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No I am not
The town is filthy, we have more potholes than roads and the townships get no service at all.
Friendly people
No I am not
Firstly, it is so difficult to get anything done, when reporting a fault be it a street light out, sewage leak onto road/pavement, incomplete work done to street pole stays, there is NEVER a street sweeper that comes into our cul-de-sac. The weeds grow into bushes on the pavements and roads, the sub station is broken into and no one ever fixes it up and gets it barred for protection, they know about the fault???? The neighbours don't adhere to keeping their garbage on their own pavement space. They don't keep their dogs fed and in their yards, they come onto the streets and tear open garbage bags to look for food. Their is not enough policing in our area and when you phone 10111, for an emergency call out, police either don't arrive or they take 3 hours. This is nonsence, WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR RATES AND TAXES FOR THIS SERVICE. Can not get hold of the NO Dumping depts when we try to report it. When you ask our DA councillor why things are not fixed, he says there is no money, what utter nonsence. I could go on.
The great memories of the past clean, crime free and happy country SA used to be when there was law and order.
Not fully
No I am not
Useless, corrupt local and national municipalities, ignorant of the services and only in it to make a few extra Rands at others' expense.
Dethrone the ANC juggernaut, end BEE and corruption and bring in equality!
No I am not
Pick it up not doing enough, jra not doing enough to reduce potholes and police not visible enought to reduce crime and jmpd not visible enough as well. We have too much illegal activities around our area.
Put laws that will force community to be responsible like
Cleaning of your own street no dirt and rubbish infront of your yard. If they find that infront of your house they must be fined or do community service(Cleaning of your street for a week as punishment)People with small offense must clean our streets and parks as punishment to do community service