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Today is 1 year since I submitted my application. Movement on 10 Feb 2021 and nothing again until 8 December 2021. It's currently in the Consideration state since then.
Absoluut belaglik. Wag nou al langer as agt maande vir my lisensies!
Margaret Ann
It has taken a year and I still do not have my competency application. Not a functional system - cannot get hold of anyone in this regard
This application is not that old, but is expected to only be approved in 2022 at the current rates of approval.
Wierdabrug Police station is violent and rude towards general public. It’s virtually impossible to do inquiries.
It would seem after 3 months, my application has not even been captured on the system. My income is at risk.
When applying for my license renewal on 10 March 2020 in the amnesty period, I needed to hand in my firearm. The officer that did the paperwork said I would receive my license renewal within 3 months. I received an confirmation sms about a month later that my license was being processed. I heard nothing since then. After 18 months, I went to the SAPS firearm licensing office in Kempton Park on 13 September 2021 and was told that the system says it is still being processed. There was no other information.
My firearm licence application has been with the provincial dfo since the 31 march 2021. I have tried calling many different numbers and have sent many emails with no success.

I am frustrated as the process has taken much longer than expected and have little hope that it will be finalised soon.

I went to the Sandton office with which i lodged my application and they have advised that they will follow up with provincial dfo and get back to me but never have.

The application has been with the provincial dfo for 6 months now and has not yet been to CFR .

Any help or advice will be greatly welcomed.
My Wife's self defense handgun (which is a critically important piece of equipment for obvious reasons) developed serious unexplained pitting inside the barrel despite regular & proper maintenance. We had it checked out by a gunsmith, and sent the borescope photos to the national agents for this brand of firearm. This brand is known for very good back-up service and this was no different, the agent liaised with the factory in Europe, who immediately agreed to repair the firearm free of charge. All we had to do was send them the firearm. The agent assisted us with the necessary forms and letters and we duly & promptly submitted our form SAPS 520 (Temporary Export/Import Permit). The agent advised us to apply for a permit duration of 6 months from submission date, which would be ample for the round trip. It was immediately evident that the DFO was unsure of how to proceed with submitting this application, and kept asking for additional documents and then telling us to return the following week so he can make enquiries on how to proceed. We have followed up regularly with him, but now, 3 months later, the application still has not left his office, there is now insufficient remaining time on the period requested for the firearm to complete the round trip to the factory for warranty repair, and we will be forced to begin the process again. This leaves my wife without the means with which to protect herself from a violent attack. This incompetence is unacceptable because we have no alternative and no recourse, we are forced to use a system that does not work.
Inversting a lot of time and money from my side to comply with what SAPS wants from me but they keep on failing us without any thing happening. Waiting almost 150 working days for my first licences and now sitting at over 100 working days again on my latest aplication. This is not acceptable
Ignatius Oliver