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Plenty of water leak that are not fixed. Plenty of street light that are on during day time, and other that are not working for months! Regards, Simon.
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Die noodsaaklike dienste word agterwee gelaat maar daar word onnodige geld spandeer op minder noodsaaklike aspekte. bv. water en sanitasie, om maar enkeles te noem.
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I have lived in Tshwane for nearly 16 years and service delivery is becoming worse and worse every year - exponential growth in non service delivery.

Tshwane have started billing a "beautification charge" (which is in effect a doubling up on the waste removal charge) some years ago (2016 i think) however the garden rubbish removal / transfer site at the Rooihuiskraal Historical Terrain and Animal Farm is not being maintained and kept clean. In summer, especially after a rainy day, one can smell the rotting plant material in the surrounding suburbs . This is a health hazard. In 2019/2020 summer Tshwane experienced a significant fly infestation. I have heard rumors that waste sights are not being sprayed by insecticide due to lack of funding.

The side walks are not being kept clean and free of weeds , The Councillors of the specific wards (Ward 48 specifically) have been contacted numerous times to address this. The trees on the side walks are not being pruned and trimmed on a regular basis. This is not only a unsightly, but also becomes a safety issue. Burglars and thugs would often hide in these over grown areas. The trees' ,on side walks, over grown branches are handing so low that one have to drive on the wrong side of the road (especially with SUV's) to avoid hitting the branches A specific example of this is Barbet Road in Rooihuiskraal.

Tshwane apparently reached an agreement with Afriforum to do away with this charge from 2018 I think. Afriforum boasted about this on the facebook pages. Still this appear on our bills every month.

Power & Water
Centurion areas never experienced power outages (not Eskom related) every now and then an area in Centurion is without power, either a power cable is faulty or a substation would trip. The Councillors for these areas are doing a great job in communicating progress in resolving issues, but this is not good enough. Included in our monthly payment is security of supply, if you have as a municipality have installed poor infrastructure or its not maintained properly, then give us a discount. Alternatively allow residents to install PV panels to power to the grid.

I think most people in Tshwane understand that there is a backlog in maintenance and other matters that Tshwane management have to deal with.


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There are a few things that I have seen major improvement on, but others like traffic control and the upkeep of certain roads do not take priority.... I live in Roodeplaat Area, and the Moloto road with all the traffic it takes is still the worst part of my day.
You risk your life driving on it. Taxi's do just what they want, speeding and overtaking on the left in the emergency lane, and the Putco busses that try to either run over you or push you off the road. Speed limit of 80 on that road does not mean a thing!

I also want to thank Tshwane for cleaning up and looking like a Capital city again. The CBD doesn't look like the eyesore it used to be.
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We send photos of our water reasings before 19 th of month and is then charged enourmes bills on esrimates. This is not fair when everybody has bearly got money to buy food. There is also nobody to talk to and your mails are not answered.
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I'm not a citesen of Tshwane but I'm a consulting engineer and speaking on behalf of my client. We have a dispute with the city regarding an illegal account of ± R500 000.00.
1. This dispute was handed in on 30 September 2019 and only received a response at 5 December. However the response was on the account, but did not address any point on the dispute.
2. It is very difficult to get hold of the dispute office, eider by phone, email or to get an appointment.
3. Feedback by phone and email is about nonexistent.
4. Lockdown is not helping to solve problems like this.
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City of Tshwane take a long time to attend to faults that are reported.
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There's room for improvement, but I am happy with service delivery.
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I have been a resident in Tshwane for approximately 11 years.

The municipality, especially when DA was in charge, responded to potholes swiftly, the garbage was collect every week without fail, the marking of the roads was always up to date. When I had reason to go to the offices in Centurion the staff were polite & efficient.

Unfortunately, I had reason to recently visit the offices as a water charge which was unbelievably high and the amount which I deemed excessive I did not pay my prepaid electricity purchases were not processed.

There are probably many more areas that I could mention but cannot recall.


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Servicing people with their rights to Work(Employments)for our communities and equality in funds to illuminate Poverty. Thanks etc.
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Street lights remain out for weeks before repaired. Potholes are not repaired timeously. Robots in the city are not synchronized resulting in long queues of traffic during peak hours. Many main intersections do not have flickers to assist motorists crossing heavy traffic flows during peak traffic hours. This causes a backup of traffic and slows down the flow of traffic, ultimately wasting fuel and increasing gas emissions.
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DA is trying it best do fix ANC bugger-ups but with the ANC & EFF together make it very difficult !
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No services. Streetlights have been out for two months, it has been reported and not fixed.
Leaking water pipe on the corner of old farm and stonewall, has been leaking for two weeks.
Due to the broken water pipe massive potholes has formed, these too are not being fixed.
Seems like everything has gone backward after the elections
Adolph J
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"Rates and taxes keep on increasing every year, but incompetent employees are being paid ridiculous salaries and bonuses for not maintaining the infrastructure like roads, sewage treatment plants, electricity reticulation. The list goes on and on." Agree totally
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BANKRUPT (as all of them) EVERYTHING STOLEN (as usual)

2 out of 10

kaffergrafte ooral


dead robots

dead streetlamps

blocked culvert drains

ALL street names fucked UP

robbers everywhere
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Rates and taxes keep on increasing every year, but incompetent employees are being paid ridiculous salaries and bonuses for not maintaining the infrastructure like roads, sewage treatment plants, electricity reticulation. The list goes on and on.
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The city and its surrounding areas are not in good shape, there are lots of potholes on the roads which are directly affected motorists and other roads users. Also undocumented residents residing at the (skwata camps) are not closely monitored in terms of providing basic health services. The gash not collected on the corners poses a health problem, which affects the community directly or indirect. This in a future will also be a burden for our health department.
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1.streets are dirty .2.No lights at Mandela drive no safety at all. 3.Let there be a special place of people who are selling if so because we can't even walk on the streets we even struggle to enter into some certain shops.Grade R Practitioners still getting stipend no benefit and Bonuses bt qualified for more than 20years.corruption at schools must also be considered.
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Nothing is maintaned roads etc.
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Monthly municipal invoices are a mess!
Street maintenance is lacking!
What is the city cleaning fee for? Clearly there is no such service!
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1. FIVE years to rectify a problem with the municipality is totally UNACCEPTABLE.
2. The Government and municipalities see the populace as milk cows for their lavish lifestyles - UNACCEPTABLE. Reduce your workforce by replacing many with a few capable people. We are fed-up of paying the price for your incompetence and corruption.
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Street lights in Gouws ave need fixing, prune trees to prevent elect outage, replace old elect network, prevent weekly elect outages. Stop elect cable theft!!!
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1) Tshwane Municipality is very eager to send out threatening messages to residents of the older suburbs who regularly pay their accounts. In most cases the accounts are rendered based on estimates and not actual meter readings.
2) All over the Pretoria area one see street lights that are on during day time while in some areas street lights remain off for lengthy periods.
3) The general road conditions remains pathetic.
4) Money is wasted on luxuries and extravagant salaries while important infrastructure are not properly maintained.