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No I am not
Unfortunately, I live opposite erf 10010 Cape Town, of which the custodian of the currently "vacant land" is the COCT & allows for the "settlers"= informal settlement to erect shacks/ in formal settlements as they see fit without any disturbance even when land invasion dept is contacted with reference numbers issued. (ref no can be provided on request) Nothing gets done, in terms of the removal of the illegal squatters on the city owned land. I ve been resident in the same property opposite this plot (that is earmarked for the returnees of District 6 redevelopment) but until such time of delivery , the onus is upon the COCT to look after the land and enforce the by laws, just as the COCT imposes the same bylaws on the rest of the City Bowl area's ratepayers. However, the COCT does not look after this parcel of land and has detrimental result on the existing landscape of residents in the area. Our property values has plummeted to below ground zero, directly because of the incapability of the COCT performance, not doing their job looking after the land etc. There are many other things of bother, that I wont bore you with, but can supply on special request and back up in evidence in support of these statements made. Unfortunately, our rates keep rising and we dont see any of this money ploughed back into the area at all. Unsure where our rates end up in, but sure is not back into the community under sieged due to the COCT reactive conduct not really interested to fix the situation either... Please prove me wrong. I beg of COCT to the challenge. regretfully yours marcel of Justice Walk in Zonnebloem - 2008 to date in residence
Yes I am
I am mostly satisfied with service delivery. What I am not satisfied with is the population densification plans that leads to over crowding. And seemingly total disregard for the future pressure on services & infrastructure due to the high increase an people and traffic.
No I am not
This city is totally biased against the Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereign Nation People, the KhoinSan/KhoenSan. This bias has clearly manifest itself as utter disrespect, leading to DISCRIMINATION, RACISM, MARGINALIZATION and ultimately ALIENATION. The Bo-Kaap has been declared a Special Heritage Protection Zone (SHPZ). The same DA-run City of Cape Town and DA-run Provincial Government are against acknowledging and respecting the KhoinSan/KhoenSan Sacred Heritage Sites.
Question: how many KhoinSan/KhoenSan are currently staying in "district six" as opposed to Muslims?
954 Applications for residence in "district six". How many are KhoinSan/KhoenSan?
How does the list(s) reflect the Aboriginal Owners of the Land as opposed to the people who came as slaves? These and other pertinent questions are never ever answered or responded to. Gangans
Yes I am
Although I am satisfied in general there are always issues that need attention. However, in comparison with the remainder of the country, Cape Town is the best run by far.
No I am not
The City of Cape Town lacks transparency and has a lot to answer for but when questions are asked, doors are slammed in your face. May I remind them that they fill the role of PUBLIC SERVANTS and have a Code of Ethics to abide by. Stop spending our money on toys and trips and start being responsible and accountable. Remember, as public servants you can and will be replaced.