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789 comments delivered to parliament (closed 19 January 2024)

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The Department of Home Affairs called for public comment on the White Paper on Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Protection.

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    Among the proposals:

    • A repeal of South Africa’s citizenship, refugee and immigration acts to be replaced with a singular law.
    • An overhaul of a “nightmare” immigration system that includes 17 different types of visas. Border management, citizenship, and immigration laws would be streamlined.
    • South Africa wants to set up an advisory board on immigration with representatives from the departments of trade, labour and employment, tourism, police service, revenue services, defence, and home affairs, among others.
    • The board should also have four representatives from the private sector, with expertise in administration, regulatory matters and immigration law, to be appointed by the Home Affairs minister.

    Home Affairs Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi has emphasised the urgency of revamping legislation pertaining to citizenship, immigration, and refugees. The current migration legislation is deemed inadequate and susceptible to exploitation and abuse by criminals. The Minister presented the policy recommendations and proposals outlined in the White Paper on Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Protection, which received cabinet approval at the beginning of this month.