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yes, take action!
i have tried everything possible to get this resolved & desperately need help
yes, take action!
All that needs to happen - literally all - is that any WASP needs consent to deduct money BEFORE its deducted. Don't tell me that we can unsubscribe - we never subscribed in the first place. Yet the onus is being put on us to unsubscribe. I entrusted Mtn with my airtime money, and it authorized it to go to wasps. This is theft - its as simple as that.
yes, take action!
This is unacceptable. Network providers know of these servives activating without your knowledge and should make it imposible for them to activate of you have not given permission to your service provider.
yes, take action!
It is fraud/ theft and more widespread than we know. I believe service providers k now more than they are willing to admit