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No I am not
Above inflation tariff increases each year
Levies for Water and electricity
Not fully
The municipality is trying it's best in my opinion. The officials must how ever listen to one on one discussions.
It's a community where prominent peaple are known by almost every one. The community is largely rural even in character.
In 2010 I was sent by the KZN Department of Economic development to Kenya to learn how cooperatives there work. Currently I'm studying for a masters degree with DUT. My study is based on stokvels. I believe that that if stokvels in a ward can be brought together to form a cooperative and be financed by a development bank like Ithala to buy a franchise like Spar
jobs and wealth can be created. A franchise will be more appropriate in that it is professionally managed. The billions of brands collected annually can be used to uplift the communities at no expense to the government. The Frachise can also be a wholesale to the tuck shops owned by stokvels at micro levels. It is expected that in a district such as Amajuba, plus minus 800 permanent jobs can be created.

The above would be the first phase. The second phase would be the establishment of a cooperative bank. This bank will be used to finance job creation ventures by the youth.

The third phase would be to introduce cooperative curriculum at TVET level or establish a cooperative collage.

I am sure that this plan can work in South Africa, Africa and in all the developing countries where there are ROCSSAS.
Not fully
Street light not working, the "spruit" Earl street Delia street, is full of rubbish, plants, and no water, "weg kruip plek vir skelms" pot holes, to many to mention, road works, when you phone to report a problem, you hold on for minutes, if lucky you get a ref numbers, but boy oh boy when you phone again, what a total waste of time!
RAIN BOW NA TION, together we build for sure a better future for our kids!
What about every one, start on a Saturday morning, and clean up all the street, surroundings, fix that is broken, come one, we can do it! Clean the "spruit" remove all the plants, rubbish, skrop als skoon!
Yes I am
Service delivery on time, roads, transport all accesible and our city is environmental friendly and clean
South Africa is a peacefull country
No I am not
Our rates and lights and water tariffs are high,especially our rates,why can’t the municipality pay Eskom first as its a priority.Or Eskom can install prepaid meters in all our homes and we can buy electricity fromEskom .May solve the problem