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Robin Hills
No I am not
1. Municipal services are non-existent
2. Impossible to contact any municipal department as telephones are NOT answered.
3. Municipal offices are degraded, dirty and in in dire need of maintenance.
4. Road marking are non-existent, Traffic lights are non-functional and road signage in desperate need of maintenance.
5. Electrical infrastructure has been abused and is non-compliant with national safety requirements.
6. Traffic law enforcement is non-existent.
7. Pot holes abound.
8. Crime, grime and yet more crime
9. The neighborhood is tatty, parks are not maintained verges are unkempt , pavements littered and impassable.
10. Holes dug by municipality on verges, pavements and in the roads are never corrected and restored.
1. The weather
2. Beautiful countryside
3. Many trees and shrubs
Get rid of the corrupt, criminally infiltrated, incompetent and dysfunctional ANC sooner rather than later
No I am not
They do not maintain the water pipelines in our town and we are constantly without water.
We reported a water leak in the road in front of our house several times. The leak damaged our property, severely damaged the road and sent already precious water down the drain.
They keep sending us someone else's water bill that we then have to contact them to sort out.
The roads are in a deplorable state, especially in town.
The sewage farm has been broken for more than 30 years already, dumping sewage into the river that goes into the water of a large informal settlement. They can't drink the water. They have to live in stink. Now they have no water and the municipality send water trucks in and charge ridiculous amount of rands for water to an already poveraged community.
The diversity of people
Friendly and warm people
No I am not
No I am not
Service is spotty and bad at best, the most worrisome is that we have to pay full rates for Electricity and water while some pay 30 rand a month. Discrimination at its best.
Small and intimate
Yes I am
One of the TOP Municipalities
Annual Debtor Payment Ratio in excess of 95%
Low Crime rate
We in George have the knowledge and systems in place to help ANY municipality in becoming financially Viable!!!
I Started in George more that 20 years ago and the main drive was to neutralize politicians in having any say in the management of Credit Control and Debt Collection.
We have maintained Annual payment Ratio's in excess of 95% for the past 6 financial years!!!!