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2024-06-14 21:31:13 +02:00
Yes I do
No concern
2024-06-14 08:28:52 +02:00
No I do not
Ch.4, 5, 6, 7 The Board, CEO, Committees and Advisory
30 years down the line SA government hospitals are a mess. Corruption and 'procurement' deals are rife. A friend with a badly damaged leg is on a FIVE YEAR waiting list for a knee replacement!! Any NHI will be unaffordable, and a cash cow with regard to corruption . Honest and efficient management skills are sorely needed in just about every sphere.
2024-06-12 06:21:09 +02:00
No I do not
Ch.1 Purpose and Application
The NHI is completely undoable in SA.
We do not have the finances to manage such a system.
We have everything to provide proper health care, just manage it properly.
The NHI fund will be another source for theft and corruption.
2024-06-10 19:15:33 +02:00
No I do not
If our public health care system is on the brink of collapse, how will they still run the NHI successfully. The condition of the public facilities are in dire need of assistance, the staff don't even have respect for their duties as medical staff because of the condition of the facilities. So how do Government believe that they can make NHI work successfully if they can't even fix the toilets of the public health care facilities.
2024-05-28 11:35:24 +02:00
No I do not
Fund will be looted and thus end up destroying private health care infrastructure. Population increasing on a daily basis will also affect the proposed budget. We will outgrow the fund in no time
2024-05-19 12:14:51 +02:00
No I do not
Corrupt government who are not able to enforce this effectively. It doesn’t even work in first world countries there is no way the current government will run this in any honest or proficient manner. All for votes!!!
2024-05-19 04:01:57 +02:00
No I do not
Ch.3 Establishment, Functions and Powers of the NHI
2024-05-17 22:49:07 +02:00
No I do not
Ch.3 Establishment, Functions and Powers of the NHI
Nobody, including the government, should be able to dictate, mandate, or force any medical treatment or limitations to medical treatment and access to health care.
A person's free will to decide on healthcare should never be taken away from them, or put in control of any institution.
2024-05-16 15:07:46 +02:00
No I do not
Honestly speaking I feel like our government is failing us . Already public hospitals and clinics lack resources. There's not enough beds ,practitioners, medication, etc.
So how will the government serve both public and private sector with resources we need whilst they're already failing to provide for public sector only. This is just a mechanism to manipulate people into accepting this without knowing the consequences of allowing this NHI Bill. If government wants to implement this they must start by supplying public hospitals with resources, decreasing taxes , decreasing food (food is too expensive)
2024-05-16 09:23:30 +02:00
No I do not
Ch.2 Access to Healthcare services
With the bill in its current form we as South Africa will lose many of our healthcare staff to other countries where they will not be pushed into a situation where they are taken advantage of and where they have more freedoms to operate in their chosen field. With this in mind and health care providers leaving we as South Africans will be given reduced service delivery from the outgoing providers and the remaining providers will net be able to assist the population