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No I am not
Streets are dirty grass is not cut. The streets roads are fll of potholeraod traffic lines are not vissible/are erased. Stop signs poles are not there. Corruption is the order of the day.
Almost nothing imn the lawless cointry. Rights without responsibility is a scum.
Upliftment will be conciderwd if only it will be for public good. Upliftment should be specific to touch the public.
Mitchell's Plain
Yes I am
Pretoria North
No I am not
Firstly Tshwane electricity is very expensive, for e.g we buy R2000 electricity and they give you less than 900kw units, their rates, sanitation actual every thing is extremely expensive.

They are ripping us off, I am not happy with our Tshwane municipality.
Our country is beautiful, it has lot of minerals and opportunities for us all, the problem is the greedy leaders.
No I am not
No I am not
Power boxes are left unlocked and street light poles are not enclosed. Roads in Florentia are in a shambles, illegal car repairs are carried out openly despite numerous complaints, the call centre is disfunctional
Our neighbours and nationally, people are friendly and helpful. Our church community is a close knit group who welcome visitors and we are currently caring for a victim of reccent attacks on foreign nationals.
There is almost no support for honest working people. This has to change as far too much emphasis is given in the media to disruptive and aggressive groups and/or individuals
Yes I am
Queries are handled in a fairly timely manner.
Just wish the communication was more urgent around urgent matters.
Family friendly and diversity of the people.
Upliftment in walkways for pedestrians and safer travels through public transport throughout the city and country.
Krugersdorp North
No I am not
Where to start....
The decline of the town, historical buildings, parks and other public areas are not just heartbroken but disgusting. Public pools and sports arena don't exist anymore and is just an eyesore that reminds the elder of the pride it used to be years ago.

The centre of town looks like a 3rd world phenomenon. Street vendors, Chinese, Pakistani and all kind of other cheap wares and shops that rather appear like dark dangerous holes have taken over the town. There is just no pride left for our town. Buildings that once seemed the pride of the town is delapidated, sad and depressing.

Law inforcement is only applicable to a certain population whilst even the law officers i.e. the metro police don't obey the road rules themselves.

Drug dealers are dealing openly and near schools and they seem to have no fear for the law.

Some government departments are openly racist towards the public and seemed to be always on a slow strike.

Traffic lights can stay broken for 2-3 months. In the meantime high tech cameras with each one having their own sun panel, are installed at stop streets where the only crimes can be speeding or not stopping. The placing of these cameras don't appear to be erected for citizens' safety.

Some political party posters are still hanging, 5 months after elections.

The electricity in this town is of the highest in the country. Electricity can be cut without a warning, and the final warning is handed over when electricity is cut, always on a Friday afternoon around 3pm with an admin cost of R1000, it may even be more now. These services are contracted out.

The fact that people, despite all the dark clouds and financial difficulties, still try to stay positive and become creative to improve their lives.
The fact that racism is not as alive and well as the government want us to believe and that most people have moved past the 'apartheid' attitudes.
Cleaning up of public areas and involving the youth to make them aware of clean and beautiful environments. Planting of trees again with the help of youth as projects to beautify their environments.
Educate and expand recycling of various materials.
No I am not
Too few traffic cops to maintain law and order on the streets, traffic lights are not synchronised and timing is being changed often, drivers are getting frustrated if arrows are not working.
Nature, sea, well-mannered people, positive attitudes
Less corruption by political leaders
Moreleta Park
Not fully
As a community we need to get more involved with cleaning up the streets and educating people not to litter. There is a squatter camp, Plastic land, here and govt is apparently giving houses elsewhere to the qualifying few. What will happen to the others and illegal immigrants? Crime is becoming an issue for homeowners probably due to poverty here
It is a very friendly community. There is no regular transport to new suburbs in the east and drivers regularly give stranded people a lift to work or back to the nearest Woodlands Shopping Centre from where there are taxis to other areas. I meet new passengers all the time. They are friendly and share their stories which are interesting to hear. We help each other where we can.
No I am not
No I am not
Too much to say about municipality....?
Positive energy
Young people need to be involved
No I am not
We live on the outskirts and receive NO support, no refuse removal, our roads are terrible, no phone or internet, yet we are expected to pay for services!!
It is a small community who stand together!
Similar to vitality from Discovery , offer rewards for people who pay their rates, taxes, electricity in the form of a free service or a reduction in fees or something.
China rewards and punishes for being good citizens, it has been greatly affective. there is also the electricity case study where usage reduced when people saw their usage and received discounts for using less. Behavior economics is powerful and think this is a missed opportunity by our cities.
Not fully
Administration perhaps ok. But service delivery something can be better.
Lovevthe people.
No I am not
There was a project to build a training facility in our area
It has been abandoned This project needs to be investigated for misappropriations of funds
The project is a mess and eye saw
What and why over a year no one has been held responsible for the
They are very vocal and stand together
Prosecute state capture individuals
Not fully
Paarl is a beautiful town in the Winelands area and I love living here. I however feel more needs to be done about the homeless people living on the streets. It seems as if this has become the norm in most cities and towns over the last few years. I would like to see businesses,local government and communities working on projects to bring back these people into society.