GMO vaccine in SA

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Application for the intended use of GMO vaccine in South Africa.

According to South African law, public comment is required to approve or deny GlaxoSmithKline Biological’s application for their intended trial of a GMO vaccine on infants aged 6 and 7 months in South Africa with the aim to have an affordable means to prevent RSV. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified RSV as a global health issue. Please take the time to read the related documents and info further down on this page.

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I disagree
Genetically modified products have NOT been proven safe yet. If pharmaceutical companies want to test out these products, try them in Europe. Well, they can't because the EU will come down heavily on such tests. Africans are not here to be run tests on. This should be stopped!
I disagree
Its proven that all vaccines carry harmful chemicals
I disagree
Normally when something needs to be tested, the question is why?

In my opinion those who want it tested do know it is not 100% safe. There is a definite risk involved.
No, I would not like it to see that your child or grandchild or mine is being tested, especially when they are so young and vulnerable.
I disagree
I don't think babies should be used as guinea pigs. We don't know what the potential short- or long-term health risks there could be
I disagree
I don't think our children should be used for testing and their health placed at risk
We deserve evidence based treatment.


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