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No I do not
The change to the constitution proposed by Bell Potinger with BLF and picked up by theEFF is to date driven by a combination of rogues and racists.
The ANC has quickly picked up the baton and followed instruction from Malema while the redistribution of land in terms of the constitution has been hopelessly mismanaged by the ruling party. The attempts to purchase land have been pathetic and budgets underspent. Rural land has in cases been taken over by the government wth menial compensation.
It is obvious that the racists in charge can not be trusted to use the proposed law in a fair and rational way.
The ANC should show why the land and housing questions have been so pathetically handled by them they should also show how they intend to stop corruption which has continued to get worse in ANC districts.
Not fully
Although I do agree, land should be expropriated, I dont agree on expropriated without compensation. The government under the ANC had ample time and resources to do this.Buy land and compensation appreciate.Because of the government not doing this correctly from 1994 now we as a minority group has to pay the consequence
Not fully
I do not fully support the bill based on the fact that most of us who own our land worked extremely hard to pay for it and/ or service bonds over these properties. It was not handed to owners on a platter.

To date, the Government's land expropriation process has been a massive failure where farms were bought or expropriated and today they lie derelict, machinery stripped, no longer viable in terms of farming.

For me then it is important that Government makes positive changes to the existing land already expropriated ensure that the right people are selected for the agricultural program to ensure real income generation is achieved through planning, training, mentorship, etc that would create proper livelihoods and homes for those who are prepared to work.

In other African countries, my experience is that most local citizens work very hard to farm, build their own homes, educate their children, etc as none of this is provided by the government. Too much is given without having to earn it, thus little respect is given to what they receive, only demands for more.
No I do not
The bill is in a move to go against the Constitution and ultimately remove property rights.
No I do not
Very good plannof the Incompetent and vision deprived and non innovative corrupt IQ-less so called self appointed leaders. After making unfound and impossible to fullfill promises to stay in power so they can steal our country broke, now has to go to extreme measures to have the ill educated stupid masses calm and still enjoy their support.
Least knowing how many loss of lives will prevail from the consequences of the stupid decisions made by ANC government.
Face the brunt and know that you the ANC government is responsible for the consequences.
No I do not
The economy will collapse completely
No I do not
It is vital for the country to have undisputed property ownership rights.
Without this there will be no foreign or local investment.
If expropriation is necessary an acceptable market price must be paid.
I have been informed that formerly highly profitable farmland is now non productive.
Ensure that proposed new owners are trained & prove themselves capable of future production on the same scale.
Farming is a difficult & arduous process. Our country must be able to feed the people. Importation of food is unnecessary.
In addition some of these farms were supplying the export market & the local fruit juice market.
BE efficient with willing buyers & sellers, at the moment this is not being well

No I do not
No I do not. I object, just like any other sane person. One does not have to be very smart to understand what a move like that would do. OUR ECONOMY WILL COLLAPSE. To the people in the government who don't seem to understand the consequences of their actions I will explain to you what it means for an economy to collapse. No investment, meaning no growth, meaning businesses closing, meaning people leaving, meaning others (who are stuck in this country) will be left unemployed, meaning those who were left with jobs for the general consumer will be left jobless, meaning less houses, meaning more shacks, meaning food shortage, meaning people going hungry, MEANING A COLLAPSED A ECONOMY.
Just like you wouldn't give your child something toxic even if he or she is begging for it, don't give "back" the land that we are begging for. It will destroy all of us.

Johannes Petrus
No I do not
Will take us to same situation as Zimbabwe....
Johannes Petrus
No I do not
Will take us to same situation as Zimbabwe....
No I do not
I'm terrified of this act. I think this is a disaster in the making. We might end up like Zimbabwe. This is not the way to go. It will only create more animosity and division in SA.
No I do not
People work hard and spend a lot of money for they land they own. Now the government just want to take it away without compensation. Bond repayments will just stop. How will the Banks in SA survive this? The impact it will have on foreign investment in SA will be catastrophic.
No I do not
Its kind of obvious...
If you want land buy what you can afford... thats what we all had to do...nothing comes for free...hard work and saving towards a goal, is the only way. Self worth makes you free...not hand outs.
Not fully
I have a problem of who is going to benefit from the process of land expropriation.
Land is vast and can be shared equally to every citizen of this country.

No I do not
It would not be just, equitable or in public interest for nil compensation to be paid where land is expropriated.
Seroto Grey
Yes I do
We the black South Africans have been marginalised in terms of kand distribution by the whites, we have big business ideas that we r scare to unfold because we dont have land but have to buy it very expencuve instead. We r also squeezed in locations called concentration camps by the colonizers which is the whites. And we will never have oeace in the country for as long as we deny the rightful owners with this land that was forcesfully taken away from them, ofcourse is not all whites involved. But 99% of whites in South Africa r happy with the current status. There will never be collaboration in the country until the wealth of the country is equally shared amongs all.
Yes I do
This is the only way the inequity can be resolved.

Yes I do
I support the Draft Expropriation Bill with some reservation. This matter needs to be thought through and from all angles. I think the ultimate objective should be how do we create a situation in which every South african is able to have a piece of land enough for, starting from small scale farming and above. Land that is lying fallow for an x amount of years must be taken back by the state. White people who have lands or farms that are generating food should be discouraged to sell those farms, however, there should be some standardization in terms of rate of prices of farms or land. Inflating the prices of land will make things more difficult. This bill is not universally bad neither is it universally good. There are many dynamics to the land question that need to be considered.
No I do not
The exception would be where the land area is huge and it is just lying fallow. Otherwise it's just a travesty of justice and is an insult to the rule of law. It's a violation of the rule of law in any democracy and flies in the face of decency and fair play. It would be an act of a totalitarian state dictator. Should be brought before the World Court at the Hague.
No I do not
Will be against international law and agreements
No I do not
This will destroy foreign investment in South Africa. It is basically theft.
Yes I do
Transperancy needed
No I do not
This will destroy foreign investment in South Africa. It is basically theft.
No I do not
I sell land for a living. All this talk is destroying my living. The gov don't have funds to buy land so they want to steal it now. This is not creating an investment scenario. We have an economy that is failing us and more than half the population do not contribute towards tax. So it is still the same some of us carry the rest. In is an unfair burden. Equal rights and justice.

My suggestion are work farms for poor. Properly managed will give us jobs
No I do not
This is unethical, should land be required in the public interests then it must be paid for, which is the practice in any country where law and order prevails.
That is assuming the owner wishes to sell.
This is the first step in the manner in which communists operate and is not in the South African interests.
Land expropriation should firstly be looked at in the "old homelands" where all indications are that the occupiers of this land have left their land and moved into the cities for RDP housing
and "jobs".
I am of the opinion that these absentee land owner's have become our squatter problem in all cities.