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No I do not
We don't have to be monitored, tracked or traced!!!
Just stop it!!!
No I do not
Our police force contains a large amount of corrupt officials that support and cover for criminals as well as being criminals themselves. This is not disputed, as well as being reported on an almost weekly rate.

LPR: License plate recognition cameras at area entrances and exits is useful to a degree.
Anything more that will most likely be used by corrupt individuals to aid criminals even further.

Why are we even talking about cameras when our police system is still running on PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Need I say more?
Yes I do
Abdon ErrolJohnson
Yes I do
the camera systems used MUST have facial recognition to minimise mistakes in identification of suspects.
Gelvandale really need this system operational. I live at 13 Coltman Road Gelvandale in fear of being harmed. Just this morning here was a shooting at around 3am, it sounded as if in Terblanche Street .
Yes I do
Due to our history of late especially with regards to corruption, one cannot help but think "what role will government play here". Cameras MAY deter criminals., that already makes it worthwhile. The system must be linked; with Law Enforcement groups, yes, SAPS as well as neighbour watch groups .
No I do not
A camera cannot catch a thief. The police force has become lame due to mismanagement of funds on government level. You can install 10 billion cameras it will not make a difference. In the end it will be used against the public in a technocratic society.
Yes I do
Not fully
I believe CCTV could work, but there is no law enforcement to follow through. Nothing will change. No commitment by our law enforcement agencies.
Yes I do
No I do not