Income Tax Amendment draft Bill – 2019

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SARS and the National Treasury have asked for public input on two proposed amendments to the Income Tax Act.

1 – repeal of an incentive offered for reduced emissions

2 – extension for large emitters to cushion the impact of the Carbon Tax Act (click below to see summary)

Closes on  Friday, 23 August 2019.

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No I do not
Global warming is a total scam and a lie. Helloooo, the whole circus started with Illuminati Al Gore's stupid road show and has been dispelled many times over. Carbon tax is a scam and just another international strategy to keep taxpayers' noses just above water level. The entire BS must be scrapped. Whoooohoooo such conspiracy theory heyyyy!!!!
No I do not
Stop taxing us to death. Get rid of corruption.
Not fully
Again, affordability & poverty plays the main role.
We are already paying levies or allowances on fuel.
A greener public transport infrastructure should have been implemented by know in key areas, but it seems that another source of income are being generated from the consumers pocket.
If we haven't been paying extra on fuel I would say yes but no for the consumer - your everyday Joe.
Transport that is burning fuel 24/7 should be looked at.

No I do not
No I do not
This is another “Lining of the pocket of the corrupt officials “ , Currently it is said that approx 8-9% South Africans contribute to SARS. Where is the rest??? Living off the tax paying minority ....