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No I am not
I will echo my previous comment that wrote addressing the uselessness of COCT 's inability to recognize their reactive incompetence onslaught that I have had the absolute disgusting displeasure received from the COCT to date. From non delivery of basic services to their inability to address serious concerns as ratepayer I have no choice in the say or the matter to affect any other way out or for the better or to escape COCT position that they have besieged on a loyal supporter of more than 2 x decades to date? Even from before, when my Dad worked for the COCT after 23 years of service he retired and anything post 1994 has been a downhill race to where we are currently at... I ve no problem address all if their misfortune publicly and hope that they do pull up their socks and start listening instead of forcing legislation onto others that are only trying to fit their mandate as COCT sees fit to receive but not necessarily of what is always possible to many people of CT struggling and left at the mercy of campaigns just like these in order to be heard or see the light of day resultant. regretfully yours marcel cabano resident of mushrooming township in the making of Zonnebloem sewer soon to become watch this space....there's no lie in the aforementioned , just saying.....
Not fully
1. Why are the workers employed to work in parks not trained in basic knowledge of landscaping, gardening and appreciation of nature? Trucks drive over wild flower areas and the wild flowers are cut before flowering; alien trees are left to grow yet indigenous trees are ring barked with weed eaters. Plant more and more and more trees and leave the flowers.
2. The sports grounds are always littered and when the bins are full it takes weeks before they are emptied by which time all the plastic has blown out of the bins.
3. The blue bags, filled with a hand full of leaves every meter or so apart. Please can we not have a trolley to fill, left at the corner once full, collected and made into compost. These blue bags are now seen more often stuck to a bush or blowing around, going into the storm water drains. It is a farce pretending the town is clean yet all the plastic the municipality is creating and dumping for a well swept street. Ban plastic. Create jobs and weave baskets, be innovative, employ management not for the colour of their skin but for the job they have knowledge of, are eager to do and willing to teach and share.

Not fully
The city is slow to provide services to all areas. Maintain our beautiful City before it falls into disrepair like the rest of the country.

Traffic services
Yes I am
I am happy with the service delivery.
Not fully
Despite their own corrupt agenda and mismanagement, the DA have protected us from being screwed over even worse under ANC ruling. As we speak, out country is being raped by descendants of our so called forefathers. 🙁 Africans came to SA after the Khoi and San people yet are demanding everything for themselves. Their attitude and entitlement is disgusting which is why they keep breaking down everything is WC. They want DA to fail.
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The City of Cape town fail to maintain infra structure and their city planning is profit driven and not ecological.
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The City of Cape Town has violated my ownership rights and registered title to my land in extent. They have promoted the enrichment of one private individual at the impoverishment of another. How can they take my land and give it to my new neighbour without my consent or even knowledge thereof. I have not even been consulted with regarding my private land.

Not fully
Some of the streets in Strand have really been neglected by City of Cape Town.
Beach road especially past the municipal swimming pool going towards Gordon's bay. It is falling apart with numerous holes in the road. The sea wall has also collapsed and the Municipality just sends someone out to clean up the road every day, some days the whole road is inaccessible. When its high tide the whole road is basically in the sea. We know that this part of the sea wall is supposed to be re-done in the seawall project phase 2 or 3 but why do we have to wait until 2023 for somebody to fix the wall properly.
Please can something be done to the wall and road.
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Some years back my neighbour planted some trees on their side of our border wall. Well, over time the trees started getting out of hand and hanging over the boundary wall onto my property. My son started trimming the trees and the neighbour complained saying that he must stop cutting "her" trees. It has now gotten out of hand and is hanging halfway over my garage, which is about 1 meter from the wall. There is also a tree growing over my carport. I have been to SAPS and they say they can do nothing. I spoke to my councilor who also said there was nothing she could do. Last chance, I approached our ratepayers association who said he would have a chat with the neighbour. Now that I have tried going the legal way the neighbour says I can cut the trees. Cutting and removing their trees at my expense. I'm a pensioner, aged 77, so I can't get up there to do the cutting. Also, I cannot afford to pay somebody to cut and remove said trees. If my councilor had acted, on my behalf, and approached my neighbour when I first asked I wouldn't be sitting with this problem. I feel that with the trees hanging over my boundry also devalues my property.
Not fully
I not fully happy with water bills, since we had a drought the charges for water bills a to high I don't know why because we have water now.
Yes I am
I am happy at moment but there is still room for improvement.I have had good service from the water department.
my request would be listed as follows,all road works on main routes be forced to be done after hours ,we are suffering with the congestion never mind the pollution due to traffic..
it would cost the city 10% more to work over night.
however this cost is heaped on to us the rate payers in form of petrol wear and tear on idling cars hours every day in traffic.

No I am not
City of Cape town gives very poor service! i had an issue with my new water meter, i am still waiting for feedback from the ward councilor of the area. its more than 6 months, i feel that most of City of Cape Town staff doesnt care about service delivery and always increase tariffs without considering what it does financially on the middle class.

I dont understand why there are so many pensioners who still do not have houses, it seems like they are more concerned with getting people from other cities' houses than worrying about their own people

They do not address any of the peoples concerns and only have excuses on why they always need money!
Yes I am
Overstrand municipality excellent.
No I am not
City of Cape Town increases rates constantly to the point where rates have almost doubled due to their valuations. The increases in costs to own and maintain a property are becoming ridiculous. In the last 5 years electricity has increased by 400% in the City of Cape Town, rates have tripled (in some cases more), water is becoming a luxury and if you have a prepaid meter for water, there is no basic allowance. The Constitution of the country provides that everyone have access to basic services like water and basic electricity. Apparently that is true for those who don't pay only - the rest must just suck it up and be taxed and charged more constantly, for the same dismal services.
Not fully
Pensions are from hard earned money and from most people who have always paid taxes and TV licences. How can MORE money be taken from the public!!?? Everyone is already struggling. One of the reasons there is so much anger around is because we feel unfairly treated.
No I am not

The City is unable to distinguish between Capetonians in need and shysters. When somebody is 84 and a head of household [ with adult dependent] Why do you, CCT, discredit allowances and repeatedly request validation of circumstances??? Where is SD? What are SD students doing?? if not nothing.......
No I am not
They are absolutely useless, like most things in SA, service delivery horribly down!
No I am not
I stay in LANGEBERG RIDGE and have a drainage pond next to my property that is the municipality's problem with mowing the lawns , cutting down the threes etc.
I email them on a regular basis but they don't respond always the same old story every 3 months it will or should be done......this is not the case.
I keep my property tidy and neat but their property looks like crap and every now and then you will have the bin scratchers throwing rubbish in the pond and who is the lucky fool to go and pick it up me.....................
I am fed up with the lies they tell as it is always someone else's problem instead of just mowing and cleaning the drainage pond. Just do your jobs !!