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I disagree
Genetically modified products have NOT been proven safe yet. If pharmaceutical companies want to test out these products, try them in Europe. Well, they can't because the EU will come down heavily on such tests. Africans are not here to be run tests on. This should be stopped!
I disagree
Its proven that all vaccines carry harmful chemicals
I disagree
Normally when something needs to be tested, the question is why?

In my opinion those who want it tested do know it is not 100% safe. There is a definite risk involved.
No, I would not like it to see that your child or grandchild or mine is being tested, especially when they are so young and vulnerable.
I disagree
I don't think babies should be used as guinea pigs. We don't know what the potential short- or long-term health risks there could be
I disagree
I don't think our children should be used for testing and their health placed at risk
We deserve evidence based treatment.
I disagree
Genetically modified products have NOT been proven safe yet. If pharmaceutical companies want to test out these products, try them in Europe. Well, they can't because the EU will come down heavily on such tests.
I disagree
Babies are not guinea pigs. It could be long term poison as far as we know!!
I disagree
Nothing GMO is a good idea. Especially not on tiny babies.
I disagree
No vaccines should be tested on babies. And GMO shouldn't be allowed, even less. Test it on Glaxo executives and anyone else who is willing to guinea pig our future.
I disagree
We will be putting innocent babies lives at stake
I’m not a Dr and I don’t know what all of this is about. My only worry is: 1st. How will “they” choose /select the babies and 2nd. What guarantees will they give that those babies selected won’t get severely ill and die..? What will “their” explanation be then..? I won’t allow testing on my baby -not that I have one though.
I agree
I agree there should be a vaccine, but the vaccine testing must be biosafe, strictly controlled and there should be informed consent from the participants' guardians.
I disagree
Our children are not guinea pigs. The use of vaccines are completely unnecessary.
You do not have the right to try this on infants.
I agree
Its important to prevent problem before escalating or even start
I disagree
Why would you want to test something on infants? this shows the lack of empathy and the direct concern with its actual effectiveness! The UK rolled out free and 'test' vaccines in Africa previously with it coming to light that many of those children today as adults are infertile and cannot have children, that is population control due to corrupt souls. who says these vaccines will not cause the same in our next generation? If vaccines are as good as they want people to believe there should be no test period required, there should be no negative effects, there should be no deaths - in fact there should be no polio! polio has came back with revenge due to a corrupt vaccine, who is going to take responsibility for the death or ailments caused to these children? surely not the government, who is receiving a financial kickback for the 'testing' and putting it all into their pockets as they harm the next generation.
I disagree
Concerns over safety if it is a trial.
I disagree
I say NO to GMO vaccine testing. They pose a major threat to humanity.
Just look at the court cases won for causing cancer
I disagree
And so the pro gmo Monsanto / big pharma money and power mindset is really taking hold in this country. Of course, it was always inevitable when one looks at the lack of quality and integrity of our politicians. We'll see if these idiots can eat their money once the entire planet is too toxic to support life.
I disagree
The “4-A” disorders— autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, asthma and allergies—have experienced meteoric growth, adversely affecting children’s quality of life and contributing to premature mortality in the USA and the developed world. In my practice I am seeing a huge increase in these conditions.
The social and economic fallout from these health challenges is hitting home hard—with adverse impacts on intelligence, fertility, household and government finances, employment, productivity, military recruitment and more.
The severity of MMR-related reactions has increased in tandem with greater use of glyphosate (found in GMO s) on U.S. crops; when the brain’s “immune system” develops vaccine-induced antibodies to molecules rendered abnormal by glyphosate contamination, the antibodies can become autoantibodies and trigger an autoimmune attack on the nerve fibres in the brain, causing symptoms of autism.
The hepatitis B vaccine was the first synthetic vaccine put into use. The vaccine is made through the use of recombinant DNA technology (gene splicing), which involves inserting selected hepatitis B genes into common baker’s yeast (called an “expression system”) and then using the yeast to produce vaccine antigens. (Other types of recombinant vaccines rely on bacteria, mammalian cells or insect cells as expression systems.) Yeast-based vaccines have been linked to a rise in autoimmunity due to the similarity between yeast components and certain human proteins.
I disagree
Why would anyone want to use their infant as a guinea pig?! Move along...
I disagree
I am opposed to the proposed GMO vaccine testing, particularly on such vulnerable infants. Vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Vaccines are a danger to good health and long life. ALL the new vaccines are contaminated with genetically engineered DNA which can contaminate people's DNA, just as genetically engineered crops can contaminate normal crops.

Stop this madness of bowing down to these money crazed companies who are intent on elimination of people from Earth.

I say NO to GMO vaccine testing. They pose a major threat to humanity,
Jill Kruger
I disagree
Firstly, you GMO and RSVshould be stated in full so that we understand what it's all about. I certainly do not feel that GlaxoSmithKline should be testing their products on infants at such an early stage. The parents must be given full details & with the help of a pediatrician who can then decide if the test may be performed on their baby. I feel babies should NOT be used as guineapigs.
I disagree
One cannot test such drugs on babies!
I disagree
Can Glaxo please take their vaccines to the first world? African Citizens have been labrats for too long.
I disagree
Why must our kids be guinea pigs for a new system - NOT A CHANCE