Firearm Licence Waiting Period

SAAADA & CHASA invite affected individuals to submit the details of their new firearm licence or competency certificate application’s processing period.

    • SAPS is obligated to process firearm licence and competency certificate applications within 90 days.
    • This is not being complied with, resulting in applicants waiting for many additional weeks and months before their applications are finalised.
    • Adding a further burden to successful applicants, licence cards are often only delivered additional weeks or months later.

The South African Arms and Ammunition Dealers Association (SAAADA) and Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa (CHASA) need applicants affected by the above to please submit their relevant details in order to address this noncompliance with administrative procedures.

Submit your relevant details below.

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    Dear South Africa

    Firearm licence and competency certificate applicants are subjected to excessive waiting periods far exceeding the mandated 90 days which SAPS are obligated to adhere to.

    The matter is further exacerbated by massive delays in card printing and delivery, which denies successful applicants access to their lawful property due to administrative noncompliance on the part of the SAPS and contracted parties.

    SAAADA & CHASA seek to address this issue, but requires individuals who have submitted new licence or new competency certificate applications and are affected by these excessive waiting periods to provide their details.

    Your input will be invaluable in order for SAAADA & CHASA to take this matter up with the relevant authorities and committees, but also to provide vitally important locus standi in the event of court action.

    Your details will not be made public, and the process is fully compliant with POPIA.