.

I am not sure whether I am waiting for the liecence or the competency certificate. It seems to me that they go hand in hand.
Lack of service regarding fire arm applications and renewal is an infringement on our rights of protecting our lives. Turn around times are extremely poor and service seems to be non existent.

My application has been done in January and 8 months later there is no response.
Innocent difference
My application for competency was submitted on 08 March 2021 at Norwood Police station - I physically visited the police station at the end of April to obtain some sort of proof of submission. I was horrified to find my application and my sons application sitting in a big pile on the Sgt desk. Both applications were missing signatures on one of the two fingerprint pages.

The then person on duty, Sgt Nkoana stated that they are not authorised to use the telephone to call anyone back for items that are missing from the application forms. They simply leave the incomplete applications on a desk and in her words "slowly, slowly everyone comes back to sign or complete their application forms"!! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
I have been waiting for almost 200 working days for an application that is supposed to take 12o working days maximum
My Firearm application has been sitting in Provincial KZN DFO for 3 months (90 DAYS)

The total time is currently sitting on 190 Calendar days/ 137 Business Days...and is still not even half way through the process.
This is unacceptable.
Jan Barnard