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Government should stop either encouraging or ignoring rural safety, should stop being scared of law abiding citizens and should bring back the Commando system with immediate effect
PLEASE PLEASE bring back the death penalty. There is no other way to solve our country's crime problem.
It is becoming more and more clear that Government either are completely inept to deal with crime in our society or they don’t care about the unacceptably high crime rate. But then, some of the biggest criminals are in Government itself. So we shouldn’t really be surprised. But enough is enough!
The ANC does not have the will to stem the epedemic of lawlessness. The president is a toothless ineffective tiger.
Ramaphosa must first learn to neutralise the likes of magashula before he does anything else.
There is too much human rights organizations that interfere in the policing of the country , i believe that the Laws are there, they just need to be enforced properly
Die huidige vakke van +-23000 moorde in SA is oorlog statistieke. Daag die regering uit om bogenoemde moorde in alle sektore met 10% p/j te laat daal of verbeur die BTW op alle veiligheids stelsels of toebehore.
Dus begin die proses met BTW vrystelling totdat die regering voldoen aan die vereiste. Die statistiek rondom moorde van die polisie en die privaatsektor moet ooreenkom vir die regering om te kwalifiseer vir BTW.
Die regering kan begin deur..... n anti korrupsie en of anti misdaad praaitjie te hou vir 3 minute voor elke radio en of TV nuusprogram in dieselfde taal as die nuus program.
Elke industrie in die land is verplig om n "toolbox talk" te hou aan die begin van elke skof rondom die veiligheid van die werkers.
Ek wil dus sien dat die regering ons wys dat hulle ernstig is rondom die veiligheid van alle landsburgers deur bogenoemde te implimenteer.
Give the people what they want ,let them look after the place they get .The government must stop STEALING the money and put the RIGHT AND COMPETENT people to do they work what must be done.
The horrific violence against people in rural areas is a total disgrace & should be the highest priority to the government, who need to realise this is seen as genocide nationally & internationally.
The death penalty should be reinstated. Illegal imagrants should be send home. All South Africans must be forced to obey the law even if you are the President you have to go to jail if you commit fraud and are corrupt.
So far Government has not shown any desire or ability to overcome this shameful situation in our rural areas. If no money can be made in the short term ,they will not be interested. We are on the road to the second Zimbabwe .
Reason I have chosen Civil Society, is that Government have made it very clear as to who has more rights in this country, it is ok for a criminal to come to your house and do what is unimaginable to the owner, but inhumane to take the criminals life according to our legislation. As far as I am concerned, criminals should not have rights as they chose to give up their right when they decided to do what they done?
With this said and done, this has to happen, the lawness in South Africa needs to escalate in order for scriptures to be fulfilled. There is a bigger picture happening behind the scenes that not even our beautiful government can see.
Government should stop pampering criminals (like free board and lodging, good food, health care, TV and the right to vote) while thousands of honest, law-abiding citizens often cannot afford proper housing, good food or medical care. Also bring back the death penalty for crimes like planned murder (NOT self defense) rape and armed robbery. Stop releasing criminals to just continue with their violent ways.
Firstly , crime and violence will be deterred if visible , proactive and community based reactive forces are seen to deter and apprehend perpetrators of crime.
Secondly, legally armed citizens will certainly demonstrate a determined effort to prevent any idea of soft target victimization by criminals with devious intend.
Thirdly, community Inclusive based self protection units in rural areas who act within the legal frame work of civil and criminal law will enjoy support of the overall spectrum of society within those boundaries.
Last, legally armed and trained citizens is the only deterrent criminals need to Not act without any consequence .
Perpetrators need to be given maximum sentences and not eligible for early parole. Rural policing units can be supported by community groups and this should be supported by government. Close relationships between SAPS and rural community groups should be built upon further. Training of reserve police units should be facilitated.
Training for elite rural policing units, with focus areas on rural safety, livestock theft and other aspects of rural crime prevention. Resources should be urgently made available to rural policing units and managed with transparency.
Everyone should be able to feel safe in their own home, it is one of the most basic human rights.
Not enough is being done to ensure the safety of farmers. Police are slow to react and the perpetrators know that they will not be severely punished if they are even apprehended.