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No I do not
NO. Crime continues despite cameras. This is the first step to becoming a surveillance state like China. The start of all freedoms lost.
No I do not
Cameras in other areas have not been successful in reducing or combating crime so why would this be any different? This sounds more like a one way ticket to being surveilled as they are in China...all in the name of our safety. This must not be allowed to happen. Rather spend the money on job creation and education so folks don't need to resort to crime to feed themselves.
No I do not
We have a right to privacy in South Africa.
The installation of cameras will not be used to catch criminals, they will be used to check on SA citizens movement and probably become an apartheid mechanism.

The Constitution sets out the values and rights of our society and the rules that government must follow. The Constitution is the highest law in the land and all other laws must follow the principles in the Constitution. So Parliament (which makes laws and policies) and government departments (which implement policies and programmes) must do so within the rules set by the Constitution.

The role, powers and functions of government are set out in the Constitution. The structure of government, and all laws and policies are based on the Constitution.

The Bill of Rights is a very important part of the Constitution and safeguards the rights of all who live in South Africa.

Among the most important rights are:

The right to equality. Cameras can not be installed all over South Africa... so it is discrimination to do so to citizens living in cities vs rural areas.

Freedom of expression for individuals and the media
Cameras will be used to stop any form of protest against the government, due to Government's own poor service delivery.

The right to information from government
Surveillance could stop you from this right as you will be monitored if you try to ask for information or do anything that is opposite to the ruling party.

The right to get reasons for government decisions that affect you. There is already a lack of communication. Now this is getting information from people in SA... but people of SA won't get info from government.
Yes I do
I do approve of private companies doing this for reasons of crime but do not fully trust that there will be privacy. I like it but have my reservations.
No I do not
We have several cameras in our street and still have regular break ins in our street. So there is no guarantee that it protects, helps or even protect our belongings or our privacy. It feels more like an invasion of one's privacy as people you don't know knows more about your where abouts then they should. Who is been protected or promoted here? As there is no evidence it's been helpful to date.
No I do not
No I do not
The technology is currently only a additional risk factor, since law enforcement agencies public and private are drenched in corruption and syndicate infiltration. That implies that by adding any of these technologies, you are effectively enabling the crime syndicates and political players to be more effective in their criminal endeavors. The solution is community based ownership structures and final responsibility for their own safety management.
Privacy in public places also becomes no more, since by recording public spaces on video recorders, personal movement routines, etc can be determined and potentially used against you.
No I do not
Not only is it yet another attack on privacy, but it will lead to spying and socialist and communist actions and this also spreads these ideologies in making your neighbor a spy this same ideology was clearly seen when the whole covid scare same around your friendly neighborhood spy game happened.

I continue to reject the notion that government can actually safeguard people,even if they see something happening who says there will be resources seeing as when someone calls these days it takes no less than 6 hours to attend to a call.

No this is clearly nothing more than another attack on the constitution by this government which wants to institute communism via legislation this government and many others have clearly shown time and time again that they do not care for the whole population.

I pray that they will turn from their wickedness.
No I do not
This must not happen. It is purely the first step in your loss of privacy as it will be used for surveillance of your every move and to control what you can and cannot do.