Marine Sector Plans

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2445 comments delivered (closed 22 May 2023)

The Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment invites the public to comment on ten (10) draft Marine Sector Plans.

Marine Sector Plans specify the overall developmental objectives and priorities of each sector from a national point of view and the extent of its spatial presence and interests. They specify and outline the spatial claims and interests of each sector in the South African marine environment.

The following draft Marine Sector Plans are open for public comment:

    1. Marine Biodiversity Sector Plan
    2. Coastal and Marine Tourism Sector Plan
    3. Marine Transport and Ports Sector Plan
    4. Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage Sector Plan
    5. Marine Defence (Navy) Sector Plan
    6. Marine Science and Innovation Sector Plan
    7. Marine Aquaculture Sector Plan
    8. Marine offshore Oil and Gas Sector Plan
    9. Marine Underwater Infrastructure Sector Plan
    10. Wild Fisheries Sector Plan

Have your say – shape the draft plans. [CLOSED]

    Do you support the Draft Marine Sector Plans as proposed?

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    (watch) Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) is a long-term and strategic decision-making process that guides where and when human activities occur in the ocean. Making sure the right activity takes place in the right areas and helps facilitate the development of a sustainable blue economy – benefitting South Africans and the environment alike. The major MSP output is a comprehensive sustainable development plan that guides where and when uses occur in the ocean.