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Lester Park
No I am not
We are held to ransom by an incompetent ANC council who care nothing for their residents but only about feathering their own nest. The incompetence and lack of professionalism is dire. Pietermaritzburg's is filthy! The infrastructure is broken, service provision, pride in work, accountability, is lacking and we are coerced monthly to pay for services which aren't rendered. Why are rate payers not empowered by legislation to hold their municipalities to account.
The 10% exists who don't want to live in filth and abide by the rule of law. If, only they were also in the political class.
No I am not
Dump site. Is there a National plan / guideline for proper management of Dump sites and town Trash collection points?
Towns are generally surrounded by trash . No kilometer travelled is without either plastic or glass littered around .
Possibly easier “ collection points” that are cleared regularly need to be created . In Frankfort the actual dump site has over a kilometer of waste along the road leading to dump. Also site too close to river ??
The public’s willingness to try and keep things working as well as they can
Designated trash collection points that are regularly cleared/managed.
No I am not
Service delivery is sub par. Potholes unmanageable.
JHB water restituion a year or more behind.
Decay increasing.
Vagrants sleep wherever they want.
Filth and pollution everywhere
The potential for a great country to rise from the grips of the mafia cartels under the leadership of the ANC
Three Rivers
No I am not
The place is falling apart. Private companies and individuals are trying to maintain the infrastructure at own cost. No need to remind anyone that Escom, has now written off millions of rands of debt against this municipality. Will that be needed again in a year or two when the money paid in by residents are squandered (Stolen) and Escom not paid for their services?
No I am not
Financial mismanagement
Unfunded budget
Inadequate provision for infrastructure maintenance
Lifestyle and space
There is a constant shortage of nurses and teachers to name just two. Allow the private sector to train these people - not just government
Not fully
NMBM has been defunct, under the cANCer for years. We had a DA mayor for a short while but disgruntled cANCer "cadres" were losing out on the money pot and tenders so he was booted out.
Since then things have gone from worse to simply horrifying and sad.

We now have a coalition in power led by DA; which at the moment seems to be strong.
Retief Odendall is visual/visible, on the go, being seen, walking and talking to the people of the bay, addressing their concerns.
Street lights are being fixed.
Potholes are being fixed.
The cable theft is being addressed.
He is on the forefront of the water crisis that is crippling the bay,
Our streets are being cleaned (I cringe at the dirt/rubbish and general squalour that is evident especially when the cruise ships dock or foreigners hurridly drive through PE to Garden Route etc).
Street markings being painted.
When people scream, shout, protest and burn tyres (destroying more road infrastructure in the process); because they have set up a shack (egged on by ex cANCer cadres as a 'free vote') where there is no infrustructure at all; the Mayor is there, with his coalition leaders; trying to find solutions to the problem.
The only time the cANCer cadres were out and being seen and making empty promises, was near local or general elections.

I dont care WHO is in power, they could be pink with purple spots, but just DO YOUR JOB. You are voted in by the people, work FOR THE people.
I love SA, I love Africa; there is no where else like it.
All of our people are resilient.
There can sometimes be an amazing sense of Ubuntu.

But, I do worry about my future; especially with the total collapse of the government health system, Eishkom, looting and general disregard for the people in this country who are taxed to death; and now the threat of "legal landgrab" under the proposed "expropriation bill" which is nothing but a thinly disguised land grab aka Zimbabwe 2.0
Stop worrying about the color of the person for the job; if they are 10000% qualified; support them, dont place obstacles in their path (because they are cutting off your income revenue stream by stopping corruption and trying to save a grid from total collapse).
We all know why De Ruyter could'nt do it anymore; it was all sabotage, so the powers that be can point fingers.
No I am not
Uncleaned verges. Potholes. No road markings. Missing stop signs. Frequent power failures outside of loadshedding. Non working traffic lights and street lights. Lack of any visible policing. Hijacked old farm plots.
Get rid of the ANC and put into power a strong willed ethical leader.
Buffalo Flats
No I am not
Gosh - potholes - state of roads, Municipal grounds are not kept. Grass not cut in different areas e.g. pavements, cemeteries, schools. Illegal dumping is just ignored. People in Buffalo Flats claiming grounds to make their backyards bigger and park their trucks, after complaining to the DA and municipality, nothing is being done about it. The man even put a fence around "HIS" new backyard having braais there, kids cant play soccer there anymore. All because Quinton Kenny has connections in "HIGH" places. nevermind that he dumps his rubble on that ground too. Absolute failure of BCM and the political parties, shame they must be scared.
At the moment nothing. Electricity costs a fortune, everything is expensive, politicians and business people are just seeing to themselves and most are corrupt. the rich are getting richer and the poor becoming poorer.
just give another political party a chance to take over...don't wait till everything collapses.
Not fully
No I am not
No I am not
They misuses public funds contributed to fix the whole town and fails to mentain the roads everywhere is potholes tapwater is having too much chemicals it's like they do not know how to measure the chemicals used to clean water and sometimes taps have dirty water so please help us
It's that people are fighting for the services and sometimes are being met but not on time
Yes I am
Delivery of services is excellent. The fact that we are not as affected by load shedding, as the rest of South Africa - says to me that they're doing something right!!
Mount edgecombe country club
No I am not
Ethekwini has a failing infrastructure, dreadful service delivery on Water, electricity and waste removal , corruption very evident and being addressed by court action, and the most expensive Rates base in the country.
Oatlands North
No I am not
Failed disfunction al Muni that has many years of failed Audits. Calls to have Mayor and Muni Manager dismissed went legal and Govt intervened. The dissolution of Muni managers and councellirs are key to rebuild a functioning muni. Till then, closure of businesses occur (40 in 2018, pre covid exodus). In Aug 22, 4 busy closing. Consequences is that the 3000 odd employed people feeding the 100 000 unemployed is shrinking. End result is hungry angry residents. Violence like July 2 roots is not something we want in our amazing town.
It's the Ubuntu spirit of our community.
No I am not
poor service delivery
clean enviroment
new management