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Parkhill Gardens
No I am not
We constantly have power cuts. During loadshedding time we had loadshedding plus power cuts. This has been going on for years now. Over December 2019 when we were not supposed to have loadshedding we still had power cuts. Surrounding areas of Delville, Lambton, Denlee etc are sometimes left days without electricity. Power surges occur and electrical appliances are destroyed. There is never any feedback from the MCC. During Lockdown we are now sitting with the same situation. We are tax and ratepayers feeling frustrated, disheartened and fed-up.
I love South Africa. I love that people are free to express their views.
Speak up for change!
Not fully
The huge influx of people into our town from all over Africa- most not paying for electricity- pushing up the rates and costs of electricity- resulting in poor living conditions- overpopulation- no employment - the result poverty - unhappy people - Riots - löss of property and lives as well as safety for all!
The beautiful scenery- mountains and sea
Yes I am
Potholes get fixed the next day!!! Superb quality of service!!
I love having clean streets and well kept, manicured side walks and pavements. Thanks to committed people making sure that this is taken care of in Stellenbosch, I can feel proud to walk or drive in my town and neighborhood.
People who litter in the streets should get a spot fine or ordered to do community service.
South End
No I am not
Squandering of money and resources and little to no service delivery.
Refuse collection non existant in certain areas.
Pot holes not repaired. Three storm-water drains in Walmer Boulevard are a serious safety problem.
Bucket system is not being eradicated.
No I am not
Only solution
Not fully
Police need to parole the steets more.
Not fully
Road maintenance remain an issue
Many by-laws are being ignored and not enforced
Landscaped areas are neglected and derelict
No road law enforcement
Many vagrants/loiterers/beggars on the road increasing crime in the area, endangering road safety and causing chaos
The weather
Let's help the law enforcers and municipalities by having mobile apps on our smart phones to report crime, by-law transgressions, road conditions, emergencies, opportunities etc.
St Francis Bay
Not fully
We pay a great deal in our area for Rates and taxes and our roads are in a terrible state with potholes all over. We do have other services which we give thanks for but please do something about our roads.

The unconditional love of this new group - all positive statements with no hate speech! So wonderful to be a true rainbow nation with no hatred.
Communal veggie patches everywhere - this would be wonderful to see and the poor would benefit greatly.
Not fully
On the whole I am happy but there is always more to be done. Recycling should be better encouraged and made easier with different bins.
Very disappointed in some decisions around what should be protected areas ie development at River club, Kenilworth race course, PHA farming area. It is crucial that areas with biodiversity and especially wetlands, considering our water issues, be protected.
Yes I am
Sunshine, beautiful natur, friendly people.
Place knowlegable people in managment positions... get rid of people earning salaries which they do not deserve
Parklands North
Not fully
Excess vagrants in the area, no solution.
Unable to leave via Dunoon, due to lack of safety.
Maintainence of the parks created, broken basketball backboards, grass and gardens not maintained.
Hugh increase of Taxi's in the area, continuous lack of respect for the law. Driving in the oncoming lanes, skipping traffic lights, park and stop wherever, speeding,, etc, etc ,
Regular meet and greet with all residents.
No I am not
Corruption must be rooted out at all costs and people must account for their actions.
Port Owen
Not fully
I love the area I am living in because my neighbours and everyone in our street know one another and care for each other. But to be honest I don't know if I am happy staying in South Africa. With all the corruption and reverse racism we have to deal with every day. And the farm murders are getting out of hand and the government doesn't seem to care
Bongiwe Veronica
No I am not
No I am not
Start projects and then don't complete them for example the main road into gonubie and not repairing the streets in the area. One positive action was the creating of the play park in 14th ave
Get rid of corruption and do away with BEE and get the small business back to create employment