GMO vaccine in SA

Application for the intended use of GMO vaccine in South Africa.

According to South African law, public comment is required to approve or deny GlaxoSmithKline Biological’s application for their intended trial of a GMO vaccine on infants aged 6 and 7 months in South Africa with the aim to have an affordable means to prevent RSV. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified RSV as a global health issue. Please take the time to read the related documents and info further down on this page.

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I disagree
This is a violation of a child's rights and especially as it is linked to GMO products : NO one especially young children, should be used to test any products ESPECIALLY those produced by GMO!!!!!
I agree
I was quite surprised at most of the comments showing disagreement, until I realised that most of the commenters had not read any of the info and documents before having their say. I totally get why this would have triggered people, but we should remember that the best way to protect our children and grandchildren is not to create rules for ourselves like "GMO's Bad" "Natural good" "Vaccines cause autism", but to make the effort to REALLY inform ourselves as to what is going on. if we're on this platform we have data, we have no excuse for why we didn't use the internet to inform us. At least we could search the opposing view and compare to see who is talking kak (it's not normally who we expect). My informed opinion is that this vaccine will create a lot more good than harm, and it won't make our children autistic or use them as lab rats.
I disagree
Test it on your child first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I disagree
This is not acceptable as it is a health hazard for the next generation of this country.
I disagree
Away with GMO. Period!


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