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Robin Hills
No I am not
1. Municipal services are non-existent
2. Impossible to contact any municipal department as telephones are NOT answered.
3. Municipal offices are degraded, dirty and in in dire need of maintenance.
4. Road marking are non-existent, Traffic lights are non-functional and road signage in desperate need of maintenance.
5. Electrical infrastructure has been abused and is non-compliant with national safety requirements.
6. Traffic law enforcement is non-existent.
7. Pot holes abound.
8. Crime, grime and yet more crime
9. The neighborhood is tatty, parks are not maintained verges are unkempt , pavements littered and impassable.
10. Holes dug by municipality on verges, pavements and in the roads are never corrected and restored.
1. The weather
2. Beautiful countryside
3. Many trees and shrubs
Get rid of the corrupt, criminally infiltrated, incompetent and dysfunctional ANC sooner rather than later
Del Judor Proper
No I am not
Water supply
Town dirty, sidewalks and parks not cleaned
No I am not
for years we've had problems with sewerage, water supply, potholes, refuse removal. Actually all services. You name it, we don't have it. After a ward meeting in December where we heard the usual promises from the Mayor, no improvement.
lately not very much,
Employ qualified, skilled and experienced people. Politics must not interfere with service delivery.
Chase Valley
No I am not
Water and electricity services and infrastructure is not maintained nor assured for tax and rate paying constituents, this is a health and safety risk. Roads and sidewalks are in absolute disrepair with no plan, action or intention to repair. This has deteriorated rapidly and significantly in recent months. Further increased risk and hazard to all road users.
Greenspaces and outdoor entertainemnt areas.
Val de grace
No I am not
The roads are falling apart and we have plenty of water supply problems. We pay ever increasing property taxes and get poor or no service. The issues were raise with the municipality, but they never seem to fix anything until it is a crises.