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No I am not
I pay taxes on my property. What is it used for? They dont clean up my suburbs they dont fix lights they dont upkeep anything.. i hardly see an manucipal working, working on problem or upkeep
No I am not
Hephzibah Share Block (Pty) Ltd
No I am not
We sre located on an "unnamed" 27 km long dirt road that connects R544 with R25. Our road was graded only ones in 3 years instead of or 3 or 4 times per year!
Beautiful farming area.
No I am not
Mangaung Municipality has allowed Bloemfontein to deteriorate fro the City of Roses to the City of Rubbish!! The roads of full of potholes, the pavements are a danger to the public - walking hazards, the water supply is contaminated, the general service at the municipal offices is useless and so on and so on.
The beautiful countryside - every part of our country has its own special beauty!!
No I am not
City of Johannesburg does the following illegal activities.
1. Randomly charge electricity on properties with prepaid electricity meters.
2. Change the rates of properties from domestic to commercial. Upon receiving complaints about it, they will only partially refund property owners.
3. Do not refund interest charged on wrong bills, keeping property owners liable for it.
People's will to make things work out well.
Reward honesty, hard work and initiative.
No I am not
The municipality is about lose supply of all electricity from ESKOM as well of all water from Bloemwater due to apparent non payment of accounts. The Municipality claims both service providers have been paid up to date but cannot or will not prove this, with the result that ALL CITIZENS WILL BE WITHOUT EITHER ELECTRICITY OR WATER WITHIN DAYS, FOR AN EXTENSIVE PERIOD UNTIL THE ACCOUNTS ARE UPDATED.

Mangaung has NO CASH with which to pay these service providers despite ratepayers paying property taxes and most citizens using PREPAID ELECTRICITY AND WATER services. WHERE HAS THE MONEY GONE....... to very fancy cars and many overfunded exotic parties.
I don't enjoy potholed tar roads, ungraded gravel roads, unfriendly and incompetent officials, excess heat and drought, price of water making it impossible to grow own food, price of electricity which makes life impossible for pensioner's and unemployed millions.
NATIONALLY, TO CHANGE ALL OFFICIALS who consider themselves omnipotent and above criticism, who refuse or are unable to be effective at their work, to reduce all salaries of all officials in line with international standards, to SELL ALL official or subsidised SUV's paid for by residents through NATIONAL I COME TAX, BRACKET CREEP, land taxes and prepaid utility costs
No I am not
Illegal builds everywhere - 40 flats being built on residential 1 stand on protected ridge area. No infrastructure development. Noise is under control at the moment. Storm water drains blocked, leaking sewage virtually every week. JRA non existent - pavements shocking, storm water drains in ruins, any barriers, lamps etc that are broken by accidents are never repaired. The amount of litter everywhere, trees neglected and pruned incorrectly, ghastly looking spazas allowed next to one's house that depreciates value. No, I'm not happy.
Not fully
I have seen a number of improvements in my area and I am grateful for this especially the current resurfacing of the R101 which was badly deteriorating.
More needs to be done in the low income areas such as Hammanskraal where clean water seems to be an issue. I am sure I do not know the whole story but news reports do not bode well for the municipality if clean water supply falls in their responsibility.
Total ignorance of traffic rules is the order of the day; when are we going to see traffic policing other than speed cameras and pulling over taxis where they can be seen miles away? When I started driving I was always very wary and always followed the rules as traffic officers were always on the prowl to catch the lawbreakers. Now they are on the prowl for lunch.
Taxis are stopping everywhere and anywhere without regard for other road users; why not invest in broadening the road shoulders in popular pick-up and drop-off locations to make provision for the valuable service taxis deliver? As much as I get angry at their behaviour I also understand their behaviour; give serious consideration to the reasons they break the law and you will be able to come up with good measures; also discuss this with them to get buy-in and agreement as far as possible; then enforce and police.

Lastly our park (Princess Park I think ) has become a desert like all the others. I know there were water restrictions recently but allowing parks to deteriorate completely is probably not the best option. The sprayers in our park are probably all out of order and the grass almost never cut even when growing. I would sponsor borehole water if this could help in some way.
The counselor in our area is very helpful in having issues, already reported by residents, resolved and people in our suburb take more initiative to report issues.

I love the big trees and well kept gardens in our area and generally love the diverse landscape and travel opportunities in our country. The general decline in the state of affairs are not so obvious in our suburb as it is evident in small country towns where things are literally falling apart.
In order to ensure every single citizen has some kind of useful skill, why not bring in conscription into public service in some form? The program should include induction, skills development and a period of actively contributing to society such as nursing, bookkeeping, child minding, welding, building, plumbing, automotive repairs and other skills where we have shortages.

Open state sponsored/owned automotive workshops where taxis and low-income earners can have their cars repaired at nominal prices.

Increase forced retirement age to 65 minimum but let the retirees stop actively working at 60 and start mentoring more junior employees/interns or even start teaching at schools or tutoring centres. And bring back discipline in schools! Why should we allow undisciplined learners take away opportunities for willing learners to excel? Maybe select more mature teachers (60 -65 yo retirees) could better handle ill-disciplined learners in smaller groups.

To find solutions to challenges you HAVE to experiment, learn , adapt and move forward by repeating the cycle.
white River
No I am not
We never get jobs or contracts as we are also scared to present our ideas because they are gonna be stolen and used then awarded to their friends and family.
Country fee.
Small town.
good place to raise a family
I do, but skeptical to share
Yes I am
I love the SA people. Although we don't always see eye to eye on everything, we are resilient people who always get up and move forward, no matter how hard we get knocked down. When it really matters we are there to support one another. Because of our history and the politics in the country we don't always trust one another, but we do trust in our ability to build a society that we all can be proud of.
No I am not
1, I'm overcharged on water billing in the months that are estimated.
2, we didnt receive refuse bags this entire year..
It's a rainbow nation.
Freedom of speech.
Strict police enforcement. Stop corruption. Stop pollution., littering and messing
Not fully
There is a lot of litter unfortunately especially in the local river. There are alot of homeless people too and the number is increasing and not much being done to help them.
It is the most beautiful country in the world and the people of SA radiate a good energy despite differing social backgrounds.
We need to educate!!! Build schools together and get more teachers in the impoverished areas. All South Africans irrelevant of social backgrounds or coloured, need to participate.
Not fully
Do not look after the side walks and taxi stands. Always dirty and unkept.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
Contain population growth by voluntary (offer stipend as encouragement) vasectomy and sterilization. There are to many people and to few jobs. This is a long-term idea.
Not fully
My municipal is very necledgent on electricity some other community steal from street and linking of water in the substation and lack tourism support to community organization that try to put the municipal on map
I enjoy to have community that didn't not sleep that do things for them to improve the leaving condition and economic
I have plan a special event that Will happen in Dec 2019 my event it's a tour that includes fashion show ,the garment Will designed by co-ops that manufacturing of garment after that the best garments will use on export selling platform
South Hills
Not fully
There are too many potholes in the roads. The e-toll system need to be scrapped
I love the weather, the landscape and the commen people
I would like to see government incentives to have people produce more local produce & reduces imports by increasing tax on imports and reduce tax on local produce products .