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City of Cape Town increases rates constantly to the point where rates have almost doubled due to their valuations. The increases in costs to own and maintain a property are becoming ridiculous. In the last 5 years electricity has increased by 400% in the City of Cape Town, rates have tripled (in some cases more), water is becoming a luxury and if you have a prepaid meter for water, there is no basic allowance. The Constitution of the country provides that everyone have access to basic services like water and basic electricity. Apparently that is true for those who don't pay only - the rest must just suck it up and be taxed and charged more constantly, for the same dismal services.
Not fully
Pensions are from hard earned money and from most people who have always paid taxes and TV licences. How can MORE money be taken from the public!!?? Everyone is already struggling. One of the reasons there is so much anger around is because we feel unfairly treated.
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The City is unable to distinguish between Capetonians in need and shysters. When somebody is 84 and a head of household [ with adult dependent] Why do you, CCT, discredit allowances and repeatedly request validation of circumstances??? Where is SD? What are SD students doing?? if not nothing.......
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They are absolutely useless, like most things in SA, service delivery horribly down!
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I stay in LANGEBERG RIDGE and have a drainage pond next to my property that is the municipality's problem with mowing the lawns , cutting down the threes etc.
I email them on a regular basis but they don't respond always the same old story every 3 months it will or should be done......this is not the case.
I keep my property tidy and neat but their property looks like crap and every now and then you will have the bin scratchers throwing rubbish in the pond and who is the lucky fool to go and pick it up me.....................
I am fed up with the lies they tell as it is always someone else's problem instead of just mowing and cleaning the drainage pond. Just do your jobs !!