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No I do not
All the above sections are already failing. We are paying for services that are not provided .
No I do not
Please link the increases to inflation. The combined increase is more than 10% whereas salary increases are generally 6% or lower.
No I do not
I am a pensioner and we are been throttled from every corner. I am already battling to stay abreast with the existing tariffs and rates. PLEASE think about the pensioners that do not get pension increases like me.
No I do not
It is simply ridiculous that we have to pay such exorbitant rates for electricity. I pay my taxes and contribute to the wealth of the country, but still have to foot the bill for non-paying SA residents in informal settlements!

Allow us to pay respectable rates per unit instead of charging us so much in levies!

If I chose to set up solar or other energy resources, the governement cannot expect me to pay tax.
No I do not
I do not agree with increase on water and electricity rates. We are already paying a lot on these two items and the billing is far from being accurate, we end up paying extremely more that we should and because of our busy schedules we don't have time to go complain.
No I do not
The rate are already high. the City of Joburg needs to find other ways raising money.
No I do not
Our evaluations are far from correct, increasing the value of a property by 10 in one go is absurd, especially when the rates were already inflated because the incorrect size and category is applied to the property. We have been to the evaluations offices many times, still only partly sorted out after 12 months. Refuse collection is not consistent either. I wish someone could assist instead of constantly being harrassed for overcharges by collection department.
No I do not
The Billing of rates and tax is way to high and inconsistent, it feels like the more you adhere in making monthly payments, the more the system over charge you.
Not fully
AS 75 old pensioner I request lower rates for pensioners pse
No I do not
The billing of my water and electricity is so inconsistent and never accurate. City of Johannesburg is over billing me simply because l do not have the time nor the energy to shift chairs at the CIJ offices and then walk out without any help. I've done this and it yielded no change. The proposed increase is ridiculous for the level of service provided. BILLING Queries never get resolved.
No I do not
No consideration is afforded to residents over 65 years of age unless they no longer have a paying job. This is totally unacceptable. A Senior Citizen , no matter what their financial circumstances may be, should, without question be entitled to a rebate.

Utilities go up in cost, yet services are lacking on a constant basis. If it is not the refuse department going on strike for weeks at a time, City Power never replace street lights no matter how hard to BEG them to do so.

Unacceptable,. totally unacceptable!!!!!!!
No I do not
Our rates were doubled in 2018 without a proper valuation of properties. How are we going to afford that?
No I do not
All increases in the last ten years have been in support of corupption and state capture , until the guilty parties have been brought to book and departments or SOE,S are correctly and proffesionally run no further increase demands should be made on the public.
No I do not
We are pensioners surviving on the little money we get every month. So, how are we going to survive if the City of Jhb increase their tariffs. The first thing the Government should do is to retrieve back all the money that was stolen by their staff. God help us looks like we are heading for hell
No I do not
The streets are so dirty which is a healthy hazard. Refuse lies for days on the streets with malfunctioning robots. Illegal parking bays all over and Metro ? ignoring motorists who do such acts
No I do not
we pay for water we do not use, burst water pipes and water outages that cost me a lot of money with pipes and geysers being blown. no increased usage and yet we pay so much.
Rates, no improvements in my property and my rates have tripled in the last year, why... I am in a confined complex and pay more that any person who owns a large property.
Electricity, we need to charge you for the poor delivery and outages and loss of equipment and appliances, needless to say the inconvenience and cost of gas.
Sewage, I am alone in my property and pay far to much for sewage when compared to homes with 5 or 6 people.
No I do not
I feel that the amount that we already pay for water and electricity is excessive.
Rafhiwa Charity
No I do not
The sewage is too much sometimes I pay more than 300 and refuse and electric is worse
No I do not
Service oriented and customer centric offerings are non existent. Why therefore should I the consumer be impacted by the inefficiencies of government and municipalities? Take politics and politicians out of the equation and allow business people to manage the offerings to client.
No I do not
My complex, a Sectional Title Retirement Village since 1989, has been rezoned as Business.
In The D A Election blurb they mentioned seniors over 70 receive Rates rebate. Doesnt happen. Now they want to increase again? Last July has put so many seniors here in very difficult circumstances.
No I do not
Previously was tax was R312.46 and now it has increase to R483.47
No I do not
Check your pockets, I'm sure you'll find that you've already "misplaced" the raise you want to give yourselves. 😉
No I do not
It is ridiculous that we have to any increases at all. If the money paid by us was looked after and spent properly and not stolen, there would be more than enough to keep all the municipalities running well. People (mostly middle class people, who pay the taxes) are leaving the country in droves because they are sick of having to fund our fat cat, corrupt, politicians. I would appeal to the ruling party to read the history of the French revolution, you can only push people so far!!!
No I do not
The charges that I'm personally receiving for the above ticked services its very expensive it looks like city of Joburg is not considering how much each household earns as I pay over R1000 every month and the area is under developed . The service from the municipality is also very poor as sometimes the refuse removal never pitch to take the refuse and on those days we don't get our money refunded for not receiving the services.

No I do not
it is not sustainable to keep putting more and more financial pressure on the too few who are paying for services. Its high time those that can afford to pay something are forced to cough up- even if the millions of non paying households put in R50 or R100/month, that would mean millions are raised monthly to provide services. Every shack in Alex has a DSTV dish, if they can afford that, they can afford to pay for the electricity that runs it.