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No I do not
People would misuse this bill and prosecute people simpky to enrich themselves. I definitely DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BILL. It'sabsolutely criminal.
No I do not
the offence of hate speech
Anything that someone feels offended by can be seen as hate speech. This government has already failed in demonizing whites and words they utter, yet accepting speech calling for the death of beers as being normal, in the view that it is a struggle song. It is hate speech none the less. Trust in the practices of this government around this subject, shows the bias they hold. Everyone's rights and freedoms must be protected. Not just the majority but also the minority. The tiny gender screamers must be protected but so must everyone else's rights must also be protected. Forcing speech is against individual freedoms, just as hate of a minority.
No I do not
the offence of hate speech
If expression of dislike will be criminalized than we no longer have freedom. Being thrown in jail with murderers because what you said hurt certain people's feelings is outrageous. If this bill passes I'll start planning on leaving this country because it's will be no different from the north African war driven countries whereby you are jailed for speaking against what you don't like.