Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services has asked for your opinion on the controversial Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill.

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The Bill aims to provide for the prosecution of persons who commit offences referred to in this Act and provide for appropriate sentences. Although “hate” is not clearly defined in the Bill, ‘‘harm’’ is broadly listed as any emotional, psychological, physical, social or economic harm;

You are invited to support or object to the Bill by providing comment below. Should you be unsure, please read the live comments, media, summary or documents below.   Closing date is midnight 15 February 2019.

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Yes I do
Black people also do hate speech get away wth tat crime need be stopped
Not fully
I do not think that we really need a law on hate speach, because, in my opinion the excisting laws make sufficient provision for it. I am a born-again christian. I believe it is wrong to insult or hate or humiliate a fellow human being. But I am against the propose act, because the impression that is created, is that black people, ie the leaders of the BLF or the EFF, can say what they like agains whites without being afraid that they may be prosecuted. Whereas if a white person should say the same thing about a black person, it is immediately clasified as racist, racism or hate speach.
It is obvious that the followers of the BLF, the EFF, and many members of the ANC hate the whites. It appears that the reason for this is that for many black people, white people remind
them of their incompetence.
Not fully
As CHRISTIANS,we are concerned it may affect us negatively,as we are practising our religion,which is protected under our constitution.If we say for example,being gay is a sin,this may be interpreted as hate speech,where as that`s not what we are advocating for.
As AFRICAN PEOPLE also,it may affect us negatively.It may be used by minorities to get us into prison,when we speak against their racist behaviors,which they`ve always been doing and shall continue doing so.
Yes I do
How can one person utter hate speech and are NEVER held accountable for what he utters, but the rest of South Africa are held accountable for hate speech is he above the Law or are everyone afraid of him or are they silently enjoying the hate speech. If Steve Hofmeyer for instance say something they don't like they act so quickly to boycott him and treat him like a criminal and try to ruin his life. Someone else are in jail for uttering hate speech she did not say she will kill someone, but the person that say they will kill people but not just yet walk freely around. One rule must apply for everybody full stop.
No I do not
This law should be a law applicable to every one
That is definitely not the case at present and is a gross discrimination against one race group.
Such a law in the hands of a racial government will be a disaster and as it is already the case will make one feel as a second class citizen in one's country of birth.
Racism is racism never mind the color of your skin.

For example: if it is freedom of speech the leader of the EFF to say to kill certain people( in my mind that is hate Speech)
then the same principle should apply the other way around and he too should be arrested
a Free and fair society should be our goal
Come back to the present don't blame everything on the past and take responsibility for your own failures.

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