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The Select Committee on Health has called for public comment on the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill.

    • The objective of the Bill is to achieve universal access to quality health care services in the Republic in accordance with section 27 of the Constitution;
    • to establish a National Health Insurance Fund and to set out its powers, functions and governance structures;
    • to provide a framework for the strategic purchasing of health care services by the Fund on behalf of users;
    • to create mechanisms for the equitable, effective and efficient utilisation of the resources of the Fund to meet the health needs of the population;
    • to preclude or limit undesirable, unethical and unlawful practices in relation to the Fund and its users.

Have your say on the NHI Bill.

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    With the National Health Insurance Bill having recently been approved by the National Assembly [and now open for comment by the NCOP], Webber Wentzel experts, Martin Versfeld, Prelisha Singh, Glenn Penfold and Robert Appelbaum unpack what it means, as well as some of the concerns relating to the practical implementation of the scheme.

    The National Health Insurance Bill will now go to the National Council of Provinces after it was passed by the parliament on Tuesday. The ANC voted in support of the bill while the DA and the EFF voted against it. Director at Intellidex Peter Attard says the NHI is unlikely to be implemented within a reasonable time

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    LISTEN | Can the NHI Bill resolve SA’s health crisis?