New Land Expropriation Bill

The Minister of Public Works has called for public comment on the controversial Draft Expropriation Bill published on Friday 21 December 2018.

70210 active citizens have had a say in this, so far

The draft law spells out in detail how land expropriation will work, detailing how valuation should be done, how disputes should be settled, and how money should be paid. The Expropriation Bill also specifically holds that “it may be just and equitable for nil compensation to be paid where land is expropriated in the public interest”.

Support or object to the Bill by providing comment below. Should you be unsure, please read the live comments, media, summary or documents below.   Closing date is midnight 22 February 2019.

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No I do not
You cant take the Land from people who have worked hard for it. This will have a huge impact on SAs economy.
No I do not
Sounds like slavery with extra steps
No I do not
'The difference between prosperity and poverty is property. Nations prosper when private property rights are well defined and enforced. (This is why the people of South Korea are almost 17 times wealthier than the people of North Korea and are on average 15 cm taller because of better nutrition.) The State has the right to expropriate property in the public interest, for example to build dams or freeways or railways, but such expropriation should be based on fair market value decided by the courts. “Expropriation Without Compensation” is legalized theft by the State' - ZACP said it best!
No I do not
Giving someone farm land is not a guarantee for productivity.
Giving someone a home makes perfect sense with responsibility to maintain it etc. Rights without responsibility is hopeless.
Taking from one to give to another without compensation is pointless in the extreme; simply repeating what caused this debacle in the first instant.
Education and skills dev and life orientation is what is needed. Mentoring and sponsorship is needed. All over the world there is and always will be poor, thats why people move...for a better, strive, but destitution is avoidable through community enterprise and charity.
Government must not repeat what was done before, in order to 'turn the tables.' The tables will collapse and everyone will be grovelling on the ground. Time brought the situation to this point.. Time with good sense will grow change. Corruption is the downfall of every attempt for freedom and democracy.
No I do not
Does not make any economic sense. Ownership of land acquired by buying it and getting a title act empowers the people to actively participate in the economy of South Africa. That is the only way to build a united nation with self respect and respecting each other



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