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Not fully
Excessive charges, even if the services delivered were good (almost R500 per month before even using a single unit of electricity, yet we have frequent outages!)
Decades of poor, or no, maintenance have left the city in a terrible state:
roads that could have cracks repaired (as they were in the past) by a simple patch
potholes simply stuffed with material instead of a proper repair
amazing number of poles that are not vertical and slowly fall over
underground cables not properly repaired and a 'spiderweb' of overhead cables on poles never meant for the purpose
JMPD that I only ever see at fast-food outlets
Shocking compared to what Johannesburg was like just 30 years ago!
No I am not
Where should I start:

Point 1:
The municipal account system is non existing, they estimate for more than 6 months and bill you for electricity and water that you haven't even used yet, and when you ask them if you can contact them or e mail them with a picture with date time stamp of your meter readings(to assist them with their work, because they cannot do it themselves apparently and when you get their there no one is working(chatting with each other) or available to assist) they cannot even do that .

Point 2:
The traffic department is doing nothing with regards to road users breaking the law, you see their cars parked at their houses during the day(One stays in aster drive), they will drive past someone breaking the law, or parked in the road with no participant in the car and just ignore the law beaker, the only thing they can do well is place the speeding camera and leave( according to me these cameras must be supervised at all times), the are rude and if you would ask them something (as they are their to protect and SERVE) they are very unwilling to assist.Even these so called traffic police breaks the laws themselves, double park, make u-turns where it is explicitly forbidden, dive over solid lines, speeding for no apparent reason.

Point 3:
Water pressure and water leaks, the water pressure is non exciting, when you open one tap the toilet or geyser will stop filling, where you drive you see pipes leaking, and they say we must conserve water, Ha Ha Ha

Point 4:
Potholes Pothole Potholes, plenty of them, need I say more, not being attended to for more than 1 year

Point 5:
Street lights, no maintenance or work done on them, i have being staying in my house now for 3 years and my street lights never worked.

Point 6:
The refuge removal truck will pick up your bin(sometimes) and just through it down doesn't matter if it is in the middle of the street or if they break it.

No I am not
The municipal billing circus is totally ridiculous.
How difficult can it be to get a working system in place? Every year for the past 14 years I have had at least two really creative bills, and getting it sorted out is impossible. I have an unresolved query on one of the accounts for 6 years.
Why do we have to have 4 separate accounts when the municipality is unable to keep track of payments and charges. These can easily be automated to exclude the human creative data capture elements.
Happy Lulu
No I am not
I am a single mother having to pay for everything and it is so expensive, right now i am behind with my property rates with the salary that i am earning it is imposible to pay for everything. as for electricity it is so high lately i have to pay three times the amount I used to pay before, also in the building that i resides in we also pay for other influents, it just too much with the levies we paying while we own our apartments.