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This is a renewal, not a new licence
This is one of the most violent and dangerous societies in the world and this Govt is preventing law abiding folks to protect and defend themselves and their families.
Shabir ahmed
As a law abiding citizen of South africa I am highly upset and disgusted with the service we rec from SAPS. Hoping the higher authorities wake up and do something urgently or else we are doomed
Applied for further competency in November 2021, waited 8 months and it was declined reason saps says failed to submit statement of results. This is however not true because I handed in all documents and the dfo won't accept incomplete application. I now had to reapply and start the waiting process.
Although the first application for competency and firearm was done and approved in 2017 (or so I believe), I never received any cards. I hounded the police - no avail. When 5 years passed, and it was time for renewals, I applied for said renewal in plenty of time. It is now 10 months later - still no news!
My firearm license expired without me realizing so, during a move from one province to another. As a law-abiding citizen, I handed in my firearm at a local SAPS office in 2017, even though I still had in my possession my old green license. I submitted a license renewal in August 2020 under an amnesty application. Todate, my firearm is still lodged with the local SAPS office and my renewal application is still pending. So much for the 90-day period.
Disgusting, I am waiting for a renewal since End of Match 2020, competence certification card received ages ago, what makes matters worse the police station is holding my firearm, I do not even trust or know if I will get it back if license is approved.
dear south Africa

I do not own a gun but want to comment on the service delivery in south Africa.

all the government departments have failed us, and , it is sad how we have to wait for any form of license. south Africa is be becoming a joke because in experienced people want to govern south Africa, and running it to the ground is their number priority and for the benefits they can get from the government not the passion.
This is really ridiculous to wait almost 2years for firearm licence