Msunduzi District City Comments 21/22

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My suburb falls under the Msunduzi Municipality for the provision of electricity. The service delivery in this respect is substandard with power outages being experienced daily. The aging infrastructure cannot cope with the growth of the area. Until such time as we receive the level of service and support (call centres are not functional), I will dispute any form of increase.
General disrepair of almost everthing in our town of Howick. Potholes, cross roads not marked with good white paint, stop & other signs faded, fallen doen or non exposed. Litter in town & many residential areas. Out FALLS AREA, only maintained by the public & LOVE HOWICK GROUP. TAXI area more organized, cleaned. Pavements cracking up tree stumps exposed in ugly surrounds, and much much more could be done.
It seams that in this country every thing they want you to pay for when u buy a house you get taxes on that property then you need to start paying rates and for water and for electricity but wait get this I already paid for water when I opened the tap no I.ust pay o. Top of that coz u think it's going down the drain what about the homes tat take that water and put it in the garden how can u just assume something also in the time of uncertainty you trying to stop covid deaths but forget about stress this new increase is going to kill a lot of south Africans with stress with all your tariff increases y not help the economy but uping the minimum wage coz it's going to get very difficult to live
Rates ,electricity ,water tariffs are already very high. We cannot afford to pay more.
Since ~ 1996 we have had electricity outages often - some lasting five days. Our suburb is now Hilton (Umngeni) , but we still get our electricity from Msunduzi and we have added up the electricity outages since 30 Dec 2020 to date - 186 hours, not including load shedding. We are lucky to have a generator which we can use to keep the fridge and internet type appliances going. We would like to ask Msunduzi if it would be within our constitutional rights, as they did not produce our home with electricity during those hours that it was off, may we proportionately decrease the MCB charge from our monthly account?? And then also they pay our fuel charges for the generator for those 186 hours??
Property rates
Property rates
I do not agree with the increase on Electricity, Water and Rates.
We are already paying too much and many people are cash strapped as a result of Covid, which left many people without salaries.
Further the services offered are very shoddy from the Municipality.
My concern is all of the tariffs; rates, water, electricity, refuse and sewage. They should all remain the same as last years figures....with no increases this year.
Property rates