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Margaretha Isabella
Waiting period to issue is too long, still waiting since 12.11.2020
I can understand that the CFR has a lot of applications to process, however I believe that the system used to register new licenses and to renew is outdated and obsolete.

Problem 1:
Too much paper work, can easily be lost

Problem 2:
DFO's not always available for new application, appointments can take few weeks

Proble 3:
Seeing that I do have a competency certificate supplied by SAPS, why can't the firearm be registered by the gun shop?
Hello please help me i apply my copytence on 19 april 2021 but now it take a long time with the same stage , completed at crc ( Feedback electronically)
M very disappointed with this department since I applied my Competency March 2020.till to date. I always send emails and calls with no luck.
Please assist.
People who do not have the ability to defend themselves will probably be killed by someone with an illegal gun if the run out of petrol on the road or get a flat tire.

Armed people can attack you anywhere/in your house and you cannot defend your family.

the police has the right to defend themselves but even they with there firearms get killed by criminals.

Who bad is it then for SA citizens to defend themselves if the state (min Cele) prevents them form doing that