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    No I am not
    Street lights out everywhere
    Holes in the pavement
    Proper white traffic lines fading away
    Rubbish everywhere along roadsides
    Bushes needing to be clipped so there is a better view for traffic purposes
    No I am not
    Besides our weekly dirt collection I am not sure how the rates I pay every month are contributing to my neighbourhood. Our neighbourhood watch have upgraded our park with donations from residents. We have installed cameras in our area and even erected a fence at the top of capri between black hill which the municipality was supposed to do more than 10 years ago. Tree's on our verges planned by the council are never cut but if you as a resident dare cut them you are liable to be fined. We continue to have developments approved but non of these developments or home have grey water systems which you would think after our drought would be a requirement. The roadway past masi is a disgrace, informal traders on the pavement leaving tons of rubbish behind daily which my rates and taxes get used to clean up. If I decided to set up a stall on the side of the road i would be fined
    But there seem to be different rules for different people. I really dont feel like to municipality does much at all
    Not fully
    I would like to see more done for the residents (RSA and non-RSA citizens) of Masiphumele and Ocean View. The covid pandemic has shown us that the community is willing to assist, so more should be done to rally the community together (ie. Community programs). Safety and police presence could be worked on a lot in these areas.
    More could be done around environmental causes. Larger recycling campaigns, beach clean ups, small business support.
    No I am not
    Service requests not done ( water outages )
    Sewage collection service 14 day s and more
    Community Zoning objections not considered
    TAxi routes not enforced
    Vehicle licencing - not enough facilities - allow Post office to do this as well as other provinces do
    No I am not
    Because of the water crisis the city in its wisdom decided to build four desalination plants. At huge expense and none are operating. This while there are water sewage plants like Wilde Voel Vlei in Kommetjie, at less expense, can be upgraded and provide enough water for everyone behind Ou Kaapse weg. It’s decisions like these that make cringe. Second. The four way stop in Sun Valley took three years (THREE YEARS!!!!) to get upgraded. Again at huge cost (also from an environmental point of view). How on earth did this happen? Why were there no penalties? Why did those responsible not loose their job or get demoted? Other than that, why don’t the DA rotate councillors? Some of them have been there for more than 20 years!!! We need fresh and different views so perhaps stuff gets done.