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No I do not
I am a pensioner and can't afford to pay all that money anymore. With all these increases I won't be able to buy food anymore.
No I do not
Hi .. I just can't afford it anymore . My salary will not be able to cover everything . Due to the increase we will start suffering and all the exstra what you have left per month will be forced to abide thw increase and not survive.
No I do not
How can these increases be justified amongst extreme corruption within the state departments and state owned enterprises, in particular with regards to electricity. This puts additional pressure on households already battling and will bring more job losses to domestic workers and gardeners increasing poverty. Get your money back from those who stole it.
No I do not
I definitely do not agree with the new rates that total 43.5% plus 15% VAT. That is 58.5%.
I am a pensioner and this increase is ludicrous , money dose not grow on trees. Furthermore what are the citizens of Johannesburg actually getting and what is the increased revenue going to be used for.
No I do not
The amount being currently charged ia already a burden and most people will not be able to afford. Salaries are not increasing at this rate so COJ must seek alternatives to address.
No I do not
We are paying too much already and we can barely afford. Give us some space for this year .and implementation contingency measures on your budget.
No I do not
We cant pay anymore especially if there is no services, municipalities need to get the corruption out before they think of making us pay more for their greed.
No I do not
With already struggling to meet current depts a further increase will make it more difficult.
No I do not
It's too much for us the cost of living is too high we can't be feeding the politicians and officials who don't think for the country but for themselves.
No I do not
There is a problem with charges. As I am a pensioner and received so much and if the above increase it's another problem.
Then sewerage. Tell me how can the usuage of the water be more on sewerage than water used. And why are we paying for that as we already pay for the water. Please explain. They have cut my electricity on the 11 th of the month and it was not if I was late but they do not check their records properly.
The people in the dept is also very arrogant and rude
No I do not
It is becoming difficult for me to cope with the STANDARD of living since I am a pensioner. I also have a child who is at the college . Basic needs have gone up especially petrol which goes up frequently and influenced all the basic needs.
Life have become so difficult.
No I do not
These rates need to be revised. The bigger the size of the property the bigger the proportion
No I do not
Because delivery of services is not up to standard, we should not have to pay for what we don't get, especially Eskom, but other departments as well are directing our monies for top officials salaries and bonuses which they don't deserve, if only the workers could benefit, it would be more feasible. Our salaries don't go up, we are struggling to survive.
No I do not
I certainly do NOT AGREE with ANY rates increase at this point. Tax and rate-paying citizens are being driven to the point of starvation by ridiculous increases from every front. It's becoming impossible just to make a living and now rates, which all already too high, are to be increased as well. Service delivery itself is pathetic and what electricity? Every year taxpayers have to spend another R5 billion on an SOE that is being plundered. It's outrageous.
No I do not
When is Eskom going to collect all the outstanding debt? why are the small minority of paying customers still subsidising those that are not. why has the electricity supply not been stopped to those people and municipalities that have not paid for the service?
Until there is a serious consequence for outstanding electricity supply this situation is not going to change. So collect the money or cut off the supply.
We chose to use a private refuse collection service to ensure that we have a uninterrupted weekly collection and yet we still have to pay for the municipal collection that we don't have, why is that?. There are many private residences and complexes that do this to avoid the many strikes.
Not fully
Dear Sir / Madam

I note with concern the proposed water, sewer and refuse tariff increases for 2019 / 2020.

I am comfortable with the property and electricity increases, given that the former is relatively close to the prevailing rate of inflation and the latter is outside of the city’s locus of control.

By way of context, core inflation is currently in the region of 4.4%. Further, the Reserve Bank’s 2019 inflation forecast is 4.8%.

Given that poor state of the South African economy I fear that the proposed rate increases may well be more than the already overburdened ratepayer can accommodate.

I would therefore propose a maximum increase for water, sewer and refuse of 5.5%, which would still be ahead of the rate of inflation but would remain affordable – a reasonable compromise.

Should the city wish to entrench a culture of payment for services rendered, it is logical to me that it charges for its services at a rate that renders payment viable for the man in the street.

Should the city continue to increase the cost of its services at a rate significantly in excess of the rate of inflation it will soon see a worsening culture of non-payment, given that those that can no longer afford to pay will have no option to join the ranks of the non-payers.

Any shortfall in revenue can be recovered by means of …

1. Introducing efficiencies
2. Improving collection rates / an emphasis on the rule of law

I trust that my comment will receive serious consideration.

Peter Lever
No I do not
We are already overburdened by exorbitant fuel prices, being held to random by Eskom to pay more for less supply, and the ever rising cost of living. More focus should be put on ensuring communities who do not contribute to the municipal budget start contributing towards the budget rather than turning up the pressure on the sectors of the public who pay for the services. This is hard work but society needs to be educated that nothing is free and this needs to come from local authorities. That is what I voted for, not increasing fees to cross subsidize entitled communities while or suburbs fall into decay.
No I do not
water and electricity should be free as their a necessity for everyone and with scarcity of jobs many houses will be left without them those things should be free
No I do not
We have to pay rates and now an increase for no services provided in our area... no way. Unacceptable!!
No I do not
As a pensioner I cannot afford another increase. I am still waiting for JoBurg to sort out my rates bill from the last increase. This has been going on for 10 months now without a result.
No I do not
We cannot afford the utilities already, now we have to have an increase. Where does that leave us. We should not pay for the mismanagement of others, that is not fair. I fully appose to any increases as I have to go BEG for extentions to pay already.
No I do not
With the rand decreasing, food prices and fuel prices increasing, how does the government expect us to survive when they increase the right to live in this god forsaken country called South Africa? The government should get rid of the thieves ruling this land and make water and electricity a right, rather than a privilege, available to all South Africans. I understand that property rates will go up, because that gives you better value for your money, refuse removal and sewage should be increased because this will ensure that the people that so these jobs can at least get a salary increase to better their lives.
No I do not
Apart from the electricity increase, over which the City has no control, the increases in rates and taxes, water and sewage and refuse are way above the inflation rate and there is no reason why this should be so. The above-inflation increases will lead to more inflation and are therefore not advised.
No I do not
No I do not