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No I do not
The only country where the lazy, useless"Majority" are STILL living off the backs of the hard working"Minority"...... Just like a parasite ???
No I do not
This will destroy South Africa
No I do not
A controversial bill such as this being passed will be viewed very negatively by the international eye which spells danger for our economy and strength of the rand. The farms are in the hands of very experienced individuals whose past generations have taught them well.
No I do not
We paid over 20 years for our home. Electricity , Rates. We are on pension.
No I do not
I DO not at all support the proposed bill. I believe private ownership has always been the best way of creating wealth.
Not fully
the financial implications on small and medium owners will be devastating if their property is taken.
State owned entities can give the land they do not use.
the state must not be the new owner--it must be registered in the name of the individuals who need the land.
No I do not
The successful land claims gives a good picture of what is going to happen to farm land that will be expropriated. What is the percentage of successful transfer of land and maintaining or enhancing the productivity of that farm. What is the process that I can follow if anyone walking past my house indicate that they want it. There is no recourse.
Please lets learn from the mistakes of others, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Venezuela, China, Russia, Zambia, etc. This is SOCIALISM at its best. Everything and all people belong to the state and the state can do with it what they like. So please lets not go their.
No I do not
This bill will destroy our economy by scaring away foreign investment, furthermore it allows the expropriation of land from experienced farmers and gives the land to individuals who have zero experience whatsoever. These people would see the country’s economy collapse if it meant that the white population were discriminated against and put in economic strain. It’s pure racism, plain and simple.
No I do not
No I not we work hard to afford land and pay our way.
No I do not
Current Constitution caters for land redistribution. Hence no need to change Constitution to cater for an ill conceived piece of legislation because the current government is incompetent and incapable of applying current legislation to redistribute land.
Secondly we cannot trust the current government to apply the proposed legislative changes ethically without theft and corruption.
Third and finally such proposed legislation will destroy the country’s currently floundering economy. Again as a result of incompetent governance, management and gross corruption and theft.
No I do not
The new Bill will do more harm to the country and the economy by chasing away much needed investment. The proposed amendment is a political ploy by the ANC to gain more support and votes before elections. Compensate for land to the rightful owners under the current, un-amended Bill. Deal with the "trust" land in KZN as well.
No I do not
We did not steal the land. Stoo trying to steal it from honest hardworking South Africans. You have robbed us enough.
No I do not
We need to have a nation in South Africa that has fair and free governance. The sSocialist regime destroys countries because the people suffer under the oppression of discrimination of racism, religious ideology and total lack of a true ethical and moral sense of living together in the land peacefully without prejudice and over control. This grabbing of land from people who rightfully have purchased it to give it away to those who have not contributed towards its worth smacks of greed and covetousness that is totally unacceptable in any part of the world. Farms that were taken over and owners chased out in Zambia and Zimbabwe were totally neglected due to ignorance of scientific agricultural practices .That is wht Zimbabwe is suffering for food supplis today ask I speak. Thank you
No I do not
Expropriation without compensation will not solve the economic problems of the country. Expropriation of land or housing paid for by individuals must be compensated appropriately. The Government has had 25 years to settle the land problem under the original Constitution but has failed to do so because of incompetence, corruption and lack of political will. Distribute the huge amount of Government land not being utilized.
No I do not
You cannot have expropriation without compensation. It will collapse the entire banking system as property is the main collateral for bank loans.
Look at what happened to Zimbabwe.
No I do not
We have a carefully crafted Constitution for reasons of democratic justice. Alas, it does not look after itself.
The property clause is already carefully drafted. The Constituion is our lifeboat - mess with it and we all drown.
No I do not
Our land was paid for with money
Therefore I do not support the bill
No I do not
When running a race, you can not get to the winning line if you keep on turning back. You can not heal a country when you do worse crimes and deeds than what were done in the past. Look ahead, work hard for what you want without any crime.
No I do not
You want to take away what we worked hard for. Work is gonna mean nothing then! Your economy is gonna tank if this is done!!
No I do not
Expropriation without compensation will not solve the economic struggles of our country.

We cannot focus on the future by continuously living in the past. Nothing is for free in life. Work for what you want instead of always having this entitled handouts mentality.

Investors will be hesitant to invest and food security will be compromised.
No I do not
Work for what you want. Stop blaming others. Strong persons sets goals and don't ask for handouts. The issue of settlers has two sides.
Yes I do
This is aganst our human rights
No I do not
Where communities or persons were forcefully removed and this can be proven without a doubt restitution should take place. If the guilty party is still alive and owns the land they must give it back as this was theft. If not directly involved in the theft of the land say through inheritance some kind of fair compensation or agreement should be reached to benefit all parties, we all pay enough tax to fund this. At the same time make those that have blatantly stolen money from tax payers pay this money back for the benefit of the citizens.
The government has ample free land to give to people with no land. The necessary effort has not been put into assisting people who have received land in the past, most of this land is now unproductive. Farming is moving to more large scale industrialized farms not small subsistence farming so this is not going to solve anything. Farming is difficult it has been proven people want jobs not land to farm on. It is time the government cut's back on their lavish lifestyles and blatant corruption and channel the money into building decent rural schools, trade schools, hospitals and houses for the poor get the country working. We should be one of the richest countries in the world by now. Stealing land from hard working people will just result in more chaos, violence and poverty.
No I do not
Expropriation without compensation will not solve the economic plight of our country but will plunge it further into regress. Loss of productive lands and a reliance on imported foodstuff ultimately creating a populace relying on handouts rather than a country self sufficient and independent of the grip of greedy international nations trading food and money for South Africa's Natural wealth.
Yes I do
It's the right thing to do, give Black community their land that was stolen by settlers