South Africans are challenged by a high crime rate that impacts urban and suburban communities. This has an impact on quality of life as well as on business.

Please provide your feedback below on the potential installation of a connected security network in your area, managed by Vumacam. Comments will be presented to local government as evidence of public participation in the decision-making process.

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Dear South Africa

CCTV networks and monitoring have seen great success in both curbing potential crime and apprehending suspects. CCTV monitoring is not new to suburbs and businesses in South Africa and have traditionally been installed by resident associations, security companies or schools in disparate, and unconnected geographical communities.

Connected networks help drive smarter, closer collaboration between communities, and independent security companies from different areas to secure the streets where South Africans live, work and play. Community engagement and understanding around how surveillance networks is important.

A key factor is one of privacy and in the case of Vumacam, the reassurance that public space CCTV monitoring does not infringe on privacy.

Vumacam has built its platform based on international privacy standards that exceed the requirements for compliance under the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).  Vumacam anonymises all data and does not have any means to link footage to any individual’s personal data. Vumacam does not sell personal data to third parties and does not intend to do so.

Have your say – influence the decision.

    Do you believe that connected technology will reduce crime by increasing safety and security in your area?

    Should private companies provide, manage and maintain infrastructure that supports safety initiatives and law enforcement to reduce SA’s crime levels?

    Do you feel that your privacy will be maintained knowing that cameras only view public spaces, do not use facial recognition, flag incidents based on algorithms and not profiling, and don’t have the ability to link footage to personal data?

    Would you support the installation of a connected camera network in your area?

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