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Surely the civil servants (government) should do the job that our taxes are paying them to do. Protect and guide the nation. If the rural community put the same amount of effort that our government does into there jobs the would be without a jobs very quickly. So if both parties work together with meaningful participation and no thought of personal gain the crime levels will drop.
Asking this current government to be tasked with finding solutions would be like tasking a murderer to investigate if he/she was guilty or not. ie the investigation would go on for ever and there would be no no final outcome.
I feel the current government is complicit and is largely to blame for the rampant crime and farm murders.
There should be Provision and financial support for Rural safety structures that provide for civilian and farmers to work with the polices and Military (around borders). Community involvement is critical
We all have a job we are payed to, do goverment needs to ensure all their departments pull together, police, members of parliment, Councelleors, health, social workers etc, in collaboration with security companies. Putting pressure on communities to do their work for them is not fair we also have paying jobs we need to perform in to survive. We can support in not harbouring criminals and raising children with morals but its hard to do when police allow public drinking and join in aswell.
Our country is going backwards drastically.
Our new generation are living in fear and some are set the wrong examples and dont see that its wrong. They also dont see what they are taught is wrong as the current generation doesnt get punished.

I suggest that the laws needs to be relooked at.
- death penalty needs to be brought back. It will keep people more in their place and have control of the numbers in prison. Yes, there will still be crime but if you think back the crime escalated way more when the death penalty has been taken away when it was in place.
Sticter laws of punishment needs to be put in place for violence, rape, murder, vandelism, corruption and stealing. People are getting away with their crimes too easy.

Also should a party take part of the above said, the law should also obide with them. They are no different from me and you.

We should also bring back the law to disipline your child. I can see with it been taken away our children, the new generation has no respect and no fear because they know nothing will happen to them. They are children and they are protected even with their faults and with this they dont learn right from wrong and so it gets us back to be an adult where you still can get away with everything.

Taking land is also not right. We work for our today and tomorrow, not for today to lose it the next day. It makes us live in fear because you dont know if its your home next. I suggest to occupy a big piece of land if must where no one is living on now and claim it as government ground only and then decide who lives there and who not and have population control. If must, offer to buy land from people living there and then do what you need to. We didnt just move in, we bought the land.

Everything is a chain reaction, just think about it.
I don't believe that communities in South Africa should be involved for community safety but they should be able to voluntarily do so if they please while being given the necessary authority to take action to not be dependent on the government should they come across violence and crime within the jurisdiction of the South Africa law which is provided through laws like, but not limited to, the the criminal procedure act provides.
Rural communities need to be able to defend themselves. Government needs to be less restrictive on lawful civilian gun ownership. Only people living in an area know its concerns. Re-introduce modern version of "Commando Units" for rapid response. Definitely harsher
punishment needed for perpetrators of violence.
The government needs to make it easier for people to defend themselves by being less restrictive with lawfull civilian gun ownership and they should fascilitate a rural safety unit like the Commando's but one that reflects the new RSA