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The public is invited to comment on, object to, or support mandatory vaccinations and certificates/passbooks for Covid-19.

    • mandatory vaccination in the workplace
    • mandatory vaccinations in schools
    • vaccine passbooks.

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    Dear South Africa

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    • In terms of the new directives by the Department, employers may enact a policy of mandatory vaccinations, but that the process must be accompanied by a thorough consultation process and must respect the rights of the employee.
    • Employers should consider all less intrusive and restrictive means to ensure occupational health and safety.
    • An employee’s right to bodily integrity may in limited instances be reasonably and proportionally limited.
    • An employee must consent to being vaccinated.
    • It is essential that any employer planning to implement mandatory workplace vaccinations must notify affected employees of their right to refuse vaccination on constitutional or medical grounds.
    • An employee may not summarily be dismissed for refusing to be vaccinated. Instead, reasonable steps must be taken by the employer to accommodate a refusing employee.