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The public is invited to comment on, object to, or support mandatory vaccinations and certificates/passbooks for Covid-19.

    • mandatory vaccination in the workplace
    • mandatory vaccinations in schools
    • vaccine passbooks.

Add your suggestions, or have your say below. Please note; your personal details will not be shared or displayed. 

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    Dear South Africa

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    • In terms of the new directives by the Department, employers may enact a policy of mandatory vaccinations, but that the process must be accompanied by a thorough consultation process and must respect the rights of the employee.
    • Employers should consider all less intrusive and restrictive means to ensure occupational health and safety.
    • An employee’s right to bodily integrity may in limited instances be reasonably and proportionally limited.
    • An employee must consent to being vaccinated.
    • It is essential that any employer planning to implement mandatory workplace vaccinations must notify affected employees of their right to refuse vaccination on constitutional or medical grounds.
    • An employee may not summarily be dismissed for refusing to be vaccinated. Instead, reasonable steps must be taken by the employer to accommodate a refusing employee.


    Dear South Africa is a legally recognised and constitutionally protected non-profit platform which enables the public to co-shape all government policies, amendments and proposals. We’ve run many successful campaigns and have amassed a considerably large active participant network of over 750,000 individuals across the country and beyond.

    We do not run petitions. We run legally recognised public participation processes which allow citizens to co-form policy at all levels of governance. Whereas petitions, even if they contain thousands of signatures, are considered as a single submission by government, our process ensures that each comment made through dearsouthafrica.co.za is recognised and counted as an individual submission by government.

    Furthermore, we keep an accurate record of all participation and produce a publicly available report at the end of each project. This report forms the foundation of a sound legal case should the necessity to challenge the decision arise.

    Participation costs you NOTHING, and is so easy and quick to do through the platform that you really have no excuse not to help shape policy BEFORE it becomes law. Legally challenging implemented law is costly and rarely successful. Prevention is better than cure.

    Participation in decision-making processes means a possibility for citizens, civil society organisations and other interested parties to influence the development of policies and laws which affect them. We’ve made it easy for you as a responsible citizen of South Africa, to influence government decisions before they are made.