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Had a say on these?

The Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill (BELA) Bill remains the subject of major debate. Until now, School Governing Bodies have had the leeway to develop their schools’ admission and language policies but the BELA Bill requires that they submit these policies to provincial departments for approval.

Concerns have been raised that Parliament has not discussed and will not have a say on the 307 proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and the amendments to 5 Articles of the IHR.

There is an 18 month period during which the leader of every nation can reject the amendments under Article 61 of the International Health Regulations.

The deadline to reject (or approve – it’s up to you) the amendments (December 1, 2023) is rapidly approaching. NOW would be a good time for YOU to have a say!

The Bill broadly aims to fix the ailing public broadcaster, however, one of the biggest issues for the SABC – funding – remains in the air despite the organisation reporting a loss of R1.2 billion during the 2022/23 financial year.The Bill does not detail any plans to move away from the TV license system.

The Bill seeks to enable the development of an effective climate change response and a long-term, just transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy and society for South Africa in the context of sustainable development; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

  • Establishment of a Presidential Climate Commission
  • Climate change response and finance mechanism for provinces and municipalities
  • Development of a National Adaptation Strategy and Plan
  • Establishment of Sectoral emissions targets
  • Listed greenhouse gases and activities (determined by Minister)
  • Carbon Budgets for everyone
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