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Legal action to officially end the State of Disaster

    • Minister Dlamini-Zuma has officially extended the State of Disaster, yet again.
    • As such, DearSA has filed legal papers, along with co-applicants AfriForum, to end the National State of Disaster – which has been in force for two years.
    • President Ramaphosa’s cabinet last month indicated that the February extension of the State of Disaster would be the last. However, on 1 March after delivering a legal letter, DearSA received notice from the Minister of Cooperative Governance stating that the government intends to oppose our legal action to end the SoD.
    • This response indicates that the government has no intention of lifting the State of Disaster and that, despite previous promises, the overreaching regulations are here to stay.

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    Partial victory read more

    The regulations include measures that will allow for the forced isolation of symptomatic patients who refuse treatment and admission at a health facility, including a provision that they can be held for 48 hours at such a facility before a warrant is obtained to extend their isolation period.