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No I am not
The municipal billing circus is totally ridiculous.
How difficult can it be to get a working system in place? Every year for the past 14 years I have had at least two really creative bills, and getting it sorted out is impossible. I have an unresolved query on one of the accounts for 6 years.
Why do we have to have 4 separate accounts when the municipality is unable to keep track of payments and charges. These can easily be automated to exclude the human creative data capture elements.
Happy Lulu
No I am not
I am a single mother having to pay for everything and it is so expensive, right now i am behind with my property rates with the salary that i am earning it is imposible to pay for everything. as for electricity it is so high lately i have to pay three times the amount I used to pay before, also in the building that i resides in we also pay for other influents, it just too much with the levies we paying while we own our apartments.