Inspired to add substance to the successful #ImStaying initiative, Dear South Africa presents a non-profit action platform for all South Africans. A free support system to enable you to take action, to be active and shape your community or country.

DearSA - #IamActive

Introducing #IamActive – a means for you to turn positive energy into healing action. An initiative supported by over 500,000 Active South Africans who realise significant impact requires only a little energy from each individual.

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5894  participants so far. Have your say below.

Support a community or national project, tell us about a problem which needs attention, or simply rate your municipality’s performance. Do you have a solution or idea to uplift your community? Great – make it known!

Alongside linking solutions with problems, DearSA will present all public input in a detailed community action report to National Parliament and committees.

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    Your input through the Dear South Africa platform creates impact by legally influencing government decisions BEFORE implementation. This is not a petition. It is a mandated policy formation process which government is legally obliged to follow. We deliver your input immediately to government and we record indisputable evidence of all public participation (required for a legal challenge, if necessary). Mass participation is essential. PLEASE HAVE YOUR SAY NOW. Your voice matters.