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No I do not
It doesn't make sense to remove the tax incentive for reducing emissions. It doesn't make logical sense and, to my mind, is irrational.
Gary Bruce
No I do not
The carbon emissions as I see it is not the issue, it is just another way the ANC government is recovering fund because of there lack of control of the officials from looting our coffers, this government need to show us rate payers that they are serious about stopping corruption before I will support good causes.
No I do not
Just another money milking machine.
Answer one question. For what will the money inned be used. To assist or to spend on Escom and SAA ?.
Dirk Cornelius
No I do not
Maak VAT 20% en raak ontslaae van persoonlike inkomste belasting, dan betaal almal in die land belasting van die rykste tot die armste.

Jy kan nie jou gat afwerk en elke maand 48% van jou inkomste vir die staat gee wat dit net steel nie.

So as ek n nuwe kar wil ry dan betaal ek die VAT as ek luukse goed wil koop dan betaal ek die VAT. Sosoende kan ek besluit oor my geld wat ek voor werk en nie die skelm staat nie
Elizabeth J
No I do not
SA should become less dependent on ESCOM.
ESCOM should be drastically downsized and privatized.
There are too many employees at ESCOM.
ESCOM has become a financial drain on the money that SA taxpayers can afford.
No I do not
Many businesses are going to close down due to this
No I do not
We are over taxed yet that tax is being miss managed
No I do not
We should be striving for a greener country with large scale Solar Parks and Wind Turbines in every province each capable of generating hundreds of MW of electricity into the grid. International investors should be encouraged to construct these projects which will help reduce our carbon footprint and contribute towards reducing climate change. Tax incentives should not be abolished for reduced emissions.
South African citizens are already way overtaxed. On top of that there is an additional 15% VAT on all purchases and services. We cannot be expected to continue supporting the unemployed and entitled majority of this country. Government needs to cut their own staff numbers. This also applies to Eskom as well.
I do not agree with the Income Tax Amendment draft Bill - 2019.
No I do not
South Africans are over taxed
No I do not
We should be striving for a greener country
No I do not
We need to ensure that we minimize emissions and this is a good way of doing so. We need to take responsibility for the harm we are doing to the environment as well as encouraging companies to be environmentally friendly.
We only have one earth and we need to look after it for future generations.
No I do not
15% tax is more than enough.
No I do not
Agree.. Give taxpayers incentives.(it's only a small part of the population any way)
No I do not
It is time to cut the individual tax payer some slack! We cannot be expected to continue supporting the unemployed and entitled majority of this country. Government needs to reduce the collective salary requirements at government level and start employing competent, efficient managers and stop expecting the public to fund those who uneducated individuals who go about reproducing without thought for the future of said children. Start educating the masses with regard to contraception and treat the cause, not the symptom! This country cannot sustain our numbers and the tax pool is shrinking daily so take the blinkers off please!
No I do not
Taxing large emitters will just lead to them passing that cost on to it's consumers. So at the end of the day the man in the street is paying a carbon tax (for all the air he is exhaling).

They should rather implement an incentive system system whereby large emitters receive a tax rebate when should an annual reduction in carbon held over a 3 year period. The carbon audits must be done by an external body.
Not fully
Time to go green and offer tax incentives.
No I do not
15% tax is more than enough ...
No I do not
No - subsidize green energy and don't reward the polluters !
No I do not
Incentive should be given to all forms of changes that affect Global warming and help preserve our planet.
No I do not
Unnecessary tax burden on individuals and companies
Not fully
Am not sure if I understand fully what these are
No I do not
RSA citizens are over taxed
No I do not
Please leave all the incentives in place for reduced emissions. They are better the the planet.

Don't change the taxes. Any more money going to the government will be wasted anyway.
Not fully
As these emissions are having a horrific effect on our planet I believe an extended properly monitored period to ensure compliance by all is appropiate
No I do not
RSA citizens are over taxed