Special Appropriation Bill 2019

Providing an additional R59 Billion to Eskom

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The Standing Committee on Appropriations invites stakeholders and interested parties to make written submissions on the Special Appropriation Bill [B10-2019] – see summary.

The Bill provides for the appropriation of an additional amount of money (R59 billion) for the requirements of the Department of Public Enterprises to assist Eskom Holdings SOC Limited with its financial obligations and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Comments must be submitted no later than midnight 8 September 2019.

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No I do not
Please run ESCOM like a private company and restructure until profitable.
Reduce staff and only keep staff that are capable to do a job equel to world standards for the particular job. Don't appease to union presures as it is not your personal money that you are spending but the money of the 57 million South Africans that are suffering because of a few thousand inefficient staff, management and politicians guidelines. Please welcome the suggestions of the last candidate for MD from outside of South Africa but capable to turn around ESCOM. We are suffering because of politicians unrealistic dreams.
No I do not
What happened to the billions that was supposed to have been received from other countries like China etc? Eskom wasted billions of Rand by giving fantastic golden handshakes to idiots, friends and family members, who were not qualified to do the jobs. Their bonuses are sky high. They kicked out nearly all good qualified engineers and staff with experience, plus the decision they made to use rubbish fuel (coal) causes more damage than help.
NO, I DO NOT SUPPORT THE BILL. Pension money belongs to the people who worked for many years, and paid tax for many years. This will be the second time that pensioners money gets taken away from them, leaving hardship to the elderly, while the culprits walk away leaving devastation behind. It is time that the billionairs of this country, who will not be able to use all that money in their lifetime, reach out their hands to save Eskom for their own sake as well, because they use electricity too
No I do not
No I do not
My major concern is that Eskom has been bailed out a number of times in recent years.
Unless government stops the rot, gets responsible officials and managers to effectively control costs, Eskom will never get out of the financial crisis.
Also employ effective, qualified management who will be held accountable for their performance. I also believe that staff compliment, as well as salaries and benefits within Eskom need to be reviewed. Too many fat cats earning excessive amounts, but doing as little as possible,
Not fully
Since Eskom is outdated and bailing out on us so often .... l think it is time to make it redundant. Young innovated engineers should be summoned to build the latest sophisticated, low carbon power plant not just one but a few. So that we don't have to encounter power failures in the future. In this way we create jobs for deserving citizens and we the tax contributors can be satisfied that our hard earned money goes to deserving candidates.


Special Appropriation Bill