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No I am not
Street lights out everywhere
Holes in the pavement
Proper white traffic lines fading away
Rubbish everywhere along roadsides
Bushes needing to be clipped so there is a better view for traffic purposes
No I am not
Besides our weekly dirt collection I am not sure how the rates I pay every month are contributing to my neighbourhood. Our neighbourhood watch have upgraded our park with donations from residents. We have installed cameras in our area and even erected a fence at the top of capri between black hill which the municipality was supposed to do more than 10 years ago. Tree's on our verges planned by the council are never cut but if you as a resident dare cut them you are liable to be fined. We continue to have developments approved but non of these developments or home have grey water systems which you would think after our drought would be a requirement. The roadway past masi is a disgrace, informal traders on the pavement leaving tons of rubbish behind daily which my rates and taxes get used to clean up. If I decided to set up a stall on the side of the road i would be fined
But there seem to be different rules for different people. I really dont feel like to municipality does much at all
Not fully
I would like to see more done for the residents (RSA and non-RSA citizens) of Masiphumele and Ocean View. The covid pandemic has shown us that the community is willing to assist, so more should be done to rally the community together (ie. Community programs). Safety and police presence could be worked on a lot in these areas.
More could be done around environmental causes. Larger recycling campaigns, beach clean ups, small business support.
No I am not
Service requests not done ( water outages )
Sewage collection service 14 day s and more
Community Zoning objections not considered
TAxi routes not enforced
Vehicle licencing - not enough facilities - allow Post office to do this as well as other provinces do
No I am not
Because of the water crisis the city in its wisdom decided to build four desalination plants. At huge expense and none are operating. This while there are water sewage plants like Wilde Voel Vlei in Kommetjie, at less expense, can be upgraded and provide enough water for everyone behind Ou Kaapse weg. It’s decisions like these that make cringe. Second. The four way stop in Sun Valley took three years (THREE YEARS!!!!) to get upgraded. Again at huge cost (also from an environmental point of view). How on earth did this happen? Why were there no penalties? Why did those responsible not loose their job or get demoted? Other than that, why don’t the DA rotate councillors? Some of them have been there for more than 20 years!!! We need fresh and different views so perhaps stuff gets done.
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I'm not happy with the way the infection rate of COVID19 is management in the city. This is particularly in the townships. Number of infections are going up daily and they going up with high numbers. Death rate is also a concern. The provincial government is not doing enough to make sure that the curve is being flattened. The city could not be allowed to move to level 3, it could rather go back to level 5 and the SAPS and SANDF need to be deployed to manage the behaviours of our people in the township to make sure that the regulations of the lock down are being respected and implemented. Our fathers! Our Mothers! Our Sisters! Our brothers! Our family members are dying. We urge the national government to intervene as the provincial government has grossly neglected the COVID19 infections. This is referred to the townships in particular. ???????????
Not fully
I think the city needs more vision. Think big, build and facilitate infrastructure!
We need a city bowl light-rail/tram system.
We need an airport to CBD train service.
We need to tunnel roads through the mountain to ease traffic congestion to the Atlantic Seaboard and Southern Suburbs.
We need a proper boardwalk/promenade in Blouberg/Table View beachfront, much like Sea Point has.
We need a pier for pedestrian perambulations, reaching from the Table View circle for a few 100m towards Robben Island. Cape Town has NO pedestrian piers! Even PE has one! Durban has numerous. It could be a massive tourist attraction, a Nelson Mandela Pier.
We need to complete the foreshore freeways ASAP, be they buried or elevated.
We need to relax zoning laws to allow for the construction of supertall skyscrapers in numerous node, e.g. CBD, Century City, along most of Voortrekker Road, Tygervalley, Claremont, and anywhere on the Cape Flats to stimulate growth of an office node there.
My message to the City: Break out of the "think small" mold that the ANC has cast SA in.
No I am not
They don't take any action from complaint from the ordinary citizen. My representative Ms Crouse does not even feel it necessary to answer emails directed to her.
No feedback from Rate increase complaint a year ago.
Changed my meter to a new 350ltr metre because I was using borehole water as they thought my metre was broken.
Not fully
We objected to the rates increases about a year ago and still heard nothing back. They seemed to be doing things well and in the past year I don't know what's happened but some things have changed and now their performance has gone down hill. Our rates increased but our parks and surrounds were only being mowed every 4 months and only after numerous complaints. We've tried for months to get rid of the growing homeless population - who we've heard have threatened to 'moer' people if we bother them. So not happy with COCT at all. My vote is no longer with the DA for this province. They've stopped listening to the public and they've stopped providing the services on time but charge us more for it.
Not fully
Been punished for usage of water...... recycling my water.......and i still get billed for water i am NOT USING..... UNACCEPTABLE......makes me so ANGRY
Would you like to pay for water you are not using.....
No I am not
During Covid 19 pandemic the City is unsympathetic has does nothing to assist in alleviating financial stress on residents.

Poorer communities are still the most disadvantaged with a skewed allocation of resources.
The proposed by-law amendments put the most vulnerable like the homeless and informal traders, at most risk with the rights to impound personal property, ON SUSPICION AND WITHOUT WARRANTS. An unnecessarily harsh measure to maintain the status quo in affluent areas and a waste of the City's resources. Spend the money where it matters.

As a working class person, have come to expect disappointment from the City.
Yes I am
Stage 4 Lock Down
R- Personal movement - 4: Exercise - as a retired person it is important to keep healthy & fit by regular exercise (Walking or Cycling) to keep up my immune system - rather than being static at home.
yes the rules about the use of face masks & social distancing, are obvious and must apply!
Not fully
Housing issues for poorer people can be improved
Not fully
What would the reasons be for seizing your property. Why are the officials of this municipality going to have more powers than the police, this is insane.
I realize that life is not free, even we pensioners have to pay our way, but I think in a time such as now there should be a little bit of leniency.
I do not support these new by laws.
My house is my house as long as I am paying my dues.
No I am not
City planning is non existent. There was the xenofobia problem at Racecource when the "Problem" were moved to Dunoon. This was supposed to be a tempory arrangement. Today Dunoon is expanding rapidly and surrounding communities are bearing the brunt of unemployment and the greater CCT the cost of free - everything.
Now CCT is moving the latest problem to Goodwood. The unruly foreigners with no regard for law are being moved to Wingfield army base. They are to be housed in tents with no infrastructure. We as residents of Goodwood are not going to tolerate this ill considered "solution" . CCT should rather repatriate the foreigner to Angola or DRC - definitely not to Goodwood.
No I am not
Unfortunately, I live opposite erf 10010 Cape Town, of which the custodian of the currently "vacant land" is the COCT & allows for the "settlers"= informal settlement to erect shacks/ in formal settlements as they see fit without any disturbance even when land invasion dept is contacted with reference numbers issued. (ref no can be provided on request) Nothing gets done, in terms of the removal of the illegal squatters on the city owned land. I ve been resident in the same property opposite this plot (that is earmarked for the returnees of District 6 redevelopment) but until such time of delivery , the onus is upon the COCT to look after the land and enforce the by laws, just as the COCT imposes the same bylaws on the rest of the City Bowl area's ratepayers. However, the COCT does not look after this parcel of land and has detrimental result on the existing landscape of residents in the area. Our property values has plummeted to below ground zero, directly because of the incapability of the COCT performance, not doing their job looking after the land etc. There are many other things of bother, that I wont bore you with, but can supply on special request and back up in evidence in support of these statements made. Unfortunately, our rates keep rising and we dont see any of this money ploughed back into the area at all. Unsure where our rates end up in, but sure is not back into the community under sieged due to the COCT reactive conduct not really interested to fix the situation either... Please prove me wrong. I beg of COCT to the challenge. regretfully yours marcel of Justice Walk in Zonnebloem - 2008 to date in residence
Yes I am
I am mostly satisfied with service delivery. What I am not satisfied with is the population densification plans that leads to over crowding. And seemingly total disregard for the future pressure on services & infrastructure due to the high increase an people and traffic.
No I am not
This city is totally biased against the Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereign Nation People, the KhoinSan/KhoenSan. This bias has clearly manifest itself as utter disrespect, leading to DISCRIMINATION, RACISM, MARGINALIZATION and ultimately ALIENATION. The Bo-Kaap has been declared a Special Heritage Protection Zone (SHPZ). The same DA-run City of Cape Town and DA-run Provincial Government are against acknowledging and respecting the KhoinSan/KhoenSan Sacred Heritage Sites.
Question: how many KhoinSan/KhoenSan are currently staying in "district six" as opposed to Muslims?
954 Applications for residence in "district six". How many are KhoinSan/KhoenSan?
How does the list(s) reflect the Aboriginal Owners of the Land as opposed to the people who came as slaves? These and other pertinent questions are never ever answered or responded to. Gangans
Yes I am
Although I am satisfied in general there are always issues that need attention. However, in comparison with the remainder of the country, Cape Town is the best run by far.
No I am not
The City of Cape Town lacks transparency and has a lot to answer for but when questions are asked, doors are slammed in your face. May I remind them that they fill the role of PUBLIC SERVANTS and have a Code of Ethics to abide by. Stop spending our money on toys and trips and start being responsible and accountable. Remember, as public servants you can and will be replaced.
No I am not
They are self-serving, view themselves as demi-gods. Water levies need to go, cyclists need to be licensed, mis-management at all levels and of funds. And please don't get me started on the proposed parking fees, JP, and Nielson. Oh and the incompetent Ms Limberg. I don't hold any of these folk in high regard.
Not fully
I believe that the CoCT has been taking advantage of the electricity chargees that they set up for the poorest people that cannot afford electricity.

It is not right that the City is charging more than a 100% profit after they purchase units from Eskom. If the city really was working for the people of Cape Town then this should be looked at and something should be done about it.

Yes I am
There have been quick responses whenever I contacted the respective department (electricicty, effluent / water, law enforcements) to attend to the problems in our area.
No I am not
It is impossible to speak anybody with any authority who can give advise and make decisions.
Yes I am
We have decent service delivery, our infrastructure is maintained timely and our very small budgets are stretched very cleverly to provide, maintain and protect our citizens as far as possible.
I have great faith and pride in our Municipality- the City of Cape Town