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No I am not
I'm not happy with the way the infection rate of COVID19 is management in the city. This is particularly in the townships. Number of infections are going up daily and they going up with high numbers. Death rate is also a concern. The provincial government is not doing enough to make sure that the curve is being flattened. The city could not be allowed to move to level 3, it could rather go back to level 5 and the SAPS and SANDF need to be deployed to manage the behaviours of our people in the township to make sure that the regulations of the lock down are being respected and implemented. Our fathers! Our Mothers! Our Sisters! Our brothers! Our family members are dying. We urge the national government to intervene as the provincial government has grossly neglected the COVID19 infections. This is referred to the townships in particular. ???????????
Not fully
I think the city needs more vision. Think big, build and facilitate infrastructure!
We need a city bowl light-rail/tram system.
We need an airport to CBD train service.
We need to tunnel roads through the mountain to ease traffic congestion to the Atlantic Seaboard and Southern Suburbs.
We need a proper boardwalk/promenade in Blouberg/Table View beachfront, much like Sea Point has.
We need a pier for pedestrian perambulations, reaching from the Table View circle for a few 100m towards Robben Island. Cape Town has NO pedestrian piers! Even PE has one! Durban has numerous. It could be a massive tourist attraction, a Nelson Mandela Pier.
We need to complete the foreshore freeways ASAP, be they buried or elevated.
We need to relax zoning laws to allow for the construction of supertall skyscrapers in numerous node, e.g. CBD, Century City, along most of Voortrekker Road, Tygervalley, Claremont, and anywhere on the Cape Flats to stimulate growth of an office node there.
My message to the City: Break out of the "think small" mold that the ANC has cast SA in.
No I am not
They don't take any action from complaint from the ordinary citizen. My representative Ms Crouse does not even feel it necessary to answer emails directed to her.
No feedback from Rate increase complaint a year ago.
Changed my meter to a new 350ltr metre because I was using borehole water as they thought my metre was broken.
Not fully
We objected to the rates increases about a year ago and still heard nothing back. They seemed to be doing things well and in the past year I don't know what's happened but some things have changed and now their performance has gone down hill. Our rates increased but our parks and surrounds were only being mowed every 4 months and only after numerous complaints. We've tried for months to get rid of the growing homeless population - who we've heard have threatened to 'moer' people if we bother them. So not happy with COCT at all. My vote is no longer with the DA for this province. They've stopped listening to the public and they've stopped providing the services on time but charge us more for it.
Not fully
Been punished for usage of water...... recycling my water.......and i still get billed for water i am NOT USING..... UNACCEPTABLE......makes me so ANGRY
Would you like to pay for water you are not using.....