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No I am not
They charge us so much for services, and have load shedding, but they have a big useless building where most of the time the lights are on in the building and car park at night. The whole town is full of potholes and sewer leaks. The street lights are on during the day and off at night.
Ramsgate, South Africa
No I am not
The service we get is shocking, potholes everywhere, water leaks weekly, road verges overgrown, beaches dirty etc. etc. We are party to legalised theft as we pay our rates and get no service in return. No where else do we pay a service provider or business and get nothing for our money. Lets boycott paying rates.
No I am not
The AND supporting workers are sabotaging our areas. I don't like the DA but how can they improve our area when the workers employed to work are working against us? Increase in power and water outages, regular non collection of trash.
The weather.
You all need Jesus.
No I am not
It is beyond filthy, litter everywhere, sewage running in the streets, potholes and worst of all "repaired potholes" which actually cause more harm. Tenders given to incompetents to repair the potholes means they dig them up, then simply cover with a dump truck of gravel - damaging tyres, windscreens until the rains come and the hole once again opens...Streetlights and cables are stolen in broad daylight - there is zero policing and crime control. One goes to report a robbery and the police look at you as if you are mad - the first question is "do you have insurance?" When you say "No" they then say " but why are you here? We just give ref numbers for insurance purposes" and this they say without even the saving grace of being ashamed at their useless services.
Nothing at the moment - it has been run into the ground. One can't go for walks or runs anymore for the stench of sewage and rubbish. It is also not safe to even think of getting any exercise here. It is where I raised my family and planted trees which are now mature. Do you know what it feels like to realise you have to sell at any cost and just leave? The only hope is to go to the Cape.
Let's start a rates boycott. Get a class action going against the thieves that have destroyed out city. Pay our rates into a trust that can be used to supply the services we are not and have never received.
No I am not
Fucking useless and incompetent people
Fuck all
Get rid of useless mayors and admin idiots who have no skills! Carde employees!
Chase Valley
No I am not
Water and electricity services and infrastructure is not maintained nor assured for tax and rate paying constituents, this is a health and safety risk. Roads and sidewalks are in absolute disrepair with no plan, action or intention to repair. This has deteriorated rapidly and significantly in recent months. Further increased risk and hazard to all road users.
Greenspaces and outdoor entertainemnt areas.
No I am not
Service in general is very bad. The solution is that they should do their jobs and use the money to fix things and deliver the service they are getting paid for. I also think that community gardens will go a long way in helping the struggling people.
Get rid of all the BEE's.
Stamp out crime.
Start community gardens.
No I am not
No I am not
They misuses public funds contributed to fix the whole town and fails to mentain the roads everywhere is potholes tapwater is having too much chemicals it's like they do not know how to measure the chemicals used to clean water and sometimes taps have dirty water so please help us
It's that people are fighting for the services and sometimes are being met but not on time
Bryanston Sandton
Not fully
Hate the in fighting with other parties instead of getting on with the managing of Johanesburg. Too much talk and not enough action!
Oatlands North
No I am not
Failed disfunction al Muni that has many years of failed Audits. Calls to have Mayor and Muni Manager dismissed went legal and Govt intervened. The dissolution of Muni managers and councellirs are key to rebuild a functioning muni. Till then, closure of businesses occur (40 in 2018, pre covid exodus). In Aug 22, 4 busy closing. Consequences is that the 3000 odd employed people feeding the 100 000 unemployed is shrinking. End result is hungry angry residents. Violence like July 2 roots is not something we want in our amazing town.
It's the Ubuntu spirit of our community.
No I am not
No I am not
There are potholes that rarely gets fixed, and if they are fixed, its poorly done, causing the holes to open up again in several days. roads are not painted. gravel roads are not scraped. waste is not removed.
Linton Grange
No I am not
Street lights arte left burning during the day
Water leaks are fixed temporary where the same leak is fixed every week
Potholes are ignored.
Speed humps are unmarked without proper chevrons to warn at night
Taxi operators loiter and destroy the public park and toilet facilitie3s which are not maintained or cleaned.
Municipal grass is left for cows to come and graze in the residential area.
Water charges are exorbitant and inconsistent.
Open a soup kitchen structure that community churches can utilize to feed the homeless with toilet and shower facilities.
No I am not
Maladministration and Corruption are rife in our Reynkonyeni and UGU District Municipalities.
There is never funds budgeted for regular maintenance and thus also physical improvements, but the vultures regularly get above inflation rate salary increases.
The recent initiation of the TIDY TOWNS initiative is providing much of the Uvongo areas service deliveries via private sector businesses and individual ratepayer funding.
Even government has the cheek to say that they agree and support Private Participation, meantime they just smugly applaud the Tidy Town efforts and continue unashamedly with Annual Budgets that are designed to fill their pockets.
Our country overall requires major attention to repairing and rebuilding our mismanaged forgotten about road works, and not just in areas where current ANC councillors live!
Our road transport of goods is crucial to our economy and then we must also look at upgrading ournationwide train and bus sytems.