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Bantry Bay
No I am not
I have had a few dealings with the accounting dept and they are completely inefficient
and useless
No I am not
Garbage everywhere
Deterioration of infrastructure and roads
Ever increasing rates load with little benefits in return
No I am not
I live in eastern suburbs of pta. We suffer huge numbers of water leaks as a result of asbestos water and sewerage pipes. the council mends the water leaks relatively quickly, within a day usually. However, Pretoria city Council NEVER EVER fills the holes in or re-tarmacs the,roads afterwards, leading to accidents. An example, there are no less than 4 pot holes in Alex Miller street in Extension 8 Garsfontein . They have been there for Months. Similarly Keeshond Street Garsfontein. Some Craters and potholes are very deep and very dangerous. I personally, a 73 year old widow, have taken a spade and partially filled one in, by the NG Kerk, in Alex Miller As the hole was 1/2 metre deep and NOT demarcated, with a huge risk of vehicle accident and damage. Has been there at least 3 to 4 months
South Africa Has huge Potential All going to waste because of corruption during Zuma era

Create a work ethos. The Mantra Should be "All Honest work, however 'menial' is honourable" We cant all be 'Managers, Doctors, Lawyers Etc. There are far to many People (mostly males it would appear) who just aren't prepared to do any kind of work at all in the Eastern Suburbs. BAN begging at Street Corners Totally. Shut Down Liquor Stores, gambling dens, casinos, so that little children don't go to bed hungry whilst the adults guzzle booze and gamble. bring a sense of MORALITY and SELF RESPECT to the community. Then the next generation of children might get the care they deserve to become active participating members of our potentially great country
No I am not
Our pavements are non existent.

It is impossible to take a baby for a walk.

If you want to go for a walk with your children or go for a run, you have no option but to

Walk or run in the street.

Very sad situation
Crystal Park Benoni
No I am not
Where I am staying the roads are not taken care of there are potholes and when they do come, they just patch them and they remain almost the same way. I'm a tax and rate payer but the service delivery doesn't match the honors of being a loyal payer. There is a park infront of my house I don't know how many times I have complained about it in our citizens meetings, which big men have changed it to be a football field. I have asked for the park to be fenced off and swings repaired so that little kids can play. it must be fenced off in such a way that cars must not enter only a walk in gate but this landed on deaf ears.
I love my country it is a tourist destination and has so many attractive destinations,and many resources to create jobs for the many unemployed educated and not educated citizens.
Not fully
While several projects are implemented, just as many are not completed. There is never any clear indication as to why contractors disappear, but a lot of funds are wasted starting over with new contractors, changing initial plans, etc.

Also not pleased with the elusive recruitment processes! Skills that are abundantly available in Mandeni are sourced from people who do not pay rates in Mandeni.
No I am not
Poor service delivery that is mainly influenced by corruption, mismanagement and maladministration.
My country has a good, sound and competitive constitution, legal system, judicial system and policy framework.
Enforcement of the provisions of section 5(1) of the Military Veterans' Act, 18 of 2011 and the Military Veterans' Benefits Regulations, 2014 through legal action.
Moreletta park, 0181
Not fully
Pretoria west
No I am not
The streets lights are not working at Maltzan and Frederick steet. It is easy for criminals to mug people. It it scarry to drive at night.
At the moment, it's difficult to say i enjoy anything in the country. Crime rate is so high and one has to watch every step. I cant even go out at night because I'm scared of being hijacked.
As a public servant, i would like to see more awareness on the issue of Gender based violence. It is rife in the workplace and most women are scared to talk. There should be awareness from top management to lower level.
Not fully
Wynberg has been allowed to deteriorate over the is filthy.......the taxis are allowed to park anywhere they like, do what they like & people are putting up blocks of flats in the suburb which will cause even more congestionI
I love this is one of the most beautiful in the world.....It has the potential to be a tourists paradise given the diversitu of cultures
There should be annual street party day on our calender so that people who live on the same street can get to know one another. That will help with looking out for one another & quickly identify who does not belong who may be up mischief.
Durban North
No I am not
Poor service delivery
Working together,
Best weather.
Sense of humor
Holding those in power accountable.
Welgevonden Stellenbosch
Yes I am
Not fully
Poor service provision
Active community envolvement
Fire all the current municipal employees.
Neresh X
No I am not
No other words for this municipality
The local watering hole.
Yes I am