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Yes I do
An argument could be made that only a criminal would not want to be tracked after he/she has committed a crime.

It would be best if government and municipalities could allow private companies to install these cameras on their infrastructure. This reduces the cost of installation, which makes it more viable to roll out cameras on every street corner.

Government should allow all initiatives which safeguards its citizens and help to reduce crime and prosecute criminals.
No I do not
Yes I do
The Police is significantly under resourced and has too little manpower to patrol as it is.
Technology is a tool to assist in their efforts but it is not a substitute for manpower.
You need people on the ground to action arrests.
I would support any implementation of a system that will aid the police.
But only in conjunction with employing more police on the ground too.
This bill should include a policy to set a mandatory % of the annual budget allocated to policing so they have the funds required to implement the systems they need to curb crime.
Yes I do
I think that the leaders in Technology no and understand the importance of governance, privacy and security. Let's allow our specialists to do this.
Yes I do
Electronic systems in general are proven to deter crime and to help convict perpetrators.
Despite paying taxes of all sorts to the SA Government, they cannot and are not prepared to step up and take responsibility of looking after the people of South Africa. Private companies need to take the initiative to protect us from criminals. My most important concern is that whoever is going to be storing the data, needs to be absolutely certain that their network is fully secured against hackers. The captured data and information must be properly secured.
Yes I do
It's a must to fit them including were undiveloped areas i.e RDP houses in Daveyton Mayfield ext.6.7 and 8.
Corrupt police and cabel theft and bribery.
The list is endless.
Police visibility.
Yes I do
Yes I do
Yes I do
Yes I do
As long as those thieving bastards from government do not have access to the cameras I fully support the installation and use thereof for crime prevention purposes.
Yes I do
The idea is wonderful, however the police, the ANC government and any ANC government related support are useless. They are not democratic orientated and are openly in support of their support based communities and people. Their employees' are only focused on their personal wealth and are absolutely not interested in doing their job of delivering support and services. You can implement the best technology, but with incompetent governance and support it will buy you nothing.
Yes I do
I think this is a great initiative to prevent crime, but as so many others have said I do believe that government interference is a big no. Government funding - yes, as we do pay excessive taxes for very little in return. Thank you.
Yes I do
Yes I do
Yes I do
I support the installation of a connected camera system in my neighbourhood with the proviso that I have access to footage should the need arise.
Yes I do
Alongside the cctv, the supburbs should be cloed off with limited accesswhich must be manned to keep unwanted people out.
Yes I do
This needs some form of regulation to protect consumers and residents.
These towers are going to be multi purpose including 5G cellular micro towers so transparency from Vuma is important.
Yes I do
I truly feel that we should have cameras installed in all places that way crime should reduce.
Yes I do
I support this as long as there is oversight to ensure our privacy is respected and the info gathered is aimed at curbing criminal activity and not to manipulate us and sell us products!