REPORT. The National Nuclear Regulator called for public comment, objections or input on the application made by Eskom Holdings SOC Limited for a Nuclear Installation Site Licence (NISL) for the Thyspunt site.

The NNR considers public hearings a valued and important part of the licensing process and encourages the public’s participation and involvement.

PLEASE NOTE: The NISL application received by the NNR is limited to the evaluation of the suitability of the Thyspunt site for a new nuclear installation.

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    Dear South Africa

    The NNR is committed to conducting its regulatory responsibilities in an open and transparent manner and keeping the public informed of its oversight activities.

    We recognize the public’s interest in the fair regulation of nuclear activities and therefore provide opportunities for concerned citizens to be heard. The NNR considers public hearings a valued and important part of the licensing process and encourages the public’s participation and involvement.

    In accordance with section 21 of the National Nuclear Regulator Act (Act No 47 of 1999), any person who may be directly affected by the granting of a nuclear installation licence pursuant to an application in terms of subsection (1) or (2), may make representations to the Board, relating to health, safety and environmental issues connected with the application.

    If the Board is of the opinion that further public debate is necessary, it may arrange for such hearings on health, safety and environmental issues as it determines.


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    Furthermore, we keep an accurate record of all participation and produce a publicly available report at the end of each project. This report forms the foundation of a sound legal case should the necessity to challenge the decision arise.

    Participation costs you NOTHING, and is so easy and quick to do through the platform that you really have no excuse not to help shape policy BEFORE it becomes law. Legally challenging implemented law is costly and rarely successful. Prevention is better than cure.

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