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Not fully
Roads are in bad shape. When they do fix them it takes them months, they do a half-job and within weeks the road is back to its original state of disrepair, if not worse
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Durban metro is too dirty. It is embarrassing.
Communities comming together Fun Days, Music in the Park, Fetes Fun Runs etc.
I would like to see a Skills Development School in every community. Where young & old can enroll in classes to help them start their own businesses. Eg: Baking, Flower arranging, dressmaking, welding, computer classes, karate, boxing, hairdressing, spraypainting etc.
Not fully
They are trying but they must try harder
No I am not
Ridiculous amounts charged for water on agricultural properties
It is the most beautiful country in the world and if you ignore the criminal section, also the most vibrant and awsome people.
Shawn Luke
No I am not
If they can clean our city employ cleaners
In the electricity department employ people instead of contractors that are drying up the coffers