Reservoir Hills RA

Reservoir Hills Ratepayers Association

Our Ratepayers’ Association is a local community organisation that advocates for the interests of ratepayers, businesses, and property owners in Reservoir Hills.

Have you had your say on the eThekwini Municipality proposed tariff increases, draft budget and IDP?

Electricity increase of 14%
Water increase of 14.9%
Sanitation increase of 12.9%
Refuse Removal increase of 8% (Business 9%)
Property Rates increase of 7.9%
Staff salaries unknown

The Reservoir Hills Ratepayers Association was formed during apartheid to fight the Group Areas Act and other discriminatory laws. Many prominent anti-apartheid activists emerged from this group. They bravely confronted the Durban City Council for imposing higher rates and taxes on the residents of Reservoir Hills, while the neighbouring suburb of Westville received the benefits of cost subsidisation.

The need to formalise our Ratepayers’ Association in Reservoir Hills arose for the following reasons:

Fostering Community Engagement:
Our Ratepayers Association offers a structured platform for community members to participate in local affairs, fostering dialogue, cooperation, and collective action, and promoting a sense of shared responsibility.

Influencing Local Policy and Development:
The Ratepayers’ Association aims to be a unified voice for the community, advocating for the interests and concerns of our ratepayers in discussions with the Ethekwini Municipality and, where relevant, the Provincial Government. By speaking as a collective, we will have a greater impact in shaping the policies, decisions, and developments that affect our living environment.

Ensuring Accountability and Transparency:
RHRA NPC has a crucial responsibility of holding local authorities accountable. By doing so, they ensure transparency and good governance in the use of public funds, thereby contributing to a more efficient and effective local government. Through scrutinising municipal expenses and challenging decisions, when necessary, our Ratepayers’ Association can help prevent the misuse of funds and ensure that public money is spent in ways that directly benefit the community.

Promoting Community Welfare and Development:
RHRA NPC is dedicated to improving our community in various ways. Apart from ensuring that the local authorities are accountable for their actions, we take the initiative to manage projects that will benefit our community. This includes organizing neighbourhood cleanups, establishing local events, and advocating for improved public services. By doing so, we hope to contribute directly to the welfare and development of our community.

Encouraging Civic Responsibility:
Being a part of our Ratepayers’ Association as property owners fosters a sense of civic responsibility. It encourages our residents to take an active interest in our community and participate in decisions that shape our living environment. This involvement contributes to personal growth and promotes a more informed, engaged, and responsible citizenry.

96 Cherry Avenue, Musgrave, Berea, 4001

We established the Non-Profit Company as the Reservoir Hills Ratepayers Association to give our ratepayers a meaningful voice.

Our registration number is 2023/927685/08, and a redacted copy of our registration document is available, on formal request. We are a Non-Government Organisation and are governed by the Companies Act 71 of 2008.

Kindly note that we are not aligned with any similar associations in Reservoir Hills.