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COJ is acting as a mafia organisation threatening disconnections AND inflicting same on inaccurate and inflated billing. The latest move is to execute intereuptions under the guise of “credit control” without notices being given to clients therefor depriving clients from a period to dispute the accuracy of accounts. As a company, it seems clear that COJ is targeting companies particularly more insistently and depriving SARS of tax incomes.
The bullying must stop - COJ is abusing its monopolies and acting as a “protection racketeering” organisation
I am a pensioner living alone. I can't afford the payment electricity is too high and sewerage has just been increased. SASSA does not give us enough to pay all rates and taxes and electricity. Please consider people like me.
Three years ago, my entire COJ bill per month was R3500. In 2020, the bill is now at R6000. The rates and charges are growing faster than people salaries. The impact of covid meant people are without jobs and business had to close. This should be taken into account for joburg residents whom may have a home but the cost to own is ridiculous with surcharges for electricity and the ever increasing tariff prices for Eskom.
Residential property rates are also not realistic as the COJ grows the property value at 10% pa when property prices haven't moved in the last four years.
Be fair to the working class. There's a limit to what is acceptable and this is pushing those boundaries. My personal salary increase this year was below 4% and I am fortunate to be working, yet the increase on tariffs is above 4% for tariffs and charges. I am getting poorer each year due to the increase burden.
The prosed rates for pensioners makes sense including property of over R2, 5m however the way coj increases property values then a house of R1, 6m will be worth R2, 5 in the next review. Even if can only be sold for R2m. Please don't increase property values as people may be retired and you forcing them to sell even though they paid their dues over their working life.
The salary increase is too high for staff as its not inflation related, it should be reduced to 4%. Staff costs are to high. This is driving increases for all other services.
Eskom rates increases are above 8% with all the tiering, and closure of the gap between post and prepaid should cease as the prepaid allows Eskom its immediate payment whilst managing post paid is more cumbersome. Make it easier for people to do prepaid. Else what is the benefit? To renters only perhaps.
Sanitation going up by 8% does not make sense. It's above inflation and clearly an easier way to nake cash for the city. Bring it in line with inflation.
I am a widow/pensioner with s child with a disability and can not afford all the increases in rates and taxes please consider us.
My move is empowered by the Performance Management Systems of The City of Johannesburg.

I am a City Employee I would like to request (a) Review of organisational structure

(b) Salary progression. Arts, Culture and Heritage directorate be a focal point.
I do not support the proposed prepaid electricity additional amount of R200. It is usually the poor that have to opt for prepaid electricity so this is an anti-poor measure. Prepaid electricity saves the City costs in collection so there must be benefits for the people who choose this method or have to use this method. The City should be encouraging citizens to go for prepaid electricity and this proposed new fee does not encourage them. Lastly, I note that City of Tshwane does not have anything called a 'network fee' regarding electricity provision so why does City of Joburg impose this?
SEWERAGE RATES - we have just received a bill for sewerage with NEW charges dating back from 2017! This is a complex that must now suddenly come up with over R300,000.00! Even though every bill received was paid! With most people suffering from a lack of income due to the draconian lockdown measures, how does CoJ think the funds should be raised for whichever reason they think it is okay to bill? How is it even legal to backdate charges to 3 years ago?
If the rates were not BACKDATED from 3 years ago to date, it would be okay to try and accommodate CoJ but the huge figure they now expect for sewerage is beyond ridiculous!
All tariff increase reflect inefficiency of city Power - overstaffing, high wages, perks, bad working culture

All these things can be addressed by better internal techniques
All tariff increase reflect inefficiency of municiplaities ( include bodies like City Power) and government structures - overstaffing, high wages, perks, bad working culture, corruption

All these things can be addressed by better internal techniques
I was widowed in 2015.
The property I live in is fully paid. Currently I do not receive an income due to Covid.
Just because I live in a property valued more than 1m they dont want to help me with lower rates and taxes even if I have proof of no income.

Poor people also lives in expensive houses that they inherited and lived in for all their lives. That does not mean they must move out or sell because the goverment think they are rich. Rates and taxes must be worked out according to income and not the property you own
This is pinpoint way to cripple taste payers and increase the level of poverty to those low income earning group with dependants. Household Income bracket increases should be considered
This is the government that should prioritize the utilization of funds and their major priority is salary increases when our people lost jobs and companies closed down because of the covid pandemic. Typical.
I am paying almost R2000 for JOB Metro bill on a monthly basis and I feel being a bread winner this is too much consisting that there is no salary Increase and these tariffs are way too much. The extra R200 we are charged for prepaid is uncall for, already we are paying too much for electricity and these decisions are not considering people who are struggling financially.
electricity, water, sewerage and property rates should not go up. The country is in a crisis and we are already paying too much for these services, especially rates. The goverment should clean up their act a stop corruption and get the areas that havent been paying electricity water and rates for years to start paying.
Salarys are already too high and putting a strain on our taxes already
Property rates should not be increased at this point. Most property values have declined in the past year, and many property owners are financially distressed, given the flagging state of the economy and Covid-19 impacts.
Municipalities should rather focus inwards to better manage their budgets, eliminate fraud and corruption, get irregular spending under control, and thereby get more value out of existing revenue.
Eliminate fraud and corruption, control irregular expenditure, and far more value will be gained from existing revenues. All budgeted salary increases should be frozen, as per large sectors of the private sector, until such time as we see economic recovery and growth. Large numbers of residents are having to survive on reduced incomes (if any, should they now be unemployed) and these unnecessary increases merely burden them further.
We're already in financial crises how are we going to afford to pay the tarrif when struggling to pay current rates.
People lost jobs we're under serious pressure, this country will have more people depressed.
Municipal must just write off debts especially that are over 5yrs , households with pensioners, unemployed, townships (black).
ANC promised these things to black communities so people shouldn't suffer because of the blunders made by politicians.
We are taking financial strain and some temporary relief would assist a lot of people like myself, until this situation is under control.

Kind regards,
As above.
I do not agree with that tariff rate increases. City of Joburg can barely manage the funds they already have . All they going to do is put pressure on people who are struggling due to COVID .
Ps. When you call city of Joburg for repairs and assistance . Nothing happens