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Perhaps the people will now realise that they need to think long and hard for those they elect to have their best interests at heart. The only interest here is that of monetary gain for municipalities who enjoy stripping the coffers and thinking about themselves first and foremost. Such a vile taste in one's mouth.
Execs should be gracefully accepting No increases like so many others in the private sector. Government can certainly take a page from their books.
Shocking. I have no words. Our most vulnerable being disadvantaged for the city's gain due to mismanagement of just about all it touches. Disgraceful!
A further impact which is most unnecessary in such uncertain times. Many are without work and unable to make ends meet. This will simply exacerbate an already tense situation leading to much worse consequences. What about giving the people an opportunity to catch their breath before bleeding them dry. It's all about the numbers, pilfering funds and the like. The people will continue to suffer.
It is shocking to think that under the current circumstances the Municipality sees fit to inflate already exorbitant charges to the people. It is a disgrace indeed. What happened to by the people for the people, clearly it is all about the money and not about the citizens of the western cape.
I cannot understand how they are expecting people who are suffering financial hardship under covid to still cover such a huge rates increase. At the very least these increases should be frozen if not actually reduced.
This is completely unacceptable With the budget speech for the country as delivered these people should absolutely be taking a massive salary cut as opposed to massive increases. Maybe if they lived in the real world with the rest of us some of their policies and decisions would start to make sense.
They vote themselves massive increases to the tune of earning over 3 million annually, excluding their perks i'd imagine, and feel that inflation has not affected pensioners. The amount being paid out was already laughable. If they can afford the increases for the senior managers then they can damn well afford to look at this number.
As stated before, while i understand the need to raise capital, during this time of financial hardship this increase should be put on hold.
Water rates are understandable, we are eskom customers and feel that the utility company should be forced to look at alternative forms of income and funding rather that fleecing people who are already paying for something that has the potential to be switched off on a whim.
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In a time where thousands, if not millions, of South Africans have had their income negatively affected it is highly insensitive that salary increases are happening on already large salaries.
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Year +1 and year+2 seems excessively high
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