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Servicing people with their rights to Work(Employments)for our communities and equality in funds to illuminate Poverty. Thanks etc.
Not fully
Street lights remain out for weeks before repaired. Potholes are not repaired timeously. Robots in the city are not synchronized resulting in long queues of traffic during peak hours. Many main intersections do not have flickers to assist motorists crossing heavy traffic flows during peak traffic hours. This causes a backup of traffic and slows down the flow of traffic, ultimately wasting fuel and increasing gas emissions.
Not fully
DA is trying it best do fix ANC bugger-ups but with the ANC & EFF together make it very difficult !
No I am not
No services. Streetlights have been out for two months, it has been reported and not fixed.
Leaking water pipe on the corner of old farm and stonewall, has been leaking for two weeks.
Due to the broken water pipe massive potholes has formed, these too are not being fixed.
Seems like everything has gone backward after the elections
Adolph J
No I am not
"Rates and taxes keep on increasing every year, but incompetent employees are being paid ridiculous salaries and bonuses for not maintaining the infrastructure like roads, sewage treatment plants, electricity reticulation. The list goes on and on." Agree totally