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Not fully
too many potholes in streets, areas where grass doesn't get maintained as well as street lights not working. Alberton also has a HUGE problem with electricity supply
the weather, the people
government should take the law serious and not allow lawlessness. Criminals should have less rights and the law should be feared. this way corrupt persons should be dealt with immediately.
Greenshields Park
No I am not
The services we are paying for are substandard. The council and the mayor are overpaid for the work they are doing. We, the ratepayers, do not pay them for having political meetings in the council chambers. I don't care what party the council represents, I want them to concentrate solely on the delivery of services we are paying for.
The weather and geography.
Let us stop looking for reasons to hate each other. Stop disrespecting anybody. Let us revel in the diversity of our nation that is our greatest strength and stop insulting people just because they are different. Mutual respect will go a long way to make this the greatest country in the world.
Elsies River
Not fully
- crime is still at an all time high. it is unsafe to use public transport to and from work for the fear of not only being robbed, but also being physically harmed.
- lots of unemployed youth and adults roaming the streets.
- potholes in the roads off of Halt Road took months to repair
- additionally, criminals are let back into the community without being rehabilitated and without serving their full sentences.
- sentencing for contact crimes are not strong enough
- there is no sense of fear of police or jail as the treatment received in these places are of a high standard - something they do not get to experience within the communities. There is thus incentive to commit crime.
howick- merrivale
No I am not
The town and surrounding roads are not maintained - potholes are dangerous, costly to damaged personal vehicles and in some instances life threatening .
Crime is not contained and the town is filthy being cleaned by the inhabitants and not the people employed and paid to do it.
The people in charge should all the held accountable for bringing this once jewel of the tourist meander to ruin.
I am staying because I love this country and her diverse lovable beautiful people.
We are in essence kind, helpful and generous of given the chance.
Mayfield Park
No I am not
The amount of bad driving on our roads is staggering. Pressure should be brought to bear on Johannesburg Road Agency Management to up their game and to be more visible and active.
Should we should ever bring the crime in this country under control, it will once again be one of the best countries in the world in which to live.
Companies that are wanting to advertise should be encouraged to address current issues in their adverts in our society - like Discovery and Dial Direct who have tackled the issue of poor driving - and in this way impact a very serious problem facing our communities.
No I am not
Raw sewerage runs into the river roads are in a dire state
Water not drinkable
Zanele Nelisiwe
No I am not
In my area there is no development at all no water, roads are bad, schools are far, we don't even have a creche☹️ it like they don't even know we exist.
Allow youth to have position in parliament. Stop age limit during recruitment. Give everyone equal opportunities to get work, stop nepotism.
Heather Park
Yes I am
Baie tevrede met die bestuur van ons dorp. Altyd plek vir verbetering, maar in vergelyking met res van die land vaar ons baie goed.
Yes I am
Diversity! Cultural richness! The natural environment!
I don't have a suggestion, but I think that as communities we need to get involved with support parents and early childhood development. I don't yet know how this can practically be brought about.
No I am not
The Municipal Manager is very approachable but some of his staff are it would seem either not interested in anything other than the salary, too overwhelmed by the problems or not qualified for the job regardless of the qualification they have. Verification of a qualification does not mean competence in applying the knowledge.
Poverty is a major issue in the area as there is also an influx from the Eastern Cape residents looking for work with very few industries.
Tourism is receding due to issues with roads, potable water and sewage spills into rivers and the sea so affecting beaches.
We need some industries in the area to employ those with basic education levels.
We need Organised Labor to be part of the solution, with an understanding of economics and how the economy needs to grow.
We have a beautiful country with a great potential. We have a great population with potential.
No I am not
The road surfaces feeding into large shopping malls are in a terrible condition.
Active participation of community members in social / community activities like beach cleanup , local hospice, awareness campaigns etc.
Not fully
No I am not
Permanent road signs cautioning against protest action have been put up.
This is wrong, as it does not address the reasons for the protests, and can be seen as official acceptance of the protest action.
May I suggest that an investigation into the road sign procurement procedure be made.
No I am not
no service delivery , rivers full of sewage.need i say anything else.
at this point in time ------ nothing much at all
Nelspruit Ext 37
Not fully